Catwoman Theme Song

  • Halle Berry/Catwoman montage (Who

    Halle Berry/Catwoman montage (Who's in control) MP3

    This is an montage from the movie Catwoman, Halle Barry/Catwoman is the main focus in this montage. Music in the montage is played in the movie as well and ...

    Tags: Music, Montage (Musical Album), Catwoman Film, Catwoman (Fictional Character), Natasha Schneider, Natsha Scheider, Halle Berry, Halle Berry Actor, Halle Berry (TV Producer), Montage (Film Genre)

  • Hans Zimmer - Selina Kyle

    Hans Zimmer - Selina Kyle 's Theme (Full Catwoman Theme) MP3

    Fan Videoclip Composer: Hans Zimmer Screenshots: Movie The Dark Knight Rises Director : Christopher Nolan Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. 2012.

    Tags: Catwoman, Selina Kyle, Anne Hathaway, The Dark Knight rises, Hans Zimmer, Jack

  • Catwoman: Catwoman Theme From Batman Returns FINISHED

    Catwoman: Catwoman Theme From Batman Returns FINISHED MP3

    Since You people Like This Song So Much And I Was Sooooo Bored Last Night I Thought I Would Finish This. Sorry I Couldn't Be Bothered Grabbing Batman ...

    Tags: Catwoman

  • Batman: Arkham City - Catwoman Trailer Theme

    Batman: Arkham City - Catwoman Trailer Theme MP3

    Tags: batman, arkham, city

  • Catwoman Soundtrack - End Credits

    Catwoman Soundtrack - End Credits MP3

    1st Track: "Who's In Control" 2nd Track: "Egyptian Theme" 3rd Track: "Breath of Life" 4th Track: "Dating Emergency"

    Tags: catwoman, movie, soundtrack, score, ost



    CATWOMAN SOUNDTRACK EGYPTIAN THEME. She dies and reborn. She becames CATWOMAN.


  • Catwoman soundtrack - Like Cat ( HQ Song )

    Catwoman soundtrack - Like Cat ( HQ Song ) MP3


    Tags: Catwoman, soundtrack, Like, Cat, HQ, klaus, Badelt

  • "Catwoman"-- Opening Titles

    "Catwoman"-- Opening Titles MP3

    I always loved the music in the beginning of this movie, so I decided to upload it for others to hear, too. I do not own, or claim to own, anything used in this project.

    Tags: Halle, Berry, Catwoman, music

  • Catwoman - Anastasia Midnight (Lyrics)

    Catwoman - Anastasia Midnight (Lyrics) MP3

    All rights reserved to Anastasia Midnight. I don't own song. I only made lyric video. xP Her channel is Anamidnight, subscribe to her and watch her awesome ...

    Tags: Anastasia, Midnight, Catwoman, Lyrics

  • Batman: Arkham City (OST) - Kitten with a Whip (Catwoman Theme)

    Batman: Arkham City (OST) - Kitten with a Whip (Catwoman Theme) MP3

    "Sounds like the detective will be busy with the Joker for a while. Good - gives this kitten some time to play...."

    Tags: batman, arkham, city, ost, bgm, original, score, soundtrack, music, theme, banda, de, sonido, nick, arundel, ron, fish, rocksteady, selina, kyle, catwoman, episodes, mission

  • Batman Returns Catwoman: Catwoman Theme

    Batman Returns Catwoman: Catwoman Theme MP3

    This Is My Batman Returns Catwoman Video. Sorry It's Unfinished But The Reson Is Because There Is Not Many Pics Of Her That Are Not Rude Or The Same.

    Tags: catwoman, OneTrueMedia

  • Batman: Arkham Knight (Unreleased Music) - Catwoman/Riddler

    Batman: Arkham Knight (Unreleased Music) - Catwoman/Riddler's Revenge Epilogue Cutscene MP3

    This is the music that plays at the conclusion of the Riddler's Revenge set of missions in Batman: Arkham Knight. The first part of this song is actually the ...

    Tags: Batman (Comic Book Character), Riddler (Comic Book Character), The Dark Knight (Award-Winning Work), Catwoman (Comic Book Character)

  • Catwoman Soundtrack - Felineious Assult 2 ( HQ Song )

    Catwoman Soundtrack - Felineious Assult 2 ( HQ Song ) MP3

    Catwoman Song HQ.

    Tags: Catwoman, Felineious, Assult, Klaus, badelt, Soundtrack

  • Batman Returns OST Selina Transforms (Part 2)

    Batman Returns OST Selina Transforms (Part 2) MP3

    6th track of Danny Elfman's Batman Returns Soundtrack. Enjoy!

    Tags: Batman, Returns, 1992, Danny, Elman, Score

  • Catwoman Theme (from Batman Returns)

    Catwoman Theme (from Batman Returns) MP3

    Here is a little compilation of tracks of beautiful Danny Elfman's score for Tim Burton's film "Batman Returns". And just try to don't starring at Penguin, ok?

    Tags: catwoman, danny, elfman, batman, returns, tim, burton, gotham, the, dark, knight

  • Catwoman OST- Transformations

    Catwoman OST- Transformations MP3

    Composer: Klaus Badelt Note:- I'm not the creator of this Music , All rights belongs to respective owners. This video is done for entertainment purposes only.

    Tags: Soundtrack, Catwoman, Batman, music, Track, classical music, Theme, Original, Dark, video game, Score, soundtrack, klaus, badelt, instrumental

  • Catwoman (2004): Catwoman

    Catwoman (2004): Catwoman's Entrance MP3

    My favorite scene of the movie. Catwoman (Halle Berry) appears for the first time on the roof with the awesome theme tune by Natasha Shneider. Enjoy!

    Tags: Catwoman, Halle, Berry

  • Catwoman - 40 - Like Cat

    Catwoman - 40 - Like Cat MP3

    40. Like Cat By Klaus Badelt.

    Tags: Catwoman Soundtrack, Klaus, Badelt, Klaus Badelt, Catwoman, Soundtrack, Entire Soundtrack, Whole Soundtrack, Music

  • Natasha Schneider  - Who

    Natasha Schneider - Who's In Control MP3

    Natasha Schneider - Who's In Control theme song from the movie CATWOMAN (would just like to add to make clear i do not own any rights to the song etc.)

    Tags: catwoman