Bratz The Movie Songs Bratitude

  • Bratz (12/12) Movie CLIP - Bratitude (2007) HD

    Bratz (12/12) Movie CLIP - Bratitude (2007) HD MP3

    Bratz movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: ...

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  • Bratz - Bratitude [full movie version]

    Bratz - Bratitude [full movie version] MP3

    I know, It's old, but I recently watched this movie and I love it so much ;* It is cut form the polish version of Bratz: The movie, so don't worry about polish lecturer.

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  • Bratz - Bratitude (Full Song)

    Bratz - Bratitude (Full Song) MP3

    Our music video for Bratitude from our movie! Enjoyy!

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  • Bratz-bratitude lyrics..

    Bratz-bratitude lyrics.. MP3

    beautyful soonnng.

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  • Bratz-Bratitude full song

    Bratz-Bratitude full song MP3

    Oh yeah, btw you don't have to tell me you don't like the song, I didn't sing it and to be honest with you I don't really like it. This is the full bratitude song Here are ...

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  • It

    It's All About Me (Bratz: The Movie) MP3

    My favorite scene! This number stands out the most compared to the Bratitude. The Bratitude was a feel good song but it wasn't that catchy. As a viewer, I could ...

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  • Me singing Bratitude

    Me singing Bratitude MP3

    I LOVE this song it's in the Bratz movie CHECK IT OUT!

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  • Bratz The Movie - It

    Bratz The Movie - It's All About Me & Bratitude (FULL SONGS) MP3

    I don't own any of this :) And please stop posting comments about the bad quality of the video because they WILL get deleted. Thanks =] xoxo.

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  • Bratz : Bratitude - Musique du film

    Bratz : Bratitude - Musique du film MP3

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  • Bratz The Movie - Brattitude [Movie Clip]

    Bratz The Movie - Brattitude [Movie Clip] MP3

    The song 'Brattitude'. Scene from Bratz The Movie.

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  • Bratitude BRATZ MOVIE

    Bratitude BRATZ MOVIE MP3

    Clip of Bratz performing Bratitiude from Bratz Movie coming out Aug. 3rd.

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  • Bratz - Bratitude [Lyrics]

    Bratz - Bratitude [Lyrics] MP3

    This Video Is SOOOOO LAte, ANd I'm SOOO Sorry! I Just Had Soo Much Homework To DO! I'm Sorry guys! This Lyrics Is For PerfectAngel1996! I'm So Sorry Girl ...

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  • Bratitude by Bratz Bratz The Movie

    Bratitude by Bratz Bratz The Movie MP3

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  • Bratz: The Movie

    Bratz: The Movie MP3

    As long as they can remember, Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha and Jade have been best friends but now as the foursome enter high school their friendships are tested by ...

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  • Bratz-Bratitude

    Bratz-Bratitude MP3

    This is one of the songs bratitude. I don't like this song too much.

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  • Bratz-Brattitude (instrumental)

    Bratz-Brattitude (instrumental) MP3

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