Breezin Cover

  • Lilz Tautinoga- BREEZIN(cover by BROWNSVILLE)

    Lilz Tautinoga- BREEZIN(cover by BROWNSVILLE) MP3 - check out Lilz official fan page. Explaining the stories behind the originals and more... & Feel free to follow ...

    Tags: lilz, tautinoga, breezin, 2008, brownsville

  • Breezin

    Breezin' - George Benson - Instrumental Jazz Guitar MP3

    Gear used: Gibson ES 335, Ableton Live, Redline Reverb, Amplitube 3 (tube compressor, Nikon D5100.

    Tags: fender twin, ableton live, jazz, GIbson, GIbson es335, Breezin, George Benson, gorge benson, Jeremy Power, Jazz Guitar (Musical Instrument), Guitar (Musical Instrument), love

  • Breezin

    Breezin' - George Benson Cover MP3

    Another top notch song performed by Varianz. Check out our facebook band page here at

    Tags: Breezin, Guitar, Cover, George, George Benson, Jazz Guitar, Smooth Jazz, Live, Breezin Live, Funk

  • Breezin

    Breezin' George Benson Guitar Cover MP3

    Cory Broad performing George Benson's Breezin' at Saint Mark's School.

    Tags: george, benson, guitar, breezin, jazz

  • George Benson Breezin

    George Benson Breezin' (intro and theme) MP3

    Title track from George Benson's album Breezin' - song written by Bobby Womack. Using an Epiphone Dot Super Limited Edition (WITH BAD INTONATION) thru ...

    Tags: George, Benson, Epiphone, Dot, Super, Limited, Edition

  • Breezin

    Breezin' - George Benson (Bass Cover) MP3

    This is a bass guitar cover of George Benson's classic song Breezin'. The song was released in 1976 and featured Stanley Banks on bass. This cover is played ...

    Tags: george benson, bass guitar cover, bass, benson, fender jazz bass, lewis treasure, transcription, breezin, stanley banks

  • Breezin

    Breezin' George Benson - Drum Cover MP3

  • George Benson Breezin Bass Cover

    George Benson Breezin Bass Cover MP3

    Download the software: Download all the songs: ...

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  • Breezin

    Breezin' , George Benson, guitar solo cover MP3

    Breezin' George Benson guitar solo cover.

    Tags: Cool Jazz guitar solo cover

  • Breezin

    Breezin' (cover) Banda Bandolin MP3

    Banda Bandolin playing their version of Breezin'. Zach Bandolin - Guitar, Paul Mifsud - Sax, Ken Jones - Piano, Mike Cybulskie - Bass, Peter Appleyard Jr.

    Tags: George Benson, Banda Bandolin, Zach Bandolin, Ken Jones, Paul Mifsud, Mike Cybulskie

  • Breezin

    Breezin' - George Benson (With Tab) - Watch and Learn Guitar Performance/Lesson - Camilo James MP3

    A few years ago I found a great guitar lesson for George Benson's Breezin' on Youtube, the only problem was that the video was in Thai! Needless to say I ...

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  • George Benson -  breezin

    George Benson - breezin' (cover) MP3

    Nikos Diftis - Guitar Christos Panagis - Drums Vasilis Karadatkos - Bass.

    Tags: George Benson (Musical Artist)

  • Breezin (George Benson cover/jam)

    Breezin (George Benson cover/jam) MP3

    I've never really learnt this song, but it's always been fun to noodle around on - so here's some chromatic-y semi-jazzy noodling around ;-) I used my As ...

    Tags: guitar, solo, jam, george, Benson, Breezin, smooth, jazz

  • Scenic ukulele Breezin

    Scenic ukulele Breezin' Cover by Ryan Abellera and Roi Datuin MP3

    Ryan Abellera and Roi Datuin duet cover #Breezin' #carscenic.

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  • Breezin cover by Tinashe Tevin Magaiza

    Breezin cover by Tinashe Tevin Magaiza MP3

    just my first time playing jazz hope you enjoy this freestyle. The original song is by George Benson and it is his, not mine. Find me on facebook if you'd like to talk ...
  • Drum cover - Breezin

    Drum cover - Breezin' (George Benson) MP3

    Always loved this tune so when I got this great backing track from, I just had to play along to it! Get your 70's groove on..!

    Tags: George Benson (Musical Artist), drum cover, drums, Drums (Musical Instrument), Drumming, Drummer

  • Breezin

    Breezin' - (Cover) MP3

    Breezin' - George Benson (Cover) Backing Track :,_george/breezin.htm.

    Tags: George Benson, Cover

  • Iwa K - Breezin

    Iwa K - Breezin' George Benson Cover - Music Everywhere NETMEDIATAMA MP3

    Reality-Music, yang tidak saja menampilkan performa sang musisi tapi juga dapat mengenal sosoknya lebih dekat. Sang musisi akan ditampilkan dengan ...

    Tags: Iwa K, music everywhere, net, net media, netmedia, netmediatama, music, musik, rapper, Bebas

  • George Benson Breezin Drum Cover

    George Benson Breezin Drum Cover MP3

    This is my version of Benson's Breezin. This is a one taker and I really overplayed it but had alot of fun doing it. The song is such a delight to fill, you just cant get ...

    Tags: dw, drums, drum, solo, zildjian, george, benson, cover

  • Ben Miller - Breezin

    Ben Miller - Breezin' (George Benson Cover) Knaggs Guitars MP3

    Ok, so this is the beginning of the 3rd set on a good Saturday night in Nashville, TN. I wanted to make sure to get some footage really displaying how smooth and ...

    Tags: knaggs, guitar, keya, ben, miller, nashville, tn, cover, george, benson, breezin, breezing, guitars, awesome, picking, jazz, bass, player, is, cool, and, joe, lesson, cover song, red, music