Chet Atkins Mp3

  • Chet Atkins "Wabash Cannonball"

    Chet Atkins "Wabash Cannonball" MP3

    Chet was so good with that guitar, that he could almost paint a picture with those strings. Just listen to this cut of Wabash Cannonball, and close your eyes. you ...

    Tags: chet, atkins, wabash, cannonball, trains, guitar, roy, acuff, virtuoso, finger, pickin, banjo, bluegrass, classic, cou

  • Chet Atkins - Alone

    Chet Atkins - Alone MP3

    Chet Atkins Alone, Recorded 1973, Label RCA   – APL 1-0159. Recorded in RCA's "Nashville Studio" Studios, Nashville, Tennessee Track Listing: 1) Hawaiian ...

    Tags: Chet Atkins (Musical Artist), Jerry Reed (Musical Artist), finger picking, finger style, Nashville, Tennessee, Guitar, Alone, Country (Musical Genre)

  • Tommy Emmanuel Chet Atkins Medley

    Tommy Emmanuel Chet Atkins Medley MP3

    Tags: Tommy Emmanuel (Musical Artist), Chet Atkins (Musical Artist), Guitar (Musical Instrument), Instrumental (Musical Genre), Fingerstyle Guitar (Musical Genre), Country (Musical Genre), Winter Walking, Jerry Reed, Cannonball Rag, Merle Tr, Chaplin in New Shoes, Windy and Warm, Wheels, Swedish Rhapsody, Bye Bye Blackbird (Composition), Lover Come Back, Superlick, Avalon, Les Paul (Musical Artist), Chester and Lester

  • Chet Atkins - "Cannonball Rag"

    Chet Atkins - "Cannonball Rag" MP3

    Chet w/ Glen,Pig,Charlie,Buddy,Johhny.

    Tags: Chet, Atkins

  • Chet Atkins "Swedish Rhapsody"

    Chet Atkins "Swedish Rhapsody" MP3

    One of my all time favorite Chet numbers!

    Tags: swedish, rhapsody, chet, atkins, guitar, mr, finger, pickin

  • Neil Diamond & Chet Atkins

    Neil Diamond & Chet Atkins MP3

    Neil Diamond And Chet Atkins. Blue Highway.

    Tags: Neil, Diamond, Blue, Highway

  • Chet Atkins "Maleguena"

    Chet Atkins "Maleguena" MP3

    chet atkins, mr guitar, maleguena, guitar virtuoso,

    Tags: chets, maleguena

  • Chet Atkins "Autumn Leaves"

    Chet Atkins "Autumn Leaves" MP3

    From the Solo flights album..listen to all the variations Chet manages to squeeze out of this beloved old classic.

    Tags: utumn, leaves, chet, atkins, guitar, virtuoso, finger, pickin, mr, hero

  • Chet Atkins "City Of New Orleans"

    Chet Atkins "City Of New Orleans" MP3

    From the "Superpickers" album. Chet was in top form with this..great licks including at least one superlick!

    Tags: city, of, new, orleans, arlo, guthrie, chet, atkins, guitar, mr, finger, pickin

  • Chet Atkins - Sails

    Chet Atkins - Sails MP3

    Tags: chet atkins, sails, chet, guitar, water, summer, beach, surf, ocean, waves, sun, sailing, atkins, relaxing, music, Finger picking, Relaxing music

  • Chet Atkins - Black Mountain Rag

    Chet Atkins - Black Mountain Rag MP3

    Vintage Chet, need I say more !

    Tags: chet, atkins, fingerstyle, guitar, black, mountain, rag, country

  • Chet Atkins "Classical Gas"

    Chet Atkins "Classical Gas" MP3

    Chet always makes it better than the original.

    Tags: chet, atkins, mason, williams, classical, gas, guitar, oldies, virtuoso

  • Chet Atkins - "Exodus"

    Chet Atkins - "Exodus" MP3

    from the album "Travelin'"

    Tags: chet, atkins, exodus

  • Chet Atkins "Ochi Chornya" (Dark Eyes)

    Chet Atkins "Ochi Chornya" (Dark Eyes) MP3

    What can I say? One listen to this and we KNOW why he was called Mr guitar!

    Tags: chet, atkins, ochi, chornya, dark, eyes, guitar, mr, russian, music

  • Jerry Reed & Chet Atkins - "Summertime" (Live)

    Jerry Reed & Chet Atkins - "Summertime" (Live) MP3

    Two TRUE Masters. RIP Jerry and Chet!

    Tags: jerry reed, chet atkins, summertime, summer time, country

  • Chet Atkins - Engine Engine No 9

    Chet Atkins - Engine Engine No 9 MP3

    Chet playing his own arrangement of a Roger Miller classic.

    Tags: Chet, Atkins, Engine, No

  • Chet Atkins & Marty Robbins - "Tiger Rag"

    Chet Atkins & Marty Robbins - "Tiger Rag" MP3

    Chet on Marty Robbins Spotlight.

    Tags: Chet, Atkins, Marty, Robbins

  • Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed "Cannonball Rag"

    Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed "Cannonball Rag" MP3

    Chet and Jerry together here, can't be beat!

    Tags: chet, atkins, jerry, reed, cannonball, rag, guitar, fingerstyle

  • Chet Atkins "Zorba The Greek"

    Chet Atkins "Zorba The Greek" MP3

    "Mister Guitar" w/Boston Pops 1972.

    Tags: chet, atkins, boston, pops, arthur, fiedler, tommy, emmanuel, fingerstyle, guitar

  • Chet atkins "Sugar Bush"

    Chet atkins "Sugar Bush" MP3

    I'm back with more Chet tunes after a looooong hiatus!

    Tags: chet atkins, sugar bush, mr guitar, finger picking, guitar, guitar virtuoso