Ban Ginji

  • Ban X Ginji - Show Me Love

    Ban X Ginji - Show Me Love MP3

    RE-UPLOADED* This is my third yaoi AMV. I hope you enjoy it. Some of the images used in this video were found on DeviantArt and belong to these wonderful ...

    Tags: ban, ginji, show, me, love, yaoi, shonen-ai, get, backers

  • Ban Ginji Yaoi - Get backers Doujin

    Ban Ginji Yaoi - Get backers Doujin MP3

    Warning : yaoi. boyxboy stuff.don't like.don't read. Read Description : Those who don't know : ur suppose to read this anti clockwise..but i've edited out most of ...

    Tags: ban, midou, ginji, amano, yaoi, boys, love, doujin, doujinshi, get, backers, getbackers, banxginji, 37c

  • Get Backers - Ban and Ginji

    Get Backers - Ban and Ginji MP3

    This is my first video thingy so be kind X3 Ban and Ginji's relationship (They're so in love)

    Tags: Get, Backers, Yaoi

  • Every Time We Touch - Ban x Ginji

    Every Time We Touch - Ban x Ginji MP3

    I love these two and it might not be a yaoi but they sure make it seem like it is x3.

    Tags: Get, backers, Cascada, Every, Time, We, Touch, Ban, Ginji

  • ban x ginji

    ban x ginji MP3

    amv about ban and ginji, just get backers and 'just one' by hoobastank.

    Tags: ban, ginji, get, backers, hoobastank, just, one, yaoi

  • Ginji Vs Ban

    Ginji Vs Ban MP3


    Tags: Ginji, Ban, Amano, clip, Mido, fight, Getbackers, Get, Backers, vs, scene, funny, parody, change, anime, Spoof

  • Ban + Ginji Doujinshi Shōnen-ai

    Ban + Ginji Doujinshi Shōnen-ai MP3

    Get Backers Doujinshi Shōnen-ai

    Tags: Ban, Midou, Ginji, amano, Doujinshi, Get, backers

  • Get Backers Ban and Chibi-Ginji

    Get Backers Ban and Chibi-Ginji MP3

    A little video about the get backers. Please rate and review. *__* 2000 views! OMG! Thank you so much. *g*

    Tags: Get, Backers, Ban, Mido, Chibi, Ginji, Amano, offspring, hamsterdance



    Tributo a ban x ginji.

    Tags: get, backers, yaoi, ban, ginji

  • All you wanted ~ Ban and Ginji

    All you wanted ~ Ban and Ginji MP3

    It's Ban and Ginji from the Get Backers!! If you guys haven't watched this anime you should it's amazing! It's listed as Shonen-Ai which means yes this is a yaoi.

    Tags: Get, Backers, Ban, Ginji, All, you, wanted, Michelle, Branch

  • GetBackers~Ban &  Ginji-Take Me Out~amv

    GetBackers~Ban & Ginji-Take Me Out~amv MP3

    i like these 2 as a couple so made this about them.

    Tags: GetBackers, amv, Ban, Mido, Ginji, Amano, Take, Me, Out, Franz, Ferdinand

  • Get Backers Ginji vs Akabane

    Get Backers Ginji vs Akabane MP3


    Tags: YouTube, Tribute, Get, Anime, GetBackers, Get Backers Ginji vs Akabane, goku, Dragon, Free, Naruto Amv, top, Sasuke, naruto, digimon

  • getbackers ginji x ban

    getbackers ginji x ban MP3

    lo hice con la segunda cancion o opening de esta serie ya qe me gusta muxo!! comenten pliiiis!!
  • Ban X Ginji (Baninji) FOREVER

    Ban X Ginji (Baninji) FOREVER MP3

    This my new obsession (Ban X Ginji) I love this couple!!!!! well dont watch if you dont like this couple, well enjoy and happy (fuck!!) back to school guys and ...

    Tags: Ban, X, Ginji, Baninji, FOREVER

  • Ban X ginji

    Ban X ginji MP3

    This is fanmade all rights goes to their respective owners Anime: Get backers Music: Inuyasha ~ Every heart & My will.

    Tags: Ginji, ban, Get backers, anime, love

  • Ban and Ginji - Until the Day i die - Lyrics - [a Get Backers AMV]

    Ban and Ginji - Until the Day i die - Lyrics - [a Get Backers AMV] MP3

    'until the day i die,i'll spill my heart for you' - The song suits Ban and Ginji the best i guess.It took 16hrs to make this video.Finally it's done.Enjoy.n dnt forget to ...

    Tags: getbackers, get, backers, ban, ginji, love, yaoi, until, the, day, die, story, of, year, amano, mido, midou, lyrics

  • Ban and Ginji 2

    Ban and Ginji 2 MP3

    Another clip of Ban and Ginji's relationship(they're SO in love)

    Tags: Get, Backers, Yaoi

  • If Ban Ain

    If Ban Ain't Got Ginji MP3

    BanxGinji sorta...thats how i was trying to make it seem hope i got If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys Update: Okay so i had to use the audioswap thing so ...

    Tags: GetBackers, Get, Backers, Ban, Mido, Ginji, Amano, If, Got, You, Alicia, Keys

  • ~×ღ°§×GetBackers Ban and Ginji

    ~×ღ°§×GetBackers Ban and Ginji's Chain Reactionק°ღ×~ MP3

    Please Read Description~ /\Best Viewed In High Quality/\ ~Info~ Song: Your Love Means Everything To Me Artist: Cold Play Program: Sony Vegas Pro 8 Time ...

    Tags: Get, Backers, Ban, Midou, Ginji, Amano, Cold, Play

  • Back to Joy (Get Backers, Ban/Ginji)

    Back to Joy (Get Backers, Ban/Ginji) MP3

    Ban is beyond help. Ginji wants to try anyway. Music: Heart and Shoulder by Heather Nova.

    Tags: getbackers, ban, ginji, vid, fanvid, slash, yaoi, back, to, joy