Ailee U I Mp3

  • 에일리 (Ailee) - U & I (AUDIO + DL)

    에일리 (Ailee) - U & I (AUDIO + DL) MP3

    DL: Mini Album DL: ...

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  • Ailee:  U & I  [MP3 / DL]

    Ailee: U & I [MP3 / DL] MP3

    Download :

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  • [MP3 DL/Audio]Ailee - U & I

    [MP3 DL/Audio]Ailee - U & I MP3

    Enjoy. Download link (mediafire) : *Due to negative/hateful comments, i have set the comments to approved only.

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  • Ailee - U & I [Sub Español + Hangul + Rom]

    Ailee - U & I [Sub Español + Hangul + Rom] MP3

    ailee u & I , you and I Sub Español No olvides comentar,dar click en "Me gusta" & Suscribirte♥ Thanks! Link de Descarga: Facebook ...

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  • KSpazz: Ailee - U & I [MV Reaction]

    KSpazz: Ailee - U & I [MV Reaction] MP3

    NOTICE: It's loud sometimes...okay most of the time as always...must we remind you still? Haha!] We're back after...WOW! Nearly a month? Okay it has been ...

    Tags: KSpazz, KSpazzing, MV, Reaction, Ailee

  • [Full Auido/ MP3 DL] Ailee- U&I HD

    [Full Auido/ MP3 DL] Ailee- U&I HD MP3

    hope you enjoy! Full MV here!

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  • [HIT] 뮤직뱅크 인 멕시코(MusicBank in Mexico)-에일리(Ailee) - U & I .20141112

    [HIT] 뮤직뱅크 인 멕시코(MusicBank in Mexico)-에일리(Ailee) - U & I .20141112 MP3

    에일리(Ailee) - U & I.

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  • Ailee - U&I MV Reaction [That Girl Can SANG!]

    Ailee - U&I MV Reaction [That Girl Can SANG!] MP3

    Thank you so much for watching Ailee's "U&I" with me! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. If so make sure you give this video a LIKE and SHARE it with all ...

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  • Ailee U&I 에일리 유앤아이 MV Reaction

    Ailee U&I 에일리 유앤아이 MV Reaction MP3

    This is Aliee's best MV yet OMG!!! She looked absolutely stunning! What you guys think? This song blew us away! We knew she always had this in her and she ...

    Tags: Ailee (Musical Artist), KPop MV Reaction, K-pop (Musical Genre), Big Band (Musical Genre), SHINee (Musical Group), PSY, Gangnam Style (Composition), South Korea (Country)

  • Ailee - U & I [Male Version]

    Ailee - U & I [Male Version] MP3

    This is not a song cover. Changed the pitch in a program called Audacity.

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  • [MP3/DL] Ailee -- A

    [MP3/DL] Ailee -- A's Doll House [2nd Mini Album] - U & I MP3

    [Mini Album] Ailee -- A's Doll House [2nd Mini Album] - U & I Album Download Link: My Original Channel (Seventeen TV): ...

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  • Ailee - "U & I" MV Reaction

    Ailee - "U & I" MV Reaction MP3

    Known as the Beyonce of Korea...Ailee is back with her new song "U&I" Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are about this music video!

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  • 130712 Ailee - U&I MV REACTION VIDEO

    130712 Ailee - U&I MV REACTION VIDEO MP3

    WOW. just WOW. Ailee is back and she has no doubt surprised me again with her amazing vocals :D.

    Tags: ailee, mv, music video, reaction, amazing, kpop

  • U&I - Ailee (Cover)

    U&I - Ailee (Cover) MP3

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  • Ailee (에일리) -- I

    Ailee (에일리) -- I'll Be Ok [MP3/DL] MP3

    [EP] 에일리 -- A's Doll House [Mini Album Vol. 2] Release Date: 2013.07.12 Genre: R&B, Dance Pop Language: Korean Track List: 01. U & I 02. No No No 03.

    Tags: Ailee (Musical Artist)

  • Ailee U&I MV Reaction

    Ailee U&I MV Reaction MP3

    Hey guys, Here is our Reaction to Ailee's U&I Sorry, if the reaction seem kind of boring, we were completely speechless... Facebook: ...

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  • COVER: Ailee

    COVER: Ailee's U & I (Spanish version) MP3

    에일리's U & I (Spanish version) Please watch/listen in HD -- Ver/escuchar en HD, por favor turn up the volume! ✧ Disclaimer: no copyright infringement...

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  • Ailee - U&I (JPN ver.) [Acapella]

    Ailee - U&I (JPN ver.) [Acapella] MP3

    Do not re-upload this video Using original video and put an Japanese Acapella Credit for Acapella to: Trouublemaker Download Link: ...

    Tags: Ailee, Japan, Acapella

  • [MV] Ailee(에일리) _ Mind Your Own Business(너나 잘해)

    [MV] Ailee(에일리) _ Mind Your Own Business(너나 잘해) MP3

    [MV] Ailee(에일리) _ Mind Your Own Business(너나 잘해) *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' ...

    Tags: 1theK, loen, loentv, loenmusic, kpop, artist, mv, teaser, new song, ailee, mind your own business