• katujaguza (Let us Celebrate Christmas) by Philly Bongole Lutaaya

    katujaguza (Let us Celebrate Christmas) by Philly Bongole Lutaaya MP3

    Merry Christmas to you all. Enjoy the legacy of late Philly Bongole Lutaaya, a great Ugandan Musician Improve your ...

    Tags: christmas, xmas, carols, philly lutaaya, Uganda, american christmas, african christmas

  • Philly Lutaaya - Tumusinze

    Philly Lutaaya - Tumusinze MP3

    Tumusinze was released on the christmas album Philly Lutaaya released in 1988 written, produced and performed by him.

    Tags: Philly Lutaaya, Tumusinze, Let us worship him, Praise the lord, christmas album, Christmas, Uganda, Music Uganda, Philly B Lutaaya

  • Okujjukira Phillly Bongole Lutaaya

    Okujjukira Phillly Bongole Lutaaya MP3

    Ku 17 October abantu bajjukira Philly Bongole Lutaaya olwa kaweefube we.

    Tags: NTV, Uganda, Kampala, Africa, EAC, Luganda, Amawulire, Akawungeezi, Uganda News Video NTV Akawungeezi, Philly Bongole Lutaaya, HIV, AIDS

  • Philly Lutaaya - Merry Xmas

    Philly Lutaaya - Merry Xmas MP3

    A christmas song written and performed by Philly B. Lutaaya 1988.

    Tags: Philly Lutaaya, Uganda, African music, Christmas, Xmas, Merry Christmas, Religious Music, Holiday, Holidays

  • TechBest - Bongole (ORIGINAL MIX) 2016

    TechBest - Bongole (ORIGINAL MIX) 2016 MP3

    Venezuela House Music (TechBestRecords)
  • Philly Lutaaya - Born in Africa

    Philly Lutaaya - Born in Africa MP3

    Written and performed by Philly Lutaaya on his 1987 hit Album also titled "Born In Africa".

    Tags: Philly Lutaaya, born in Africa, Ugandan music, African pop, Pop Music (Musical Genre), Uganda (Country)

  • Entebbe Wala by Philly Bongoley Lutaaya (The Official Video)

    Entebbe Wala by Philly Bongoley Lutaaya (The Official Video) MP3

    23 years after his death, Philly Bongoley Lutaaya is still the most popular music artist in Uganda and one of the most recognized in Africa. This song (Entebbe ...

    Tags: Entebbe, Wala, by, Philly, Bongoley

  • Philly Lutaaya(born in africa)

    Philly Lutaaya(born in africa) MP3

    this nigga was one of uganda best by then and some how by now,cos his hitz are still of tha hizzle,you dont like it?getcha punk ass outta ma site,you like ...

    Tags: philly, lutaaya(born, in, africa)uganda, music

  • Philly Lutaaya -

    Philly Lutaaya - 'Nkoye Okwegomba' MP3

    Taken from the album 'Born In Africa'

    Tags: Premiere_Elements_4, Philly, Lutaaya

  • Two stoners, One bongole..

    Two stoners, One bongole.. MP3

    My friend Jes and I talk about the Asian community.


    The late Philly Bongole Lutaya died on 15th December 1989, but apparently, his legacy has not made the anticipated impact among people living with HV/AIDS ...

    Tags: Philly Lutaya Cares, Tezra Lutaya, HIV, AIDS, STIGMA, NGO, UGANDA CARES, TASO, AMICAAL, CANCER, Alone and Frightened, NOFOPHANU, United States, Uganda Aids Commission, World Aids day, new infections, people living

  • Philly Lutaaya remembered

    Philly Lutaaya remembered MP3

    17th of October is the Philly Lutaaya day; set aside to celebrate the life of a great man - the first prominent Ugandan to go public about his HIV status, ultimately ...

    Tags: NTV, Uganda, Kampala, Top Stories, Breaking News, News, Headlines, Philly Bongole Lutaaya

  • Philly Lutaaya

    Philly Lutaaya MP3

    A short compilation of Philly Lutaaya's Humble beginnings.

    Tags: Philly Lutaaya, AIDS in Uganda, Africa and AIDS, AIDS day, Uganda (Country), Africa (Continent)



    A number of Lt. Philly Bongole Lutaaya funs wished to see his face. As they imagine what he went through, I saw it brilliant to make this video just to remind ...
  • Hold Me Tight By Jade Soundmakers & Bongole

    Hold Me Tight By Jade Soundmakers & Bongole MP3

    Hold me tight by Jade Soundmakers & Bongole Produced HerbertSkillz Soundmakers/Lafitte Soundmakers from Uganda East Africa. Sound Makers Records ...

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