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  • Contemporary online class

    Contemporary online class MP3

    KBM Talent online Contemporary class with Kelley Guise how to Warm up and Contemporary Choreography TAKE CLASS with AUTUMN MILLER Book your ...

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  • Rule The World - Walk off the Earth (Contemporary Dance)

    Rule The World - Walk off the Earth (Contemporary Dance) MP3

    Download Rule The World Now: Download the new album, Sing It All Away, at iTunes: Click ...

    Tags: Walk Off The Earth (Musical Group), Rule The World (Composition), Blake McGrath (Musical Artist), myles erlick, Contemporary Dance (Field Of Study), Dancing

  • James Bay - Let It Go - Dance | A Breakup Story #DanceOnJamesBay

    James Bay - Let It Go - Dance | A Breakup Story #DanceOnJamesBay MP3

    Directed & Edited by Tim Milgram: Subscribe to DanceOn!▻▻ Download James Bay's 'Let It Go': ...

    Tags: James Bay, Let It Go, Dance (Interest), Choreography (Profession), So You Think You Can Dance (TV Program), sytycd, Music Video (TV Genre), dance video, Talia Favia, Chaz Buzan, Courtney Schwartz, TMilly, DanceOn, Contemporary, tim milgram, breakup story, breakup story dance, let it go dance, james bay let it go, james bay dance, a breakup story, danceon james bay, james bay let it go music video, james bay dance video

  • Contemporary Dance

    Contemporary Dance MP3

    Class given by Yeri Anarika.

    Tags: 720p

  • Justin Bieber - Life Is Worth Living (PURPOSE : The Movement)

    Justin Bieber - Life Is Worth Living (PURPOSE : The Movement) MP3

    'Purpose' Available Everywhere Now! iTunes: Stream & Add To Your Spotify Playlist:

    Tags: Justin, Bieber, Life, Is, Worth, Living, (PURPOSE, The, Movement), Def, Jam, Pop


    Life Is Worth Living

    Justin Bieber

    Ended up on a crossroad Try to figure out which way to go It's like you're stuck on a treadmill Running in the same place You got your hazard lights on now Hoping that somebody would slow down Praying for a miracle Who'll show you grace? Had a couple [...]
  • Awari Ek Villian (Contemporary Dance) Devesh Mirchandani

    Awari Ek Villian (Contemporary Dance) Devesh Mirchandani MP3

    Here is our video on the most requested song Awari Danced by Devesh and Team... To join the batches: Email id: [email protected], contact nos: ...

    Tags: Devesh Mirchandani, Aawari Ek Villian, Awari ek villian, Contemporary, Contemporary dance, Dance class, Bollywood contemporary

  • "Say Something"- Contemporary Dance

    "Say Something"- Contemporary Dance MP3

    Dancers: Caitlin Barfield, Matt Sagisi Choreography: Auti Kamal Music: Say Something, A Great Big World Follow: @_autik.

    Tags: Dance, Dancing, Dancers, Say Something, A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera, Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Black and White, Drama, Dramatic, Beautiful, Pretty, Boy, Girl, Boy and Girl, Duet, Pas De Deux, Auti Kamal, Auti Kamal Choreography, Extensions, Turns, Leaps, Lifts, Love, Breakup

  • SLIP | @PhillipChbeeb & Renee Kester | @ElliotMossMusic

    SLIP | @PhillipChbeeb & Renee Kester | @ElliotMossMusic MP3

    Everyone will tell you it is hard to let go of pain... and it is. Since we are children we have been told to embrace the best of our experiences & disregard the worst.

    Tags: slip, elliot moss, movement, design, pacman, phillip chbeeb, renee kester, axyzm, sytycd, iamme, hiphop, ballet, subway, memories, popping, dance, duet, beautiful, emotional, sad, choreography, metro

  • Ballet and Contemporary Dance Performances from TenduTV

    Ballet and Contemporary Dance Performances from TenduTV MP3

    Subscribe to our channel: TenduTV is your source for the best ballet, contemporary dance and performing arts on demand. We bring you ...

    Tags: dance, ballet, arts, theater, opera, performance, ballet variation, Contemporary Ballet, Contemporary Dance (Field Of Study), Dancing, Choreography, Swan Lake (Composition), Youth America Grand Prix (Nonprofit Organization), Maria Kochetkova, Sylvie Guillem (Award Winner), Nederlands Dans Theater (Award Winner), Wendy Whelan, Tiler Peck, Matthew Rushing, Marquese Scott (Person)

  • What is Contemporary Dance? The Next Step Dance Moves

    What is Contemporary Dance? The Next Step Dance Moves MP3

    Find out all about contemporary! Subscribe to The Next Step Want to dance with the cast of The Next Step? DOWNLOAD THE NEXT STEP ...

