Boy Plus Boy

  • +♂/Plus Boy Len Kagamine Eng sub

    +♂/Plus Boy Len Kagamine Eng sub MP3

    WARNING:This song contains explicit lyrics and themes so it may not be appropriate for younger audiences. This was somebody else's video but I couldn't see ...

    Tags: Anime, Vocaloid, English, Sub, Subtitles, Plus Boy, Rin Kagamine, Hatsune Miku

  • 【Dari】 +♂ (Plus Boy) 【歌ってみた】 (Cover)

    【Dari】 +♂ (Plus Boy) 【歌ってみた】 (Cover) MP3

    ちょっと男子!? ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭ I hope you like it~ Support me on Patreon: Need a mix? Check out my mixing commissions: ...

    Tags: Anime, Dari, Utattemita, Voice cover, Cover, Vocaloid, Kagamine len, Len, Kagamine, GigaP, Reol, Kradness, Ire, Videoclip, Video, Clip, Music, Niconico, gigantic, Plus Boy, Plus, Boy, Masculine, Dariuski, Kimishima, Hatsune Miku, GUMI

  • 【VOCALOID Ver.96猫】Plus Boy +♂【FanDub Latino】

    【VOCALOID Ver.96猫】Plus Boy +♂【FanDub Latino】 MP3

    OTANJOBI OMEDETO IMOTO!! xDDDD fdsafdasfad Este es un regalito que le hice a imoto mio c:! la traume con esta cancion y y asi c: ... xDDD psss ;0; pss que ...

    Tags: Vocaloid (Software Genre), Fandub, Anime, Audio, nayuto, fandub latino, kagamine len, plus boy, cover, 96neko

  • 【RBNproject】 + ♂  /  Plus Boy 【XV Salón del Manga de Valencia】

    【RBNproject】 + ♂ / Plus Boy 【XV Salón del Manga de Valencia】 MP3

    Ábreme! / Open me! --------- No copyright infringement intended, the music and coreography belong to their rightful owners. --------- ESP Aquí está nuestra ...

    Tags: Anime, Manga (Comic Book Genre), Dance, Odottemita, Odorite, Jpop, J-pop (Musical Genre), Vocaloid, Len, Plus Boy, Kagamine, ARSMAGNA, Ars Magna, Cover, Niconico (Website), Japan Weekend, Japan (Country)

  • 96neko - +♂ (Plus boy)  「Sub esp」

    96neko - +♂ (Plus boy) 「Sub esp」 MP3

    Link Original (96neko): *****れをる様はこの翻訳をYouTubeにあげて許可されました******** Link Original: ...

    Tags: VOCALOID, subtitulado, translation, english, sub, plus boy, 96neko, kuroneko plus boy, kagamine len, reol, gigap, Giga

  • plus boy - glutamine ver.

    plus boy - glutamine ver. MP3

    i own completely nothing, you can buy his new ablum "sensation signal" here.

    Tags: glutamine, plus, boy, music, vocaloid, utaite, cover, japanese, japan, cd, video, anime, voice, Synthesizer (Musical Instrument)

  • 【合唱】+♂ | Plus Boy [Nico Nico Chorus]

    【合唱】+♂ | Plus Boy [Nico Nico Chorus] MP3

    Must watch: "【ボカロ16人で】 Classroom 【オリジナル】[Vocaloid Chorus]" ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- **Please Subscribe ...

    Tags: YouTube

  • +♂ Plus Boy (Len Kagamine & Girls) | Fandub Latino + MP3

    +♂ Plus Boy (Len Kagamine & Girls) | Fandub Latino + MP3 MP3

    Hola, Gashetitas!! ( ° u ° )/ El sábado pasado no pude subir fandub porque tuve una decaída... (como lo dije en mi página de facebook :'v) me puse muy débil, ...

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  • 【96猫 & れをる】+♂ (Plus Boy) [+mp3]

    【96猫 & れをる】+♂ (Plus Boy) [+mp3] MP3

    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING BESIDES THE MASH-UP* It's time to hit puberty again~ *giggles* Hey guys!! I'm back with another mash-up again!

    Tags: plus boy, gigap, kagamine len, vocaloid, 96neko, kuroneko, reol, plus danshi

  • Nightcore -+ ♂ Plus boy

    Nightcore -+ ♂ Plus boy MP3

    Lean la descripción + ♂ Plus boy Kagamine Len ft. Kagamine Rin Hatsune Miku Megurine Luka Gumi Megpoid Gracias Por Ver!! Si les Gustó Denle Me Gusta ...

