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  • Atreyu - Do You Know Who You Are? Lyrics

    Atreyu - Do You Know Who You Are? Lyrics MP3

    Lyrics to Do You Know Who You Are? by Atreyu. All credit goes to Atreyu.

    Tags: Atreyu (Musical Group), Mathcore (Musical Genre)

  • The Crimson By Atreyu Lyrics ((real))

    The Crimson By Atreyu Lyrics ((real)) MP3

    The Crimson By Atreyu Lyrics ((real))

    Tags: Atreyu, TheCrimson, lyrics

  • Atreyu - The Theft [LYRICS]

    Atreyu - The Theft [LYRICS] MP3

    Onscreen lyrics for this amazing song by Atreyu. It's pretty underrated...I think. But it's awesome! Artist: Atreyu Album: A Death-Grip on Yesterday Year: 2006.

    Tags: Lyrics, Atreyu (band), Atreyu, Death-Grip, On, Yesterday, Metal, Scream, Song, Onscreen, The, Theft, Banana, Music, Sing

  • Atreyu - Gallows with Lyrics (:

    Atreyu - Gallows with Lyrics (: MP3

    Band: Atreyu Song: Gallows Album: Congregation of the Damned *Buy the album ;D.

    Tags: atreyu, congregation, of, the, damned, gallows, band, lyrics, scars, omfg

  • Atreyu - Start To Break

    Atreyu - Start To Break MP3

    Atreyu's lyric video for 'Start To Break' from the album, 'Long Live' - available via Spinefarm Records / Search And Destroy on September 18th. Pre-order ...

    Tags: Atreyu, Start, To, Break, Spinefarm, Records, Metal


    Start To Break


    Hunted by mindless beasts Haunted by my desire To create and destroy To defy with a smile Everyday is stick and move Either way they're after you Mediocre their soulless lives They live for nothing They have no pride They're always after me Pleading eyes & v[...]
  • Lip Gloss And Black - Atreyu (with lyrics)

    Lip Gloss And Black - Atreyu (with lyrics) MP3

    The song Lip Gloss and Black by Atreyu, with lyrics. (The Last video of the summer)

    Tags: Atreyu, Lip, Gloss, And, Black, Tater, Herby, Punk, Metal, Metalcore, Suicide, Notes, and, butterfly, kisses, lyrics, subtitles

  • Atreyu- Blow (with lyrics)

    Atreyu- Blow (with lyrics) MP3

    this is the song blow by atreyu with the lyrics.

    Tags: atreyu, blow, with, lyrics, lead, sails, and, paper, anchors, metal, mamaskidmark, guitar

  • Atreyu Becoming The Bull Lyrics HQ

    Atreyu Becoming The Bull Lyrics HQ MP3

    I do not own the rights to the audio in this video, the rights are owned by their respected owner. Atreyu's song Becoming The Bull with lyrics in high quality.

    Tags: Atreyu, Becoming, The, Bull, Lyrics, HQ

  • Doomsday - Atreyu (With Lyrics)

    Doomsday - Atreyu (With Lyrics) MP3

    I do not own the song or the band! Song: Doomsday Artist: Atreyu Album: Lead Sails Paper Anchor.

    Tags: Doomsday, Atreyu, Lyrics, Video

  • Atreyu-falling down (lyrics)

    Atreyu-falling down (lyrics) MP3

    made by rockdark.

    Tags: atreyu, falling, down, (lyrics)

  • Atreyu - Lonely (with lyrics)

    Atreyu - Lonely (with lyrics) MP3

    all rights to owners not me.

    Tags: Atreyu, Lonley, with, lyrics, thrash metal, music, justin, time, justin bieber, song, heavy, singing, less, favorite, dance, dancing, world, usher, cover, toy, almost, shiny, live, avenged, lover, avenged sevenfold, a7x, thousand, rev, gates, bat, easy, country, confessions, shadows, vengeance, day, guitar, johnny, afterlife, critical, almost lover, seize, scream, matt, phenomenon, lovers, done, famous, unholy confessions

  • atreyu-shameful lyrics

    atreyu-shameful lyrics MP3

    Tags: atreyu, sameful, lyrics

  • Atreyu - When two are one lyrics

    Atreyu - When two are one lyrics MP3

    Lyrics video of Atreyu - when two are one i do NOT claim any copyright.

    Tags: Atreyu, When, two, are, one

  • Atreyu - Ex

    Atreyu - Ex's and oh's (Lyrics) MP3

    Artist: Atreyu Album: A death grip on yesterday Song: Ex's and Oh's Video made by MrfatFurby (Quincy) Thanks for watching Check my other lyric video too! :D.

    Tags: Atreyu, and, lyric, mrfatfurby, quincy, death, grip, on, yesterday, metal, rock, no, one, cares, stop, before, its, too, late, weve, destroyed, it, all

  • Atreyu - Lead Sails (And a Paper Anchor) [LYRICS]

    Atreyu - Lead Sails (And a Paper Anchor) [LYRICS] MP3

    One of my personal favorites, yet sadly this song is underrated. It's actually a really great song. :3 Enjoy! [This one took a little longer to make.] Artist: Atreyu ...

    Tags: Atreyu, Music, Metal, Lead, Sails, and, paper, Anchor, lyrics, song, guitar, album

  • Wait For You - Atreyu (Lyrics)

    Wait For You - Atreyu (Lyrics) MP3


    Tags: Wait, for, You, atreyu, lyrics, congregation, of, the, damned, great, song, calm

  • Atreyu - Doomsday Lyrics

    Atreyu - Doomsday Lyrics MP3

    Atreyu Doomsday Lyrics Please: Subscribe Add Me Rate Comment Favorite If You Like It "Doomsday" Go! Verse: A rush of blood, to my head Leaves me winded ...

    Tags: 619GuitarHeroSSC, 619SSC, Spencer, Carter, Atreyu, Doomsday, Lead, Sails, Paper, Anchor, Hard, Rock, Lyrics, Becoming, The, Bull, Blow, Slow, Burn, When, Two, Become, Are, One

  • Storm To Pass - Atreyu (Lyrics)

    Storm To Pass - Atreyu (Lyrics) MP3

    A video I made for the song ''Storm to pass''! Enjoy! :D.

    Tags: Storm, To, Pass, Atreyu, Lyrics

  • Atreyu - Ravenous (with lyrics)

    Atreyu - Ravenous (with lyrics) MP3

    Atreyu new album download: Lyrics: All hail! The tip of the spear The misguided, unheeding force Unleashed about ...

    Tags: Atreyu, NEW, Song, 2009, Congregation, of, the, Damned, Ravenous, lyrics

  • atreyu-demonology and heartache lyrics HQ

    atreyu-demonology and heartache lyrics HQ MP3

    song: demonology and heartache artist: atreyu suscribe coment.

    Tags: atreyu, demonology, and, heartache