Creepypasta Sally

  • Sally Williams Creepy Pasta Voice

    Sally Williams Creepy Pasta Voice MP3

    A major thank you to Kelsey Brown for providing the voice of Sally! Check her out here! ...

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  • Cweepypasta - Play With Sally!

    Cweepypasta - Play With Sally! MP3

    Little Sally is always full of energy and ready to play. Today she's inviting everybody to her tea party, but seems like everyone is busy. Sally can't help but feeling ...

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  • SALLY (origin)- creepypasta

    SALLY (origin)- creepypasta MP3

    here is sally's story i hope you all enjoy ~*~*~*~*~*

    Tags: creepypasta

  • Sally - Secret (The Pierces)

    Sally - Secret (The Pierces) MP3

    Once again, this is a request for a friend. :) No problem with taking requests guys. I'm glad I got around to making Sally's tribute. Here you are PATSY BRYAN.

    Tags: Sally, Tribute, Secret, The Pierces (Musical Group), Creepypasta, xXTicciScarecrowXx

  • Sally Williams (Creepypasta Original Voice)

    Sally Williams (Creepypasta Original Voice) MP3

    I tried my best to do a creepy little girl voice just to fit the character, Sally. I hope you guys like it. Like, Fav, subscribe, and comment. I just want to know if I should ...

    Tags: Audition (Film Subject), Sally creepypasta, Creepypasta, Sally, Voice acting, Voice, Audition, Voice audition, Series, Creepy

  • Speedpaint- Sally  (Creepypasta)

    Speedpaint- Sally (Creepypasta) MP3

    Fertiges Bild: Echtzeit: 6 Stunden Musik: -【Lizz】Hide and Seek - 숨바꼭질【ENGLISH】 - Girls - This Is Halloween [Female Cover] ...

    Tags: Creepypasta

  • Terror Psicológico: SALLY (Play With Me)

    Terror Psicológico: SALLY (Play With Me) MP3

    Voz de Sally / Madre: Voz del tío Johnny: ¡Camisetas oficiales ya ...

    Tags: play with me, psychological horror, sally, game, itowngameplay terror, gaming, video game, computer game, horror, scary, trailer

  • Creepypasta Comic Dub , Jeff The Killer and Sally : Candle Cove

    Creepypasta Comic Dub , Jeff The Killer and Sally : Candle Cove MP3

    So I thought to do a fandub of this comic, because I LOVE IIIT lmao anyways I can't do male voices because duh I'm a gurl and ye so I just had to edit my voice ...

    Tags: Creepypasta, cp, jeff the killer, sally, williams, sally williams, jeffie, Comics (Comic Book Genre), Audition, Voice, fandub, finnish, accent, finland, europe, america, lol, funny, candle cove, creepy, scary, weird, pasta, anime, manga, tetomokun, jasmin, audacity, kawaii, cute, fangirl, Scared, Dubbing (Film Job), United States Of America (Country)

  • TOP 10 CURIOSIDADES DE SALLY | "Mundo Creepypasta"

    TOP 10 CURIOSIDADES DE SALLY | "Mundo Creepypasta" MP3

    Juegos muy baratos ^^: Uno de los personajes más famosos en el mundo de los creepypastas sin duda es Sally, espero que os ...

    Tags: towngameplay, itowngameplay, town, itown, terror, miedo, gritos, sustos, entretenimiento

  • Creepypasta - #21 Sally "Play with me" | (Sally "Juega conmigo")

    Creepypasta - #21 Sally "Play with me" | (Sally "Juega conmigo") MP3

    Que tal a todos, chicas y chicos, espero que este episodio de "Creepypasta" sea de su agrado; Y ya saben que con su "Me gusta" ayudan a saber si de verdad ...

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  • Sally (creepypasta) Tribute

    Sally (creepypasta) Tribute MP3

    Created using All pics belong to their owners not me I don't own the song.

    Tags: stupeflix

  • Sally is Drunk & Slender Man is a Failure  - The Sims 4: Creepypasta Theme - Ep. 12

    Sally is Drunk & Slender Man is a Failure - The Sims 4: Creepypasta Theme - Ep. 12 MP3

    In this episode of The Sims 4: Creepypasta theme, Eyeless Jack becomes a Doctor, Pinkamena & Toy Chica get married, Sally drinks too much at her Birthday ...

    Tags: laurenzside, Laurenzside of Gaming, funny girl gamer, funny PC Gamer, The Sims 4 Creepypasta, The Sims Creepypasta, The Sims Slender Man, funny Sims 4 series, Creepypasta fan fiction, Sally Creepypasta, Slender Man and Sally, funny Creepypasta

  • Creepypasta Especial : Sally a Suja

    Creepypasta Especial : Sally a Suja MP3

    Galera Ajudem a Fortalecer o Vídeo Com Seu LIKE+FAVORITO e Ajude Na Divulgação COMPARTILHANDO Com Seus Amigos Do FaceBook/Twitter Obrigado ...



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  • Speedpaint- Creepypasta- Sleep nice (Sally)

    Speedpaint- Creepypasta- Sleep nice (Sally) MP3

    Here are Sally and Sam! sorry for the music :/ more picture: music/songs: Darkness and Magic - Trance Me - Plumb.

    Tags: Speedpaint, Creepypasta, cp, sally, sam, sally x sam, gender bent, speedpaint, deviantart

  • Sally ( Creepypasta )

    Sally ( Creepypasta ) MP3



    Aujourd'hui, une creepypasta qui prend place dans une maison le soir de Noel !! Donc parlons d'un ours et d'une gamine !!! C'est l'histoire de SALLY PLAY ...

    Tags: Creepypasta, Best of, Sally, Play With me

  • Como Invocar a Sally (Creepypasta)

    Como Invocar a Sally (Creepypasta) MP3

    Yo hago esto porque me dio mucha lastima por lo que paso a la pobre niña, no como un juego.Es un creepypasta basado en una niña de ocho años, a pesar ...

    Tags: Creepypasta, como invocar a sally

  • MSP Sally Creepypasta Trailer!

    MSP Sally Creepypasta Trailer! MP3

    Took ages to make! :D Hope you like it xD.

    Tags: Team Rebels Msp Hacker Hunters

  • jeff y sally

    jeff y sally MP3

    cuanto se molestan parecen hasta hermanos.