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  • Shameful - Atreyu

    Shameful - Atreyu MP3

    Shameful - Atreyu Enjoy, don't forget to subscribe, like, and comment! Lyrics to Shameful :You should have ran for days, you embrace, you betray I am sick to say ...

    Tags: Atreyu, shameful, metalcore, music, rock

  • ~*Falling Down*~ Atreyu

    ~*Falling Down*~ Atreyu MP3

    Lyrics to the song "Falling Down" by Atreyu, off their newest album "Lead Sails, Paper Anchor." =]

    Tags: atreyu, falling, down, lead, sails, paper, anchor, lyrics

  • ATREYU the crimsom subtitulado español

    ATREYU the crimsom subtitulado español MP3

    ATREYU-The crimsom sub español. descarga el mp3 ---- me costo un poco pero ya quedo acomode las palabras en modo que concordara ...

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  • Atreyu - When Two Are One Lyrics

    Atreyu - When Two Are One Lyrics MP3

    Download mp3: Atreyu When Two Are One Lyrics "When Two Are One" BANG! Explosions in my head that just won't quit A train has ...

    Tags: 619GuitarHeroSSC, 619SSC, Spencer, Carter, Atreyu, When, Two, Are, Become, One, Lead, Sails, Paper, Anchor, Hard, Rock, Lyrics, Becoming, The, Bull, Blow, Slow, Burn

  • Atreyu - A Bitter Broken Memory

    Atreyu - A Bitter Broken Memory MP3

    Music video by Atreyu performing A Bitter Broken Memory. (C) 2015 Spinefarm Records

    Tags: Atreyu, Bitter, Broken, Memory, Spinefarm, Records, Metal


    A Bitter Broken Memory


    Disassociate, try not to feel Pay no attention to it It won't seem real A blind eye enables what we quell Then nature takes it course And breaks your will I can't pick up the pieces As[...]
  • atreyu-shameful lyrics

    atreyu-shameful lyrics MP3

    Tags: atreyu, sameful, lyrics

  • Atreyu - Untitled Finale

    Atreyu - Untitled Finale MP3

    I only upload these videos for entertainment purposes only.

    Tags: atreyu, untitled, finale, music, rock

  • Atreyu - Creature

    Atreyu - Creature MP3

    Atreyus creature hosted by RockDevotee.

    Tags: Atreyu, music, Creature, scream, hardcore, hell, talent, rock, alternative

  • Atreyu Honor

    Atreyu Honor MP3

    Atreyu honor.

    Tags: Atreyu, honor, alex

  • Atreyu - Gallows

    Atreyu - Gallows MP3

    This life starts, with a heartbeat, Is it beat-, beat-, beat-, beat-, beating me down? I could lose who I am! I can't help, but to see, That success scares living shit ...

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  • Atreyu - Honor

    Atreyu - Honor MP3

    Great song.

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  • Atreyu - Two Becomes One

    Atreyu - Two Becomes One MP3

    atreyu two becomes one.

    Tags: Atreyu, two, becomes, one, alex

  • Untitled Finale - Atreyu

    Untitled Finale - Atreyu MP3

    One great song!

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  • Bleeding Mascara - Atreyu

    Bleeding Mascara - Atreyu MP3

    I actually put together Blood Children (An Introduction) and Bleeding Mascara because that's how it meant to be. Earn free iOS apps from

    Tags: Bleeding, mascara, atreyu, blood, children, an, introduction, bleeding mascara, blood children

  • Atreyu - creature

    Atreyu - creature MP3

    Please Subscribe! Song: Atreyu - creature.

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  • Atreyu - Untitled finale

    Atreyu - Untitled finale MP3

    you put a bullet in my head turned black thoughts to red this could all end in tragedy I dream of your death, lay you down to rest I wont look back in fond memory ...

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  • Creature - Atreyu [Lyrics]

    Creature - Atreyu [Lyrics] MP3

    Creature - Atreyu lyrics. Enjoy, don't forget to subscribe, like, and comment! No copyright fragments intended, and rights are reserved to the original artists ...

    Tags: Atreyu, creature, lyrics, metalcore, music, rock

  • Untitled Finale - Atreyu(Lyrics!)

    Untitled Finale - Atreyu(Lyrics!) MP3

    DISCLAIMER: I Own Nothing, Everything Goes To Atreyu and Victory Records(I Belive Thats Whom They signed With). Title says it all- All rights go to atreyu and ...

    Tags: Atreyu, death-grip, untitled, finale, untitled finale, by, atreyu, death, grip, on, yesterday

  • Atreyu-falling down (lyrics)

    Atreyu-falling down (lyrics) MP3

    made by rockdark.

    Tags: atreyu, falling, down, (lyrics)

  • Atreyu - The Theft

    Atreyu - The Theft MP3

    Music video by Atreyu performing The Theft. (C) 2006 ANOTHER VICTORY.

    Tags: Atreyu, The, Theft, Victory, Rock


    The Theft


    He bends and he breaks If he gives they will take away His passion, his pain, his grace He exhales A thousand black flowers explode Into butterflies as they're away Rip them out, take t[...]