Bullseye Theme Tune

  • Bullseye (UK) Theme Tune (80

    Bullseye (UK) Theme Tune (80's) MP3

    Bullseye Theme Tune.

    Tags: 1980s (Event), bullseye theme tune, uk, jimmy bowen, bullseye, theme, tyune, oliver eaton theme tunes

  • Bullseye - Main Theme

    Bullseye - Main Theme MP3

    The Main Theme from Bullseye. Available from the Silva Screen Records release, 100 Greatest TV Themes Volume 3. www.silvascreen.com.

    Tags: John Patrick, Bullseye, TV, Show, Main, Theme, Music, Song, Theme Song, Theme Music (Musical Genre), Opening, Title, Tune, Television Program (Award Discipline)

  • Bullseye Theme

    Bullseye Theme MP3

    Theme music For Bullseye uk gameshow By Jim Bowen.

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  • Bullseye closing theme music

    Bullseye closing theme music MP3

    This is the closing theme to the 1980-1982 syndicated Barry-Enright game show "Bullseye" hosted by Jim Lange. This music was composed by Hal Hidey.

    Tags: bullseye, barry, enright, game, show, jim, lange, tv, theme, hal, hidey

  • Bullseye Theme Tune on Guitar

    Bullseye Theme Tune on Guitar MP3

    Tags: Guitar (Musical Instrument), Music (TV Genre), Fender Stratocaster (Guitar), Bullseye (Fictional Character), Bullseye (TV Program), Theme Music (Musical Genre), Jim Bowen (TV Personality)

  • Bullseye | 1993 Opening Titles

    Bullseye | 1993 Opening Titles MP3

    The very last series of Bullseye with Jim Bowen saw the programme move from it's traditional Sunday slot to a graveyard Saturday afternoon slot (and people ...

    Tags: Bullseye, Jim, Bowen, Tony, Green, Bully, Speedboat, Darts

  • Bullseye Remix (Drum and Bass Rinseout) - By Simbient

    Bullseye Remix (Drum and Bass Rinseout) - By Simbient MP3

    A bootleg tune which I have made, of the theme music from the classic 1980s game show Bullseye. Big up to the bad boy 'MC Jim Bowen'.

    Tags: Bullseye, Jim Bowen, Drum and Bass, Darts

  • Bullseye Theme Tune - John Patrick-  Cover Version

    Bullseye Theme Tune - John Patrick- Cover Version MP3

    This is my attempt to work out the theme to a 1980's British darts quiz show called 'Bullseye'. The theme was composed by John Patrick. You can't beat a bit of ...

    Tags: jim bowen, john patrick, Game Show (TV Genre), Theme, Bullseye (TV Program), Theme Music (Musical Genre), Theme Song, Opening, Ragtime (Musical Genre), piano cover

  • Bullseye 1984 - Part 1/2

    Bullseye 1984 - Part 1/2 MP3

    Heres an episode from 1984. enjoy. Copyright ITV, Central.

    Tags: Bullseye, 1984, ITV, Central, Jim, Bowen, Tony, Green

  • Bullseye theme - sung by me!

    Bullseye theme - sung by me! MP3

    Here's me singing the theme tune of Bullseye, requested by Steve. New video EVERY DAY, FOREVER. Keep those requests coming :)

    Tags: Bullseye, Jim Bowen, Tony Green, Game Show, Tv Theme, Theme Tune, Singing

  • Bullseye | 2006 Opening Titles

    Bullseye | 2006 Opening Titles MP3

    Challenge TV's Bullseye opening, with Dave Spikey - look close enough and you will see ME beside the BULLSEYE sign as the camera pans across! lol.

    Tags: Bullseye, Jim, Bowen, Shaun, Whitehouse, Tony, Green, Bully

  • Bull

    Bull's Eye / nano MP3

    Finally! The music video for popular artist nano's new song “Bull's Eye” was released today. The song will be the used as the opening theme for the TV anime ...

    Tags: nano, Flying dog, Aria the Scarlet Ammo, Music Video (TV Genre), Tokyo Otaku Mode

  • Bullseye Intro

    Bullseye Intro MP3

    A intro to one of my favourite shows: Bullseye.

    Tags: Bullseye, iTV, STV, Jim, Bowen, Tony, Green, Central, Darts

  • Bullseye at bar! (Scene from "Daredevil") FullHD 1080p

    Bullseye at bar! (Scene from "Daredevil") FullHD 1080p MP3

    Tags: 1080p, Daredevil (Marvel Comics), Bullseye, Bar, Full, HD, Quality

  • Grotbags throws darts for charity on Bullseye (from 1984)

    Grotbags throws darts for charity on Bullseye (from 1984) MP3

    But how will she do? (C) Carlton TV 1984, Challenge TV 2012.

    Tags: bullseye, jim, bowen, tony, green, beat, bit, of, bully

  • Daredevil Fan-Edit: Bullseye

    Daredevil Fan-Edit: Bullseye's Dart Scene MP3

    This is a quick little re-edit of the Darts Scene from the movie "Daredevil"- starring Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, and Jennifer Garner.

    Tags: Dare, Devil, Daredevil, Daredevil (Marvel Comics), Darts, Spiderman, Challenge, Scene, ben, affleck, house, of, pain, reedit, re, edit, fan, cut, hero, jennifer, garner, colin, farrell

  • KDrew - Circles (Original Mix)

    KDrew - Circles (Original Mix) MP3

    KDrew - Circles (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD: https://www.hive.co/l/9hi Buy on iTunes: http://bit.ly/1l9BQxY Listen on Spotify: http://bit.ly/1Jt5Pvf KDrew ...

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  • Neil Cowley (Trio) plays

    Neil Cowley (Trio) plays 'Bullseye' MP3

    Neil Cowley plays the theme tune to Bullseye at the hugely luxurious Real World Studios.

    Tags: Neil, Cowley, Trio, Bullseye

  • Dart Vader from Star Wars plays

    Dart Vader from Star Wars plays 'The Bullseye Theme' MP3

    I was a KILLER darter at the Moss Eisley cellar bar. They used to give me 51 for a bull out of respect, so 171 became known as the 'Vader finish'. Jim Bowen and ...

    Tags: darts

  • Channel outro theme | Kdrew | Bullseye

    Channel outro theme | Kdrew | Bullseye MP3

    I don't own this song nor to I take credit for anything of the music heard in this video. Link to original | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e22wjV8HT_I This is the ...

    Tags: Dubstep, Music