Ahmad Bukhatir Mp3

  • Ahmed Bukhatir Collection

    Ahmed Bukhatir Collection MP3

    00:00 - 03:07 Farthaqi 03:11 - 06:21 Ajaban 07:14 - 12:20 Hijab 12:25 - 17:37 Iqra 17:38 - 21:44 Last Breath 22:50 - 29:20 Mubheron 29:26 - 33:57 Nasheed Al ...

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  • Nasheed My Mother لسوف أعود يا أمي By Ahmed Bukhatir ,, WoW +MP3..

    Nasheed My Mother لسوف أعود يا أمي By Ahmed Bukhatir ,, WoW +MP3.. MP3

    A Wonderful Nasheed (( Vocal Song )) By Ahmed Abu-Khater ,, It's Called Ummi (( My Mother )) ,, And It Is A MUST Watch .

    Tags: Nasheed, Peace, Love, Mother, Islam, Muslim, Arab, Ahmed, Regret, Sadness, Sorrow, Son, Sick, Death, Remorse, Beautiful, Wonderful, Must

  • Fartaqi -Ahmed Bukhatir

    Fartaqi -Ahmed Bukhatir MP3

    English meaning to lyrics: Advance in goodness and rise to the horizon Sublimity wanted from Muslims You are the symbol of pearls and glories Abandon the ...

    Tags: Fartaqi, Ahmed, Bukhatir, nasheed, arabic, lyrics

  • Ahmed Bukhatir - Ya Adheeman

    Ahmed Bukhatir - Ya Adheeman MP3

    Ahmed Bukhatir Ya Adheeman Anasheed Voici une traduction approximative sachant qu'il est difficile de traduire parfaitement l'arabe.. : "Mon âme s'illumine ...

    Tags: Ahmed Bukhatir, Ya, Adheeman, Anasheed

  • Ahmed Bukhatir--Ya Akhi

    Ahmed Bukhatir--Ya Akhi MP3

    Salaams, A new nasheed video, of Ahmed Bukhatir (Salah Bukhatir's Brother!) singing Ya Akhi..or "O Brother"..in arabic. Quite nice masha'Allah Lyrics: Oh ...

    Tags: nasheed, Ahmed, Bukahtir, anasheed, anashid, music, brother, brotherhood, bo, katheer, UAE, sharjah, dubai, akhi, Islam, muslim, Allah

  • Ahmed Bukhatir - Rabbunallah.mp3

    Ahmed Bukhatir - Rabbunallah.mp3 MP3

  • NEW Ghorba- Ahmed Bukhatir 2010 [Exclusive]

    NEW Ghorba- Ahmed Bukhatir 2010 [Exclusive] MP3

    You are encouraged to buy the album, click here for details: http://www.bukhatir.org/ This is the NEW 2010 nasheed by Ahmed Bukhatir called "عودة الدرة" from his ...

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  • Nasheed My Mother لسوف أعود يا أمي By Ahmed Bukhatir ,, WoW  MP3

    Nasheed My Mother لسوف أعود يا أمي By Ahmed Bukhatir ,, WoW MP3 MP3

    Telecom World brings home to you the giants of telecommunication in the UAE. Check out Etisalat and all that it has to offer along with its counterpart du.

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  • Ahmed Bukhatir Ayoha Al Hadi

    Ahmed Bukhatir Ayoha Al Hadi MP3

    Ahmed Bukhatir Ayoha Al Hadi.

    Tags: Ahmed, Bukhatir, Ayoha, Al, Hadi

  • Ahmed Bukhatir Top 10 Nasheeds + Download (MP3)

    Ahmed Bukhatir Top 10 Nasheeds + Download (MP3) MP3

    Top 9 Nasheeds of Ahmed.. 9. Ajaban 8. Forgive Me 7. Last Breath 6. Zawjati 5. Allah Almighty 4. Its Time 3. Hijab 2. Kitab Allah 1. Iqra Download Link ...

