Amarante The Manic

  • Amarante - The Manic - Official Video

    Amarante - The Manic - Official Video MP3

    Offical Music Video for 'The Manic' by Amarante The Video was filmed in Thailand Song is on the album 'Udana Prana' which can be found here; ...

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  • Amarante- The Manic

    Amarante- The Manic MP3 Reminded me of Fleet Foxes, which I thought was cool *I don't own any rights to this/obviously didn't make it.

    Tags: amarante, folk, rock, indie, fleet foxes, the manic

  • Amarante :) : The Manic Lyrics

    Amarante :) : The Manic Lyrics MP3

    Sorry for not uploading in a while i have a shittion of exams this month Original song : Lyrics by : Me of course ...
  • Amarante - The Manic (Instrumental)

    Amarante - The Manic (Instrumental) MP3

    All rights belong to their respective owners. Visit AmaranteMusic at:

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  • Amarante- The Manic lyrics

    Amarante- The Manic lyrics MP3

    if you enjoyed this video please leave a like and subscribe for more lyric videos please comment on what song lyrics you want to see next :) I do not own this ...

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  • Amarante- The Manic

    Amarante- The Manic MP3

    Amarante- The Manic ♪ Free Download Link ♪ ♪ Amarante ♪ ...

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  • Amarante - The Manic (Module Module Rework)

    Amarante - The Manic (Module Module Rework) MP3

    Support the artist: Module Module: Amarante: ...

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  • Amarante-the Manic cover (your speakers)

    Amarante-the Manic cover (your speakers) MP3

    love the song. hope it came across even if it sounded crappy. happy new year everybody xø Link to the actual song: ...

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  • Cry Plays: Broken Age [Act 1] [P1]

    Cry Plays: Broken Age [Act 1] [P1] MP3

    Game : Broken Age. Isa game. Look at it. Thumbnail art by Music by Amarante - The Manic ...

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