    Tags: Nightcore (Musical Group)

  • 『ENGLISH COVER』 +♂ [ PLUS BOY ]【CHA!Nキッド + Help】 歌ってみた

    『ENGLISH COVER』 +♂ [ PLUS BOY ]【CHA!Nキッド + Help】 歌ってみた MP3

    " You guys should've saw that cumming... " //waits to get slapped across the face -------------------------------- I'm really glad we got this done--like I enjoyed singing...

    Tags: plus boy, vocaloid, len kagamine, cover, english, reol, giga-p

  • [MMD] +♂ Plus Boy [Kagamine Len] ENG Captions And Annotations! [Made for Shariah~]

    [MMD] +♂ Plus Boy [Kagamine Len] ENG Captions And Annotations! [Made for Shariah~] MP3

    He's to naughty :D I do not own the dance Models and song. Music: +♂ -Plus Boy- feat. Kagamine Len Music & lyric by GigaP All Rights to crypton future media ...

    Tags: Vocaloid, Len Kagamine, MMD, MMM, MikuMikuMoving, MikuMikuDance, J-POP

  • Nightcore - +♂ (Plus Boy)

    Nightcore - +♂ (Plus Boy) MP3

    ABCDEF, good guy! I can't be the only one who was reminded of Negima by this. Makes me want to watch Negima again, ahh... I also combined the original of ...

    Tags: kagamine len, featuring, vocaloid, girls, remix, nightcore, version, giga, gigap, giga-p, producer, gigantic otn, plus boy, reol, fantasyfangirl7, comedy, hatsune miku, pv, lyrics, english, japanese, rin, megurine luka, gumi

  • 【96Neko】 +♂ Plus Boy

    【96Neko】 +♂ Plus Boy MP3

    +♂ Plus Boy. ¡96Neko acompañado de Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Megpoid Gumi, Kagamine Rin y Kagamine Len! Considero esta canción la "Pervertida ...
  • 【Karaoke】Plus boy 【Off Vocal】 GigaP

    【Karaoke】Plus boy 【Off Vocal】 GigaP MP3

    +♂ (プラス男子) / Plus Danshi Music/Vocal Edit: GigaP (ギガ) (mylist/7894586)(@GigaMozuku) Lyric: Reol (れをる) (mylist/35385156)(@RRReol) Illust: ...

    Tags: Karaoke (Ontology Instance), Instrumental, Singing, Along, Lyrics, kagamine len, len kagamine, rin kagamine, kagamine, len, rin, megurine luka, luka, hatsune miku, miku, hatsune, megurine, gumi, megpoid, megpoid gumi, plus danshi, plus boy, gigap, off vocal, on vocal, new

  • Plus Boy - 96neko (Male Genderbend Ver.)

    Plus Boy - 96neko (Male Genderbend Ver.) MP3

    ARIGATO GOZAIMASU! Yes. I did this. And... Why does she sound so good as a guy?? :O Original 96neko ver: ...

    Tags: plus boy, vocaloid, 96neko, reol, pv, official, genderbend, male, version, remix, lyrics, len kagamine, rin, hatsune miku

  • + ♂ PLUS BOY - Kagamine Len (96Neko) Parodia | MarkoXD

    + ♂ PLUS BOY - Kagamine Len (96Neko) Parodia | MarkoXD MP3

    MI MEJOR PARODIA EVER JEJEJEHEJHEHJEHUEHUEHEHIEHIEH BR (? Like? Fav? ------------------------------------- Suscribete! ------------------------------------- Y ...

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  • Nightcore - Plus Boy

    Nightcore - Plus Boy MP3

    Song: Plus Boy - Giga-P (Len Kagamine and the Vocaloid Girls) Thanks for watching, enjoy the video! Also, there wasn't a rendered version of the picture, so I ...

    Tags: Nightcore (Musical Group), House Music (Musical Genre), Kagamine Len, Giga-P, Vocaloid (Software Genre), Plus Boy

  • 合唱   ちょっとカオスな+♂【プラス男子】 | Plus Boy [Chaos Chorus]

    合唱 ちょっとカオスな+♂【プラス男子】 | Plus Boy [Chaos Chorus] MP3

    Must watch: "【ボカロ16人で】 Classroom 【オリジナル】[Vocaloid Chorus]" ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- **Please Subscribe ...

    Tags: NicoNicoFreak, Nico Nico Douga, Nico Nico Chorus, Nico Nico Sang It

  • Five-year-old boy asks Usain Bolt what is 1 plus 2 (video)

    Five-year-old boy asks Usain Bolt what is 1 plus 2 (video) MP3

    The five-year-old boy asked Usain Bolt on his stopover in Cayman Brac, one of the smaller of the Cayman Islands, what is 1 plus 2. Bolt laughed, while saying, ...

    Tags: Usain Bolt