44 Presidents Song

  • Readeez Presents The U.S. Presidents Song

    Readeez Presents The U.S. Presidents Song MP3

    Get the MP3 and instrumental versions, plus full-color PDF including all presidents' first and last names: http://bit.ly/1A6fUxu Lots more at http://readeez.com.

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  • 44 Presidents rap song: teach the US Presidents in Order

    44 Presidents rap song: teach the US Presidents in Order MP3

    Be sure to check out our blog at: http://blog.educationalrap.com/ The perfect educational rap song for Presidents' Day! Download it now on our website at: ...

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  • The Presidents Song

    The Presidents Song MP3

    Sing through the first and last names of all the United States Presidents. It's the "new" Presidents song! Download Lyrics below. Website ...

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  • The Presidents Song

    The Presidents Song MP3

    My 5th grade students sang this song to memorize all 44 presidents in order.

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  • Presidents Rap - Washington to Obama - Smart Songs

    Presidents Rap - Washington to Obama - Smart Songs MP3


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  • US Presidents song to the tune of Yankee Doodle

    US Presidents song to the tune of Yankee Doodle MP3

    This is the song I used to memorize the order of the U.S. presidents back when I was in high school. Clinton was president at the time. I made this video in 2007 ...

    Tags: presidents, yankee doodle, apush, United States, american, history, president, President Of The United States, America

  • 44 Presidents Rap

    44 Presidents Rap MP3

    Digital Story of the 44 United States Presidents.

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  • The President

    The President's Song (To the tune of Ten Little Indians) MP3

    This is a song I chose to help me teach the presidents in chronological order! FAIR USE: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, ...
  • 44 Presidents with lyrics

    44 Presidents with lyrics MP3

    Lyrics to your favorite presidential rap song! Thanks to Rhythm, Rhyme, Results (www.educationalrap.com) for the song! My students love it! **Warning: The ...

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  • The 44 Presidents Song

    The 44 Presidents Song MP3

    Rhyme Kidz We rhyme, you learn. Don't forget to subscribe to show your support and be updated when new videos are uploaded.

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  • 44 U.S. Presidents Rap (animated) Learn By Lyrics

    44 U.S. Presidents Rap (animated) Learn By Lyrics MP3

    Learn the US presidents in order. This mp3 with lyrics included is available for download at http://learnbylyrics.net/downloads/ Thanks for watching. Enjoy.

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  • Animaniacs - Presidents

    Animaniacs - Presidents MP3

    Animaniacs - Presidents.

    Tags: animaniacs, presidents

  • Elle Sings the 44 Presidents Song

    Elle Sings the 44 Presidents Song MP3

    Elle Sings the 44 Presidents Song.

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  • 44 Presidents Name and Number Song

    44 Presidents Name and Number Song MP3

    44 Presidents Name and Number Song with flashcards I created this video for our homeschool presidents lesson, and thought it would be cool to share. :)

    Tags: Presidents Song, 44 Presidents Name and Number, Flashcards, Homeschool, Memory

  • 44 Presidents Memory Song

    44 Presidents Memory Song MP3

    All 44 Presidents to the tune of Allouette. As a homeschooling Mom, trying to teach my kids(ages 8 & 7) the 44 Presidents was boring and difficult. So, I put them ...

    Tags: homeschooling

  • 44 Presidents Song

    44 Presidents Song MP3

    Song to help Elementary Students Memorize the 44 Presidents of the United States of America.-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at ...

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  • All The Presidents Song

    All The Presidents Song MP3

    To help children learn all the American presidents from a familiar tune. Recorded and Produced by Mike Rimbaud. ©2009.

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  • Presidents of America Song

    Presidents of America Song MP3

    Memorize the names of the 44 US Presidents with this song by Rock Daddy Rock. Learn more at www.presidentsofamericasong.com or search iTunes to ...

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  • 44 Presidents song to Lorde

    44 Presidents song to Lorde's "Royals" MP3

    via YouTube Capture.

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  • 44 Presidents of the United States Song

    44 Presidents of the United States Song MP3

    How to memorize the Presidents of the United States: 1. Watch this video 2. See the 44 presidents in chronological order 3. Learn historical facts about each ...

    Tags: Presidents, US Presidents, the presidency, United States Of America (Country), Presidents Song, Memorize the presidents, remember the presidents, oval office, white house, executive branch, us government, us history