0330 U Kiss Karaoke

  • U-Kiss - 0330 Karaoke

    U-Kiss - 0330 Karaoke MP3

    i did the karaoke if u want to re upload ask me first or credit me please i do not own the instrumental.

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  • [KY 금영노래방] 유키스(U-KISS) - 0330 (KY Karaoke No.KY47340)

    [KY 금영노래방] 유키스(U-KISS) - 0330 (KY Karaoke No.KY47340) MP3

    매일매일 새로운 노래가 업데이트 됩니다. 구독을 통해 그 기쁨을 즐기세요! Brand NEW KPOP SONG will be updated EVERY DAY!! Would you like to enjoy more ...

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  • U-Kiss - 0330 (Instrumental Version).wmv

    U-Kiss - 0330 (Instrumental Version).wmv MP3

    Hope you enjoy this... :) you can download this instrument at: http://www.4shared.com/mp3/lT0iDNOi/U-Kiss_-_0330__Instrumental_.html .. ..

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  • U-KISS- 0330 (Karaoke/Instrumental)

    U-KISS- 0330 (Karaoke/Instrumental) MP3

    I made this karaoke but the lyric video is NOT mine. Hope you guys have fun.

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  • U-KISS(유키스) _ 0330 MV

    U-KISS(유키스) _ 0330 MV MP3

    Download ] iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/brand-new-kiss-ep/id508781167 Melon : http://www.melon.com/cds/album/web/albumdetailmain_list.htm?

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  • 유키스 (U-Kiss) - 0330 Instrumental [DL + Lyrics]

    유키스 (U-Kiss) - 0330 Instrumental [DL + Lyrics] MP3

    [Eli] Yo, listen up This is my tragic story Just to break in my heart [Hoon] Na ajikdo neoreul jiul su eobseo Jakkujakku niga saenggakna Niga neomu bogo shipeo ...

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  • U-Kiss 0330 Piano

    U-Kiss 0330 Piano MP3

    Sheets: available at http://www.jgmb829.com/
  • U-Kiss - 0330 karaoke

    U-Kiss - 0330 karaoke MP3

    The MV and Instrumental does not belong to me. There are some back up voices because if i'm singing this I want it that way. If you would like to re-upload or ...

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    Tick Tack Album 1. Tick Tack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJkkop1rgnc 2. Coincidence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4ZSfExa1bg 3. 0330 -Piano ...


  • U-KISS |0330| (Karaoke)

    U-KISS |0330| (Karaoke) MP3


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  • U-KISS - Believe [OFFICIAL Instrumental]

    U-KISS - Believe [OFFICIAL Instrumental] MP3

    U-KISS - Believe [OFFICIAL Instrumental] DL Link: C O M I N G _ S O O N  I DO NOT own anything No Copyright Infringement Intended.

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  • 0330 - U Kiss Acoustic Guitar (Instrumental) Version Maria Paula

    0330 - U Kiss Acoustic Guitar (Instrumental) Version Maria Paula MP3

    Photos taken at Evento 40 - Bogotá I hope you like It!!!!!! :D Thank you UKiss For coming to Colombia!!!!

    Tags: Acoustic, Instrumental (Musical Genre), Cover, Guitar, Acoustic Cover, Guitar Cover, Soohyun, kevin, Eli, dongho, kiseop, Aj, Hoon, ukiss, Karaoke, 0330, u-kiss, U-KISS, music

  • 0330 by U-Kiss (Instrumental ver.)

    0330 by U-Kiss (Instrumental ver.) MP3

    Guitar by me Piano by Jacqueline and Cherilyn Video made by Cherilyn.

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  • UKiss - 0330 (Instrumental & Photo Album)

    UKiss - 0330 (Instrumental & Photo Album) MP3

    Hope you enjoy this video... ^_^

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  • U-KISS - 0330 [Instrumental♫♥♪]

    U-KISS - 0330 [Instrumental♫♥♪] MP3

    Hola, este es mi primer video y como es el primero quería subir algo de mi grupo K-pop favorito U-KISS :3 Espero les guste y si tiene algún error, me esforzaré ...
  • [Karaoke][ซับไทย]0330 JAP VER. - U-KISS

    [Karaoke][ซับไทย]0330 JAP VER. - U-KISS MP3

    ห่างหายไปนานนนนเลยงับๆ กลับมากับเพลงนี้ละกัน มีผิดพลาดบางจุด นะ หึหึ...

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  • 0330 - Ukiss [MR] (Instrumental) + DL Link

    0330 - Ukiss [MR] (Instrumental) + DL Link MP3

    Download http://www.mediafire.com/?u85t84vjlnuutzo.

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  • U-KISS - 0330 - Instrumental

    U-KISS - 0330 - Instrumental MP3

    Hey everyone~ so, i got a request for the instrumental i used in my cover of U-Kiss' new song 0330! so here it is!! its not anything fancy, just an audacity edit.

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  • U-Kiss 유키스 0330 [Instrumental] With Background Vocals

    U-Kiss 유키스 0330 [Instrumental] With Background Vocals MP3

    Like you can see this is NOT the official instrumental I made this instrumental just for fun, and Don´t blame me if you can hear voices I tried my best to "mute" their ...

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  • U-Kiss - 0330 Instrumental (with Vocals)

    U-Kiss - 0330 Instrumental (with Vocals) MP3

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