Antisocial Cover

  • Trust - Antisocial (guitare cover)

    Trust - Antisocial (guitare cover) MP3

    The famous song of the group Trust : Antisocial with his great guitarist : Nono (Norbert Krief) !! La celebre chanson du groupe Trust : Antisocial avec son super ...

    Tags: antisocial, trust, cover, guitar, fender, stratocaster, nono, norbert, krief, bernie, bonvoisin, repression, acdc, bon, scott, riff, solo, guitare, guitariste

  • Anthrax - Antisocial (Trust cover) - 2.7.2014 The Academy, Dublin, Ireland

    Anthrax - Antisocial (Trust cover) - 2.7.2014 The Academy, Dublin, Ireland MP3

    Legendary American speed metal -band ANTHRAX performed a energetic set of classic speed metal hymns at The Academy in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday ...

    Tags: Anthrax, Dublin, Ireland, The Academy, 2014, Joey Belladonna, Scott Ian, Jonathan Donais, Frank Bello, Charlie Benante, Nokia 808 PureView, speed metal, legends, fun, party, mosh, metal, Antisocial, Trust

  • Trust  - Antisocial - Momo Drum Cover

    Trust - Antisocial - Momo Drum Cover MP3

    Le résumé d'une vie programmée de consommateur.

    Tags: Trust, Antisocial, Momo, Drum, Cover, batterie, maurice, lebrun

  • Trust-Antisocial (band cover)

    Trust-Antisocial (band cover) MP3

    Darksider à la fête villageoise des Fins.

    Tags: Trust-Antisocial, (band, cover)

  • Children of Bodom - Antisocial (Trust cover)

    Children of Bodom - Antisocial (Trust cover) MP3

    Anthrax / Trust - Antisocial covered by Children of Bodom from new album 'Skeletons in the closet.' Album came out 23 september 2009.

    Tags: Children, of, Bodom, Hell, is, for, Anthrax, cover, COB, COBHC, Skeletons, in, the, closet

  • Antisocial - Trust - Guitar Cover + solo

    Antisocial - Trust - Guitar Cover + solo MP3

    Faut mouliner à max main droite, c'est très chaud ! A bosser calmement au début puis accélérer, prendre son temps ! J'avoue que Nono guitariste de trust a fait ...

    Tags: antisocial, trust, nono, guitare, cover

  • TRUST - ANTISOCIAL guitar cover (solo)

    TRUST - ANTISOCIAL guitar cover (solo) MP3

    DISCLAIMER: (The music is copyrighted by its respective copyright owners.) Backing Track here ...

    Tags: trust, antisocial, solo, cover

  • [cover] Trust - Antisocial

    [cover] Trust - Antisocial MP3

    Tags: jej, moryce, raph, raphael, cover, trust, anti, social, antisocial, anti-social, anti social, guitar, guitare, batterie, drum, drums

  • Anthrax "Antisocial" Bass Cover

    Anthrax "Antisocial" Bass Cover MP3

    Me covering the Anthrax cover of the song "Antisocial" by French hard rock band Trust. Please take the time to rate and/or comment. Thanks.

    Tags: Anthrax (Musical Group), Bass Guitar (Musical Instrument), Antisocial (Composition)

  • ☠ Doom - Antisocial (Guitar Cover) HD HQ

    ☠ Doom - Antisocial (Guitar Cover) HD HQ MP3

    Hi guys this time I played Antisocial by Doom from Doom/Cress split tuned in F Subscribe here for more covers Recorded with Gibson SG ...

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  • Antisocial | Trust [Instrumental Cover]

    Antisocial | Trust [Instrumental Cover] MP3

    Gear: -Guitar: Gibson SG standard + Guitar Rig -Bass Guitar: Yamaha TRBX 2004 model + Guitar Rig -Drums : Roland TD9 + NI Studio Drummer, MIDI ...

    Tags: Gibson SG (Guitar), Gibson, SG, Antisocial, Trust, Cover, Instrumental, Instrumentale, Karaoke, reprise, guitar, bass, batterie, guitare, drums, td9, roland, Drum, Lyrics, Drums (Musical Instrument), audio, production, mix, ableton, Ableton Live (Software)

  • ANTISOCIAL Anthrax Cover

    ANTISOCIAL Anthrax Cover MP3

    See end of the video for equipment used Also, i record audio and video seperate and re-sync them afterwards in moviemaker. So there may be a little ...

    Tags: antisocial, movie, mix, 2

  • Lofofora & Tagada Jones   Antisocial Trust Cover Paris L

    Lofofora & Tagada Jones Antisocial Trust Cover Paris L'Alhambra 20 04 2012 MP3

    Tags: Lofofora, Tagada, Jones, Antisocial, Trust, Cover, Paris, 20, 04, 2012

  • #20 - Antisocial - Trust (Drum Cover) by Gauthier GO Drummer

    #20 - Antisocial - Trust (Drum Cover) by Gauthier GO Drummer MP3

    Hi, I'm Gauthier, I'm 15 and I play my drum's version of "Antisocial" (Trust) :-) Give me a challenge: a song (electro, rock ...) of your choice, an interpretation in my ...

    Tags: Drums (Musical Instrument), Drummer (Profession), Cover, Drumming, Drum Cover, Double Bass (Musical Instrument), Sabian (Musical Instrument Company), Antisocial, Trust, Yamaha Tour Custom, Rock And Roll (Musical Genre), Rock Music (Film Genre)

  • Antisocial(Anthrax cover)

    Antisocial(Anthrax cover) MP3

  • Anthrax/Trust - Antisocial - Drum Tracking Session 4 FEB 2012

    Anthrax/Trust - Antisocial - Drum Tracking Session 4 FEB 2012 MP3

    Played to a basic guide track, as the original track wasnt recorded with a clicktrack in the studio, and so changes BPM gradually from start to finish. The guide ...

    Tags: Anthrax, antisocial, trust

  • Anthrax - Antisocial (bass cover)

    Anthrax - Antisocial (bass cover) MP3

    Anthrax antisocial bass cover by Scotty p.

    Tags: Rock, Music, Avenged Sevenfold, Bassist Profession, Bass Instrument, Scotty, Bass, Stp, Scotty P, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cover, Flea, Godsmack, Bassist, Music Industry, Stonetemplepilots, Bass Cover, Rock Music (Musical Genre)

  • Antisocial - MAKADAM (cover)

    Antisocial - MAKADAM (cover) MP3

  • Trust - Antisocial - SEPIA Cover

    Trust - Antisocial - SEPIA Cover MP3

    SEPIA Cover Band - Pop Rock Variétés. le 06/06/2015 à la cave à bières, de muret.

    Tags: Antisocial (Musical Recording), Hard Rock (Musical Genre), Sepia (Color)

  • Antisocial Gucci cover

    Antisocial Gucci cover MP3

    self-explanatory. Antisocial by Gucci Mane. cover.

    Tags: Gucci Mane (Composer), Cover Band (Musical Genre)