Camila Basshunter

  • Basshunter - Camilla (HQ)

    Basshunter - Camilla (HQ) MP3

    "Camilla" is track #8 from the Basshunter album "Now You're Gone" - out now on Ultra Records - For more songs like "Camilla", follow our ...

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  • Basshunter - Camilla

    Basshunter - Camilla MP3

    Basshunter - Camilla.

    Tags: electronic, techno, Camilla, Belle, music, basshunter, slide, show

  • Basshunter - Camilla SWEDISH FULL VERSION! :O

    Basshunter - Camilla SWEDISH FULL VERSION! :O MP3

    This is the FULL SONG of Basshunter's Camilla in Swedish, it's not some crappy live recording or the chorus on repeat. Enjoy.

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  • Camilla - Basshunter Lyrics

    Camilla - Basshunter Lyrics MP3

    Camilla - Basshunter.

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  • Basshunter - Camilla (Subtitulada al Español)

    Basshunter - Camilla (Subtitulada al Español) MP3

    Windows Movie Live Maker! :) Gracias por verlo! ^^

    Tags: basshunter, camilla, subtitulado, english

  • "basshunter-camila"

    "basshunter-camila" MP3


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  • Nightcore - Camilla (Basshunter)

    Nightcore - Camilla (Basshunter) MP3

    Nightcore + Basshunter = Awesomeness Enjoy.

    Tags: camilla, nightcore, basshunter

  • Basshunter - Camilla (+ Full Lyrics Original Swedish Version)

    Basshunter - Camilla (+ Full Lyrics Original Swedish Version) MP3

    BUY BASS GENERATION HERE: If there are any issues with this song, PLEASE message me first! For exclusive ...

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  • Basshunter - Camilla (Lyrics)

    Basshunter - Camilla (Lyrics) MP3

    lyrics to camilla.

    Tags: camilla, basshunter, lyrics

  • Basshunter - Camilla (Swedish) (Live)

    Basshunter - Camilla (Swedish) (Live) MP3


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  • Basshunter - Camilla Remix by DJ Crysis

    Basshunter - Camilla Remix by DJ Crysis MP3

    Another remix in FL Studio 8 XXL. Please Rate, Comment and Subscribe!! :D Enjoy!! :)

    Tags: dj, djcrisis111, djcrisis, camilla, basshunter, fl, flstudio8xxl, Crysis

  • BassHunter - Camilla (Swedish Version DJ Display Remix)

    BassHunter - Camilla (Swedish Version DJ Display Remix) MP3 --- Cool remix by DJ Display of BassHunter's "Camilla" in the original Swedish version.

    Tags: basshunter, camilla, alltid, mina, tankar, Livets, every, morning, bass, generation, when, you, leave, walk, on, water, al, final, angel, in, the, night, all, ever, wanted, now, gone, melo, trance, try, to, stop, us, we, will, not, be, afraid, october, 2009, album, Ni, det, som, finns, swedish, version, new, sandra, wana, alone, life, should, easy, ellinor, never, dancing, dream, girl, her, eyes, love, more, basshunteryt, mack3012, worldwidemusicians, hard2beat

  • Basshunter - Camilla [Sabife remix V2]

    Basshunter - Camilla [Sabife remix V2] MP3

    New remix of Camilla, or maybe more like a remake of the original with my own little touch :) Anyway, hope you like it! =) Download: ...

    Tags: techno, trance, electronica, eurodance, eurotrance, sabife, remix, basshunter, v2, camilla, dj, samuel, feragen, 2009, fl, studio, xxl, bass, generation, swedish, norge, sverige, acapella, vocals

  • Classic Nightcore - Camilla (Swedish)

    Classic Nightcore - Camilla (Swedish) MP3

    Basshunter - Camilla (Swedish) Nightcored by me :3 Copyright infringement not intended. The original song belongs to its owners. This is for the listeners ...

    Tags: Nightcore, Camilla, Swedish

  • Basshunter camila-remix

    Basshunter camila-remix MP3

    Tags: basshuner, house techno

  • Basshunter - Camilla [Dj Zoro Remix]

    Basshunter - Camilla [Dj Zoro Remix] MP3

    Okey my Camilla Remix is done, Enjoy! DOWNLOAD -

    Tags: Basshunter, Camilla, Zoro, fl, studio, fruity, loops, now, your, gone

  • Basshunter - Camila (Swedish)

    Basshunter - Camila (Swedish) MP3

    Track: Basshunter - Camila (Swedisch). ~ Album: L.O.L ~ Genre: Eurodance/Dance. ~ Pleas Subscribe For More Basshunter! COPYRIGHT NOTICE: If you are ...
  • Camilla

    Camilla's Interview With Basshunter (FULL VERSION) MP3

    Here we have Camilla Zamlek, meeting basshunter for the first time. This is where the song "Camilla" Originally came from, the song is actually about a Swedish ...

    Tags: Basshunter, Camilla, Full, Swedish, version, zamlek, Interview, English, Translate, old, Rare, Video

  • Basshunter - Camilla Swedish lyrics with English Translation

    Basshunter - Camilla Swedish lyrics with English Translation MP3

    now since i dont know swedish i dont know if the translation is 100% accurate. i just hope google was right XD.

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  • camila basshunter

    camila basshunter MP3

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