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  • ► Wicked Game ~♫~ Chris Isaak (With Lyrics)

    ► Wicked Game ~♫~ Chris Isaak (With Lyrics) MP3

    "Wicked Game" The world was on fire and no one could save me but you. It's strange what desire will make foolish people do. I never dreamed that I'd meet ...

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  • Lydia Loveless - Chris Isaak

    Lydia Loveless - Chris Isaak MP3

    Lydia Loveless performs Chris Isaak live on Sound Opinions.

    Tags: Lydia Loveless, Chris Isaak, Live Music, Chris Isaak (Musician), Music, Public Radio, Live Performance, Sound Opinions

  • Chris Isaak - Voodoo

    Chris Isaak - Voodoo MP3

    From the album Silvertone (1985) Video taken from the movie Venus in Furs (1969) ...

    Tags: Chris Isaak (Musical Artist), voodoo, Venus In Furs (Film), Silvertone (Musical Album)

  • Chris Isaak - Voodoo

    Chris Isaak - Voodoo MP3

    Chris Isaak - Voodoo Lyrics & Music - Christopher Joseph Isaak I know what to do when your sad and lonely, I know what to do when you love her only. I know ...

    Tags: Chris Isaak (Musical Artist), Voodoo, Music (TV Genre), Poo Music (Musical Genre), Pics, Slideshow, Montage

  • Chris Isaak - Fade Away

    Chris Isaak - Fade Away MP3

    1987, Warner Bros. Records.
  • Chris Isaak - Courthouse

    Chris Isaak - Courthouse MP3

    You see his gentle smiling face Then you go, oh And all the good and bad you've done He will know, he will know People take their places, down at the ...

    Tags: Chris Isaak - Courthouse

  • Chris Isaak - 5-15

    Chris Isaak - 5-15 MP3

    Tags: Chris Isaak, 5-15, Rockabilly, Nick Drag, Nikola Dragovic, Belgrade, Prvi glas, Serbia, Beograd, Srbija, Honky tonk

  • Only the Lonely - Chris Isaak

    Only the Lonely - Chris Isaak MP3


    Tags: Only, the, Lonely

  • Chris Isaak - Dancin

    Chris Isaak - Dancin MP3

    Lyrics: I keep on dancin', dancin'. Nothing left to say, nothing left to do. I find myself alone, I'm thinking just of you. You got me dancin', dancin'. Why don't you ...

    Tags: chris, isaak, dancin

  • Chris Isaak-Forever Blue

    Chris Isaak-Forever Blue MP3

    All these are bought by me, non of them are illegaly downloaded. All credits go to Chris Isaak and Reprise Records FB: ...

    Tags: Chris, IsaakForever, Blue

  • Chris Isaak - Tears

    Chris Isaak - Tears MP3

    Tags: Chris Isaak, Tears, nick drag, rockabilly

  • Chris Isaak - Sombody

    Chris Isaak - Sombody's Crying (Lyrics) MP3

    "Somebody's Crying" by Chris Isaak was the first single released from his album Forever Blue (1995) and was a Top 5 hit in Australia and a Top 30 hit in New ...

    Tags: Chris Isaak, Lyrics

  • Chris Isaak ~ Beautiful Homes

    Chris Isaak ~ Beautiful Homes MP3

    Chris Isaak ~ Beautiful Homes.

    Tags: Chris Isaak (Musical Artist), Beautiful Homes

  • Chris Isaak Interview Loose Women 2012

    Chris Isaak Interview Loose Women 2012 MP3

    Chris Isaak chats to the Loose Women March 2012.

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  • Chris Isaak - Wanderin

    Chris Isaak - Wanderin' MP3

    Musica 8° do Álbum "Speak Of The Devil" Big clouds pick on the little ones. Evenin shade drives out the sun. Sorry for the stuff I've done. To me you're still the ...

    Tags: Chris Isaak, Speak Of The Devil

  • Graduation Day- Chris Isaak

    Graduation Day- Chris Isaak MP3

    Another Great Chris Isaak Video (1995)

    Tags: Chris, Isaak, Graduation, handsome, music, video

  • Chris Isaak - Unhappiness

    Chris Isaak - Unhappiness MP3

    Tags: Chris Isaak, Unhappiness, 1985, Silvertone

  • Chris Isaak / Nothing

    Chris Isaak / Nothing's Changed MP3

    From Heart Shaped World (1989)

    Tags: Chris, Isaak, Changed, Heart, Shaped, World, 1989

  • CHRIS ISAAK 5;15

    CHRIS ISAAK 5;15 MP3

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  • Chris Isaak - Blue Hotel [HQ-FLAC]

    Chris Isaak - Blue Hotel [HQ-FLAC] MP3

    Chris Isaak - Blue Hotel High quality [HQ-FLAC]

    Tags: Chris Isaak (Musical Artist), Blue Hotel (Musical Recording), Pop Music (Musical Genre), Music (TV Genre)