Blackbird Beetles

  • The beetles- black bird

    The beetles- black bird MP3

    My favorite beetles song by far I live it!!!

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  • Paul McCartney - Blackbird (Live)

    Paul McCartney - Blackbird (Live) MP3

    Paul McCartney - Blackbird Live Glastonbury Music Festival 2004 Lyrics: Blackbird singing in the dead of night Take these broken wings and learn to fly All your ...

    Tags: paul, mccarntey, blackbird

  • The Beatles - Blackbird (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on Apple & Spotify

    The Beatles - Blackbird (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on Apple & Spotify MP3

    Tickets + VIP Meet & Greets: Apple: Spotify: iTunes: Google: ...

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  • The Beatles - Blackbird (Rehearsal Take)

    The Beatles - Blackbird (Rehearsal Take) MP3

    One of the many rehearsal takes recorded by Paul during the White Album sessions (1968). This isn't featured on the Anthology series. Enjoy!

    Tags: the, beatles, white, album, 1968, john, lennon, paul, mccartney, george, harrison, richard, starkey, ringo, starr, sgt, pepper, lonely, hearts, club, band, revolver, 1966, 1967, blackbird, rehearsal, take, takes, demo, early, sessions, rare, bootleg, anthology

  • COVER of Black Bird by the Beetles

    COVER of Black Bird by the Beetles MP3

    This is a COVER (NOT THE ORIGINAL!) of the song Black Bird by John Legend. Please enjoy and give feedback!

    Tags: john legend, music, musician, singers, black, bird, boobs, taylor, swift, tiki, monkeys, boobs in space, spandex

  • BORED....  Blackbird: Beetles [Cover]

    BORED.... Blackbird: Beetles [Cover] MP3

    This is me playing blackbird ny the beetles. Now all my youtube friends can see my lovely face. :DDD Sorry i started this today so as you can imagine i haven't ...

    Tags: kj

  • Blackbird - The Beetles (cover)

    Blackbird - The Beetles (cover) MP3
  • Hunting For Beetles With The Blackbird/Starling?

    Hunting For Beetles With The Blackbird/Starling? MP3

    The fledgling has developed into a healthy, young female blackbird that hangs out with other blackbirds and hunts for bugs all day. Once in a long while, she will ...

    Tags: Blackbird, fledgling, beetles, bird hunts for insects, bird eating, Common Blackbird (Organism Classification), Beetle (Animal), Hunting (Interest), Starling

  • black bird-beetles guitar cover

    black bird-beetles guitar cover MP3

    Here is a 10 year old boy playing blackbird by the beetles.

    Tags: music, entertain, talent, 10, cover, beetles, blackbird, black, bird, john lennon, john, lennon, guitar, acoustic, oldie

  • Milos Karadaglic - Blackbird (Beatles cover)

    Milos Karadaglic - Blackbird (Beatles cover) MP3

    Miloš Karadaglić performing acoustic guitar cover of Blackbird (Beatles Cover) From Blackbird – The Beatles Album Blackbird - The Beatles Album' out now: ...

    Tags: Milos, Karadaglic, Blackbird, Mercury, Classics, Classical, Crossover

  • Blackbird beetles cover/ sing along

    Blackbird beetles cover/ sing along MP3

    Black bird from movie across the universe.

    Tags: Black bird, beetles, cover, sing along

  • Blackbird By: The Beetles (Cover)

    Blackbird By: The Beetles (Cover) MP3

    I know this isn't a very popular song today, but I just love the sound of it. It so inspirational and it makes me happy when I'm feeling down. Hope you like it!

    Tags: Blackbird, Julia, Trygar, The, Beetles, Acoustic, Music, Live

  • Blackbird - The Beetles (cover)

    Blackbird - The Beetles (cover) MP3

    My cover of blackbird by the beetles.

    Tags: The beetles, blackbird, covers

  • Lani

    Lani's cover with Dad "Blackbird" - Beetles MP3

    World's greatest shave fundraising gig - the day after I shaved my head. Was a wonderful time but sorry again for poor quality!

    Tags: The Beatles (Musical Group), Blackbird (Musical Recording)

  • Blackbird - The Beetles - guitar & vocal cover

    Blackbird - The Beetles - guitar & vocal cover MP3

    Testing out new microphone (Yeti) I tuned down to Eb because I like how it sounds.

    Tags: iMovie, yeti, The Beatles (Musical Group), Beatles, Alex, Cover, Blackbird (Composition)

  • Blackbird beetles cover

    Blackbird beetles cover MP3

    Sorry probably bad check out my others maybe no hate thanks everyone.
  • Blackbird by the beetles

    Blackbird by the beetles MP3

  • (The Beetles) - Blackbird Acoustic Guitar

    (The Beetles) - Blackbird Acoustic Guitar MP3

    Arranged by Stephen Bennett. Decided to play it slow like the original. This arrangement is meant to be fast I think, like Sungha's.

    Tags: the, beetles, blackbird, fingerstyle, acoustic, guitar, zheng, cover, classic

  • Black bird by the beetles.

    Black bird by the beetles. MP3

    Played the song BlackBird by the Beetles. This also sounds like Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chilly Peppers. It's not exactly the same way the beetels played it. I don't ...

    Tags: Acoustic, Blackbird, the, beetles

  • Black Bird-The Beetles

    Black Bird-The Beetles MP3

    Here's the song black bird by the beetles u know that song that goes " black bird singing at dead of night" So ya here's the song WHOA!!!!!!

    Tags: guitar, the, beetles, black, bird