Awesome Birthday Songs

  • Awesome Reggae Happy Birthday Song

    Awesome Reggae Happy Birthday Song MP3

    Listen as these animated island characters sing happy birthday the raggae way. Hey mon "Happy Birthday!"

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  • Chad

    Chad's Awesome Birthday Song -Sonny With A Chance MP3

    Chad Dylan Cooper(Sterling Knight) singing Chad's Awesome Birthday Song on Sonny With A Chance.

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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC! - EPIC Happy Birthday Song

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC! - EPIC Happy Birthday Song MP3

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!! The most epic happy birthday song for Eric. Wish the Erics of the world an epic happy birthday by sending them this video or posting ...

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  • NEW HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG!! Awesome!!!! Walter M.-Tommyboy-Ben B

    NEW HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG!! Awesome!!!! Walter M.-Tommyboy-Ben B MP3

    An original happy birthday song we performed acapella style. Tommy Boy Atalig- Walter Manglona- Ben the Human Beatbox.

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  • [MMD] Hetalia Awesome Trio - America

    [MMD] Hetalia Awesome Trio - America's birthday song for England + Motion DL MP3

    April 23rd! Happy Birthday to England my baby~! I like the fact that America is "serenading" England but those lyrics tho xD They forgot England's name. I will put ...

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  • Katy Perry - Birthday

    Katy Perry - Birthday MP3

    Katy Perry – Birthday (Lyric Video) Download 'PRISM' on iTunes Download 'PRISM' on Amazon: Lyric ...

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    Katy Perry

    I heard you're feeling Nothing's going right Why don't you let me Stop by The clock is ticking Running out of time So we should party All night So cover your eyes I have a surprise I hope you got a healthy appetite If you wanna dance If you want it all You kno[...]
  • Russian Birthday Song - Awesome Edition

    Russian Birthday Song - Awesome Edition MP3

    Awesome Version.

    Tags: Russian, Birthday, Song, Awesome, Edition




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  • Awesome Birthday Song

    Awesome Birthday Song MP3

    Birthday song.
  • Happy Birthday Video

    Happy Birthday Video MP3

    This hilarious video is of the Voca People singing Happy Birthday to you. This makes a really nice video to send to a birthday boy or girl of your choice. It might ...

    Tags: happy birthday song, Happy Birthday To You (Composition), Voca People, hilarious, silly, cute, funny, birthday song, Comedy, Weird, Random, Crazy, Strange, Odd, Fun

  • Spring

    Spring's Awesome Birthday Song MP3

  • Happy Birthday Song - Funny LooLoo Kids Compilation Full HD

    Happy Birthday Song - Funny LooLoo Kids Compilation Full HD MP3

    We have made a funny animation of the Happy Birthday song. Subscribe to LooLoo channel ...

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  • Jon

    Jon's FUCKING awesome birthday song. MP3

    It was our friend Jon's birthday a week or so ago, and as we were broke ("thoughtful and original"), we wrote him a birthday song. Enjoy.

    Tags: Birthday, Happy Birthday, Amazing, Nice, Cool, Funny, Great

  • The Most Awesome Birthday Song

    The Most Awesome Birthday Song MP3

    Birthday Song.

    Tags: Dell, WebCam, Central

  • Lauren

    Lauren's 7th awesome birthday song MP3

    Lauren's 7th birthday with talking friends.

    Tags: talking tom, talking tom cat, talking hippo, talking cat, cat, tom, tomcat, funny animation, funny cartoon, Outfit7, Outfit7TalkingTom

  • Chad

    Chad's awesome Birthday Song MP3

    This "hit" song, is from the episode called: Dekota's Revenge .. Want the lyrics? Here they are: "Chad, Chad, Chaddy-Chad-Chad x2 Dakota, it's your birthday ...
  • Sonny With A Chance - Chad

    Sonny With A Chance - Chad's Awesome Birthday Song! MP3

    The original upload has returned! From the episode "Dakota's Revenge," this is the clip of Chad Dylan Cooper's self-proclaimed 'awesome birthday song' for ...

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  • Birthday song fail awesome

    Birthday song fail awesome MP3

    And at my little brothers birthday party...(wait for the end)

    Tags: birthday, song, fail, awesome, yugoyugocrew

  • Awesome April Birthday Song

    Awesome April Birthday Song MP3

    Tecat35 Charmagne and Tabitha.
  • Loud birthday song scares baby - awesome reaction !

    Loud birthday song scares baby - awesome reaction ! MP3

    Priceless baby reaction to the loud birthday song at the best ice cream parlor.

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