Coraline Exploration

  • Exploration- Coraline Soundtrack

    Exploration- Coraline Soundtrack MP3

    Coraline Soundtrack Disclaimer: I don't own Coraline or any of the music. The rights belong to Focus Features, LAIKA, and Bruno Coulais, respectively.

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  • Coraline  Soundtrack Song: Exploration

    Coraline Soundtrack Song: Exploration MP3

    Bruno Coulais song exploration. Here are the lyrics apparently if anyone has different lyrics post them, and i will add here. Thanks. silly elen legi lefa ni len getly ...

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  • Exploration-Coraline with lyrics

    Exploration-Coraline with lyrics MP3

    Just a lyric video I made Once again I don't own the song or the pics Please rate, comment and subscribe!!!! Please and thank you.

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  • Coraline - Exploration Piano

    Coraline - Exploration Piano MP3

  • Coraline (2009) Exploring

    Coraline (2009) Exploring MP3

  • Coraline-Exploration (PIANO COVER)

    Coraline-Exploration (PIANO COVER) MP3

    Cover del tema "Exploration" de Bruno Coulais. Película: Coraline (dirigida por Henry Selick). Cover of "Exploration" by Bruno Coulais. Movie: "Coraline" by ...

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  • Coraline-Explortion (with ENGLISH Lyrics)

    Coraline-Explortion (with ENGLISH Lyrics) MP3

    PLEASE COMENT AND RATE!!!!!!) OMG i was SOOOO HAPPY WHEN I FOUND THESE!!!!!! they sound right for the part but i'm not 100% positive about these ...

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  • Exploration (Coraline) - Piano Cover

    Exploration (Coraline) - Piano Cover MP3

    This is a piano cover of the song Exploration, from the Coraline soundtrack. I didn't use sheet music, I got it all by ear. Hope you like it! IMPORTANT: I DO NOT ...

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  • Coraline - Exploration Cover

    Coraline - Exploration Cover MP3

    In honor of Coraline's 6th anniversary, I covered the song "Exploration," from the soundtrack! :D Enjoy! Download (Bandcamp): ...

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  • Coraline

    Coraline's Exploration Theme played on Alto Flute MP3

    I finally finished figuring out what the guitar part was! I also played it on alto flute to make it sound a little bit more mature and open. Composed by Bruno Coulais ...

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  • Coraline OST - Exploration

    Coraline OST - Exploration MP3

    pls rate and comment(:

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  • Coraline Soundtrack : Exploration with Coraline.

    Coraline Soundtrack : Exploration with Coraline. MP3

    By Bruno Coulais. I do not own any sounds. This is aimed at my little sister Yasmine, who likes this movie a lot. Love you. PLAYLIST : 1.

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  • Coraline Musica Exploration

    Coraline Musica Exploration MP3

    Esta É A Musica Do Filme Coraline Espero Que Vocês Tenham Gostado Clique Em Gostei Inscreva-se No Meu Canal.

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  • Coraline

    Coraline's Exploration MP3

    I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. Originally, I thought the lyrics were in French, but I've been hearing that there is no determined language, just a ...

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  • "Exploration" Lyrics Layout |Coraline|

    "Exploration" Lyrics Layout |Coraline| MP3

    Because the singers are French, the accents are hard to understand so eere are the lyrics !! - ~ - stay sweet.
  • Exploration - Coraline 『Cover』

    Exploration - Coraline 『Cover』 MP3

    『A LIRE』 ○ YOOOO ♥ Whaaaaa ça fait combien de temps que j'ai pas posté un cover en solo ? JUIN ! OUAIS DEPUIS JUIN ! Et il s'en ai passé des choses ...

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  • Dreaming Coraline en español-Adri TAM.wmv

    Dreaming Coraline en español-Adri TAM.wmv MP3

    Vídeo de la pelicula Coraline. La cancion se llama Dreaming el autor es Bruno Coulais, la traduccion la hice basandome en varios traductores de Internet y ...

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  • 5. Exploration - Coraline Soundtrack

    5. Exploration - Coraline Soundtrack MP3

    Composed by Bruno Coulais.

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  • Coraline Soundtrack - Mechanical Lullaby (Dreaming)

    Coraline Soundtrack - Mechanical Lullaby (Dreaming) MP3

  • Coraline - Exploration Piano Cover

    Coraline - Exploration Piano Cover MP3

    A really cute piece :) Sorry about the sound quality. Thanks for watching, a like, a comment or subscribing would really help, thanks :)