    Tags: Ahmed, Bukhatair, Islam, Top, 10, Nasheeds, Download, MP3, Song, Zakir, Naik, Yusuf, Zain, Bhikha, Sami, Maher, Miracles, of, Allah, Muslim

  • This is my Hijab by Ahmed Bukhatir

    This is my Hijab by Ahmed Bukhatir MP3

    لتحميل المقطع للجوال ومقطع صوتي للانشوده وتحميل الكلمات على هذا الرابط http://saaraa.niceboard.com/t3557-topic#11634.

    Tags: hijaab

  • Album Hasanat - Ahmad Bukhatir

    Album Hasanat - Ahmad Bukhatir MP3

    M8a6e3 From Album Hasanat - Ahmad Bukhatir.

    Tags: Islamic, Song

  • Ahmad Bukhatir

    Ahmad Bukhatir's Nasheed mother لسوف أعود يا أمي ,, New version +MP3.. MP3

    I found this remixed version of Ahmad Bukhatir's Nasheed " Ummi " ,, I liked it and I decided to make a video out of it .. it's not very different from the other ...

    Tags: Nasheed, Ahmed, Ahmad, Bukhatir, mother, love, Islam, Allah, God, Son, tears, regret

  • Ahmed Bukhatir - My City Sharjah أحمد بوخاطر- مدينتي الشارقة

    Ahmed Bukhatir - My City Sharjah أحمد بوخاطر- مدينتي الشارقة MP3

    This song admires the beauty of Sharjah, that is a city always brightened by its beauty and purity.

    Tags: My, City, Sharjah, Ahmed, Bukhatir, Islamic, Singer, Nasheed, Munshid, Islam, Anasheed, Shariqah, nasheed, Ahmad, Music videos, epic, music, mp3, uae, love, life

  • Zayed Al Wafaa - Ahmed Bukhatir | احمد ابو خاطر - زايد الوفاء | (English subtitles)

    Zayed Al Wafaa - Ahmed Bukhatir | احمد ابو خاطر - زايد الوفاء | (English subtitles) MP3

    Beautiful Relaxing Nasheed Without Music About Sheikh Zayed By Al Munshid Ahmed Abu khatir...Enjoy!

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    Preuzmite ilahije u MP3 formatu http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/6028844/file.html | Jedan od najboljih izvodjaca ilahija na arapskom jeziku ...

    Tags: ahmed bukhatir nasheed mix

  • Forgive Me Nasheed - Ahmed Bukhatir -  Lyrics

    Forgive Me Nasheed - Ahmed Bukhatir - Lyrics MP3

    Today, upon a bus, I saw a girl with golden hair. And wished I was as fair. When suddenly she rose to leave, I saw her hobble down the aisle. She had one leg ...

    Tags: Forgive, Me, Nasheed, Ahmed, Bukhatir, YouTube, 360p

  • Tala

    Tala'al badru alaina By Ahmed bukhatir MP3

    Nice nasheed by Islamic nasheed vocalist Ahmed bukhatir. to watch List of Urdu lecures of Dr. Zakir Abdul kareem naik (President & founder Islamic research ...

    Tags: zain, bhika, peace, conference, 2009, 2010, 2008, urdu, arabic, arabi, muslim, islam, islamic, nasheed, vocalist, tv, peacetv, muslims, india, uae, saudi, arabia, subhanallah, alhamdulillah, allahu, akbar, nazam, naat, hamd, noor, Qtv, israr, ahmed, zakir, naik, english, bukhatir, united, arab, emirates

  • " Last Breath " Ahmed Bukhatir With Lyrics

    " Last Breath " Ahmed Bukhatir With Lyrics MP3

    from those around... i hear a cry... Oh God! Oh God!My Eyes are blind! --- --- ---- ------ --- ---- --- from those around...i hear a cry... A muffled sob.. A Hopeless sigh.

    Tags: Last Breath, Ahmed Bukhatir, Last Breath With Lyrics

  • Mawlaya (Nasheed) - Ahmed Bukhatir

    Mawlaya (Nasheed) - Ahmed Bukhatir MP3

    Download this nasheed in mp3 http://www.a2youth.com/audio/arabicnasheeds/ahmed.bukhater.php - Islam - Animated background - Articles - Audios - Vidoes ...

    Tags: Ahmed Bukhatir, nasheed, Islam, Mawalaya, quran, recitation, voice, nasheeda, Muhammad, amazing