Baywatch Theme Song Mp3

  • Baywatch Theme performed live by Jimi Jamison in Celebration

    Baywatch Theme performed live by Jimi Jamison in Celebration MP3

    The lead singer of Survivor, Jimi Jamison, performs his hit song, "I'm Always Here" the theme song to the hit TV show "Baywatch". He's performing with the band ...

    Tags: rock, band, TV, television, Jamison, Survivor, Celebration, Baywatch, theme, song, Pamela, Anderson, beach

  • (Baywatch theme) Jimi Jamison I

    (Baywatch theme) Jimi Jamison I'm Always Here lyrics MP3

    Inspiring video for the purpose of peace, hope and love. Enjoy.

    Tags: upbeat, 80s

  • Jim Jamison - I

    Jim Jamison - I'm Always Here - Baywatch - Lyrics MP3

    Baywatch's soundtrack.

    Tags: baywatch

  • Jimi Jamison - I

    Jimi Jamison - I'm Always Here (1999) (Baywatch Theme) HQ MP3

    Jimi Jamison - I'm Always Here (1999) theme tune to the popular TV series Baywatch. Lyrics: Some people stand in the darkness Afraid to step into the light ...

    Tags: Music Video, HQ, AOR, Jimi Jamison, Survivor (band)

  • RomeOnDrums "Baywatch Theme" (I`m always Here) Drum Cover

    RomeOnDrums "Baywatch Theme" (I`m always Here) Drum Cover MP3

    Tags: Drum, Drum Kit (Musical Instrument), Drums, Theme, Cover, Drummer, Drumming, Drum Cover, Drummer (band), Rome on Drums, Attic Room Productions, Tanzbude, Schaffhausen, Jim Jamison, Baywatch, Theme Song, Arp, Btp, Bloom to perish, Pearl Drums, Schweiz, Drums (Musical Instrument)

  • BAYWATCH Intro 1999

    BAYWATCH Intro 1999 MP3

    The original NBC theme was "Save Me", performed by Peter Cetera, with Bonnie Raitt on guitar and Richard Sterban, bass singer for The Oak Ridge Boys, ...

    Tags: Baywatch (TV Program), pamela anderson, carmen electra, david hasselhoff, 90s, vintage, Classic, Anderson, Intro, David, Introduction

  • Alex Kabasser - I

    Alex Kabasser - I'm always here "Baywatch theme" (acoustic guitar cover) MP3

    fingerstyle guitar version of the Baywatch Theme (90's series) with good old David Hasselhoff. sit back and relax ... and hopefully have some nice slowmo ...

    Tags: alex kabasser fingerstyle, david hasselhoff, baywatch theme

  • Baywatch 2 theme opening,Jimi Jamison-I

    Baywatch 2 theme opening,Jimi Jamison-I'm always here. MP3

    Baywatch 2 opening sound.

    Tags: Jimi Jamison (Musical Artist), Baywatch (TV Program), Theme, Theme Song, Opening

  • Baywatch theme song (Baywatch tribute)

    Baywatch theme song (Baywatch tribute) MP3

    Baywatch soundtrack.

    Tags: Baywatch

  • Baywatch Full Theme Tune

    Baywatch Full Theme Tune MP3

    Baywatch Full Theme Tune.

    Tags: Baywatch, Full, Theme, Tune, The, Hoff, American, Tv, Show, Channel, Five

  • David Hasselhoff "Current of Love" (Full version). Baywatch season 1 ending credits version

    David Hasselhoff "Current of Love" (Full version). Baywatch season 1 ending credits version MP3

    Nice song by David Hasselhoff "Current of Love". Baywatch season 1 ending credits version. Bit different from the CD version. Hope you'll like it. The content of ...

    Tags: David, Hasselhoff, Current, of, Love, Baywatch, season, ending, credits

  • Baywatch -  Midi Theme song

    Baywatch - Midi Theme song MP3

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  • Baywatch Intro - Pilot

    Baywatch Intro - Pilot MP3

    The Intro for the Pilot episode of Baywatch, Panic at Malibu Pier. The Song is; Above The Waterline - Kim Carnes.

    Tags: Baywatch, The Hoff, Kim Carnes, Pilot, Malibu

  • Jimi Jamison - I

    Jimi Jamison - I'm Always Here (Baywatch theme) (The Flashbulb Audiofuck) MP3

    Jimi Jamison from Survivor (the band, not the fucking TV programme) sings the Baywatch theme tune. Fucked up by Benn L Jordan of The Flashbulb.

    Tags: Jimi Jamison, David Hasselhoff, Baywatch, theme, The Flashbulb, Benn L Jordan, Breakcore, DnB, Drum and Bass

  • Jimi Jamison - I

    Jimi Jamison - I'm Always Here (Baywatch OST) HQ MP3

    Music by Cory Lerios and John D'Andrea Lyrics by Joe Henry and Jimi Jamison Vocal performance by Jimi Jamison (as Jim Jamison) 1994.

    Tags: Jimi Jamison, Baywatch, OST, Soundtrack, 1994, Survivor, Survivor (band), HQ, Original, official video, Music Video (Product Line), Official, Theme, AOR, Anderson, Cory Lerios, Joe Henry, Jim Jamison, 90s

  • "Jurassic Park Theme" - 65 Million Years In The Making! - The Piano Guys

    "Jurassic Park Theme" - 65 Million Years In The Making! - The Piano Guys MP3

    Download the song here: Tickets for 2016 shows here: Become a TPG Insider!

    Tags: ThePianoGuys, The Piano Guys, Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Yamaha Piano, Classical, Peponi, Coldplay Paradise, Christina Perri, A Thousand Years, Bourne Identity, Canon, One Direction, What makes you beautiful, Titanium, David Guetta, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, One Republic, Secrets, Bruno Mars, Just The Way You Are, Star Wars, Cello Wars, Dinosaur (Character Species), Piano Sonata (Composition Type), Piano (Musical Instrument), Cello (Musical Instrument)

  • Jimi Jamison - I

    Jimi Jamison - I'm Always Here (Opening Theme "Baywatch" TV Series & OST) (1999) HQ MP3

    "I'm Always Here" is a song performed by Jimi Jamison, the track was originally released on the Baywatch Original TV Soundtrack in 1993. It was used as the ...

    Tags: AOR, Widescreen, 720p, Jimi Jamison (Musical Artist), Baywatch (TV Program), Baywatch Theme Tune, Empires (Musical Album)

  • Baywatch intro gta

    Baywatch intro gta MP3

    This is a parody of the Baywatch theme song. I do not own this song, or the name Baywatch. The theme song belongs to Sony Music Entertainment. No copyright ...

    Tags: Baywatch, baywatch, BAYWATCH, Sony, Music, Entertainment, funny, gta4, gta, GTA4, GTA, Gta4, Gta, Nico, Bellic, Zelda, zelda, roman, car, happy, tits, pussy, lol, family, guy, the, simpsons, pamela, anderson, fuck, epic, fail, FAIL, minecraft, call, of, duty, black, ops

  • Baywatch Theme Song

    Baywatch Theme Song MP3

    This video is copyrighted and is for entertainment purposes only Baywatch is an American action drama series about the Los Angeles County Lifeguards who ...

    Tags: South Carolina TV

  • Baywatch Hawai

    Baywatch Hawai'i Opening Theme MP3

    Baywatch Season 10.

    Tags: Simmone Jade Mackinnon, Stevie Hall, Baywatch Hawaii