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  • Sergei Polunin, "Take Me to Church" by Hozier, Directed by David LaChapelle

    Sergei Polunin, "Take Me to Church" by Hozier, Directed by David LaChapelle MP3

    Sergei Polunin "Take me to Church" by Hozier Directed by David LaChapelle Choreography by Jade Hale-Christofi.

    Tags: Sergei Polunin (Film Actor), Hozier, David LaChapelle (Visual Artist), Take Me to Church, Ballet Master (Profession)



    For more on upcoming films: The first in a trilogy (check out the sequel, "Brief Candle", ...

    Tags: decay, abandoned, crow, dance, urbex, choreogrpahy, screendance, duncan mcdowall, dorotea saykaly, dance camera west, cinedans, dance camera festival, bravofact

  • Contemporary Dance Solo

    Contemporary Dance Solo MP3

    READ ME!!!! questions may be addressed below! contemporary solo performed at the Odyssey dance show in Saint John, NB. Don't mind the skip in the middle ...

    Tags: The, Story, Lyrical, Contemporary, Dance, Top, Jessica

  • Give me love (contemporary dance)

    Give me love (contemporary dance) MP3

    I'm dedicating this dance to my lovely best friends in California cuz they were dying for me to make up a dance to this song!! haha so here it is♥ -Please go ...

    Tags: Give, me, love

  • Olga Kuraeva [improvisation] [contemporary ballet]

    Olga Kuraeva [improvisation] [contemporary ballet] MP3

    edit and dop Vanya Volkov ballerina Olga Kuraeva, interview music Heinali - Sway, Sway ...

    Tags: vanya volkov, olga kuraeva, msf group, msf, improvisation, modern ballet, Contemporary, Ballet, Choreography, Piano, Dance, Heinali, Sway, Dancing, Modern, Contemporary (magazine), Moscow, Russia, Girl, baletti, balet, Ballett, baletas, balets, talarium, balletto, improvizasiya

  • Online Dance Class - Beginner Contemporary - "Skinny Love"

    Online Dance Class - Beginner Contemporary - "Skinny Love" MP3

    EVERYONE! PLEASE, PLEASE READ THIS! DO you have a song or dance request? I'm going to start doing classes again! Let me know in the comments below ...

    Tags: online, dance, class, Skinny Love, birdy, contemporary, dancing, anit, frosh, videos

  • Contemporary Dancing for Beginners

    Contemporary Dancing for Beginners MP3

    To view the next video in this series click: This video series will show how to do contemporary dancing. In this video ...

    Tags: Feet, Body, modern, dance, contemporary, hands, stretch, music, spirals, circular, dancing

  • Chloe Lukasiak | "Almost Lover" by Jasmine Thompson

    Chloe Lukasiak | "Almost Lover" by Jasmine Thompson MP3

    Hey guys! Here is my new video "Almost Lover" Choreographed by @BrittPent and Directed by @brazilinspires enjoy!!! XO, Chloe Follow me on Twitter: ...

    Tags: chloe lukasiak, dance moms, dance, choreography, choreo, directorbrazil, director brazil, Reality Television (TV Genre), team chloe, Almost Lover (Musical Recording), Dancing, Cover

  • Fix-you contemporary dance

    Fix-you contemporary dance MP3

    A beautiful and touching contemporary dance "Fix you", choreographed by Travis Wall and performed by Robert and all-star Allison. *** This clip is the property ...

    Tags: sytycd, travis wall, robert, allison, contemporary, dance, surgery

  • Mohima: Indian Contemporary Dance on Marjawaan

    Mohima: Indian Contemporary Dance on Marjawaan MP3

    Mohima's Indian Contemporary Dance on the bollywood song Marjawan from the movie Fashion at Diwali 2012, Yokohama, Japan! Marjawaan dance ...

    Tags: bollywood, indian contemporary dance, fashion, marjawaan, mohima, japan, contemporary, priyanka chopra, diwali, salim merchant, india, Dance, Khan, Class, Dancing, Tap, Choreography, Modern, Jazz, Recital, Rehearsal, Company, Performance, Routine, Dancers, Dance Class, Dance Recital, Dance Company, Modern Dance, Intermediate, Contemporary Dance, Tokyo, Tap Dancing, Dress Rehearsal, Advanced, Beginner, Fusion, Dance Rehearsal, Steps, marjawaan dance performances