Dastam Begir Abdul Baha Mp3

  • Dastam Begir

    Dastam Begir 'Abdu'l-Bahá - www.BahaiGlory.com MP3

    Visit: http://www.BahaiGlory.com For More Bahai Video and Songs.

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  • Dastam Begir, (Hold My Hand) Abdu

    Dastam Begir, (Hold My Hand) Abdu'l-Bahá MP3

    This presentation combines the beautiful vocals of Narges and the Voices of Baha Choir with photos of Abdu'l-Bahá, in the Holy Land and in his travels.

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  • Faramarz aslani,  Dastam Begir

    Faramarz aslani, Dastam Begir MP3

    Dastam Begir, Faramarz aslani (cover) فرامرز اصلانی دستم بگیر Bijan Mortazavi Black Cats Bobby Cameron Cartio Darius Danesh Dariush Eghbali tapesh tv ...

    Tags: Faramarz, aslani, Ahooie, iran, tehran, farsi, persian, ghadim, faramarz, music, iranian, voa, age, ye, rooz, guitar, pop

  • R. Badiyi performs Poem by

    R. Badiyi performs Poem by 'Abdu'l-Bahá [Masnavi 1988] MP3

    Vocals & Violin: Rahmatollah Badiyi With special thanks to Mr Paul Houshang Jahanpour با سپاس فراوان از هوشنگ جهانپور.

    Tags: Rahmatollah, Badiyi, Poem, Masnavi, Abdulbaha, Performance, Violin, Singing, Voice, Iran, Persian, Music, Badiee, Badiei

  • The Photograph - Abdu

    The Photograph - Abdu'l-Baha MP3

    Dedicated to the centenary of Abdu'l-Baha's travels to the West. Composed by Alan McKay - Sonbol Taefi Arranged by Stephen Small Voices: Grant Hindin ...

    Tags: Grant Hindin Miller, Sonbol Taefi, Luke Slott, Elika Mahony, inspirational

  • ☀ Echos Of Love  ღೋ happy Nowruz  ℒℴνℯ ☀ Baha

    ☀ Echos Of Love ღೋ happy Nowruz ℒℴνℯ ☀ Baha'i writings ღೋ MP3

    http://www.bahai.org/ ♪*•.¸¸ღ http://info.bahai.org/ ♪*•.¸¸ღ "Now is the time to cheer and refresh the down-cast through the invigorating breeze of love and ...

    Tags: Nowruz Iran Meutation Piano, Relax, Flowers, Happy, Garden, omar akram

  • Baha

    Baha'i Prayer - Prayer of Abdu'l Baha - Persian (Farsi) MP3

    Baha'i Prayer - Prayer of Abdu'l Baha - Persian (Farsi) - YouTube Baha'i prayer by Abdu'l Bahȃ Voice of Shokouh Rezaie.

    Tags: Prayer, Shokouh Rezaie, Spirits, YouTube, Farsi, Persian

  • Baha

    Baha'i Faith Baha'u'llah, The Glory of God. MP3

    I made this slideshow to honour the Birth of Baha'u'llah which is on the 12th November. The music is an Oratio to Baha'u'llah written by Tom Price and ...

    Tags: Birth, Holy Day, Tom Price (Composer), Voices of Baha, The Glory of God, Emily Price, Slovak Radio Orchestra

  • Baha

    Baha'i Prayer - Prayer of Abdu'l Baha - Persian (Farsi) MP3

    Baha'i Prayer Prayer of Abdu'l-Baha Chanted by Keyvan Geula in Farsi In honor of 7 Baha'i Leaders on trial in Iran Mrs Fariba Kamalabadi Mr Jamaloddin ...

    Tags: Bahai, prayer, Abdul-Baha, Keyvan, Geula, Persian, Farsi, Leaders, trial, iran, Monajat

  • Baha

    Baha'i Prayer for Marriage MP3

    Cover for Shadi Toloui-Wallace's arrangement of this prayer. Hers is absolutely beautiful so go buy her CD! O my Lord, O my Lord! These two bright orbs are ...

    Tags: Music, Maggie, Hakala, Lord, Orbs, Love, Marriage, Prayer, Bright Orbs, Shadi Toloui, Shadi Wallace, Baha, Wedding, Peace, Religion (Literary Genre), God, Singing, Texas

  • Immortality Day 1 - Hooper Dunbar

    Immortality Day 1 - Hooper Dunbar MP3

    Day 1 of a 3 part series of talks on Immortality at Bosch Baha'i School - May 2013.

    Tags: Immortality, Hooper Dunbar, Bosch, Bahai

  • We Are One

    We Are One MP3

    "The gift of God to this enlightened age is the knowledge of the oneness of mankind and of the fundamental oneness of religion". Abdu'l-Baha.

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  • Baha

    Baha'i Prayer for Detachment | Bahareh Khademi MP3

    Words from The Baha'i Faith: http://reference.bahai.org/en/ Music Composed by Bahareh Khademi: http://www.baharehkhademi.com/ Prayer: "O Lord! Unto Thee ...

    Tags: Prayer, Detachment, Bab, Bahareh, Khademi, Bahareh Khademi, Singer, Song, Music, Sydney, Australia, Bahai, Devotional, Devotions, Praise, acoustic, Hillsong, Lord, Jesus, Christ, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, World, Hillsong Church (Building), Praise (Composition), Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), Hillsong United (Musical Group)

  • Selection of the Baha

    Selection of the Baha'i writhings on Spiritual growth. MP3

    Therefore, in this world he [man] must prepare himself for the life beyond. That which he needs in the world of the Kingdom must be obtained here. Just as he ...

    Tags: writhing, Spiritual, growth, Shoghi, Effendi, Bahai, faith

  • Look at me

    Look at me MP3

    Music from the second Baha'i World Congress.

    Tags: Look, at, me

  • ♥  The Hidden  Words of ♡Bahá

    ♥ The Hidden Words of ♡Bahá'u'lláh ♡ Nr 2 Flute Terry Oldfield ♪ بهائی ♪ MP3

    http://bahaivideo.com/ Bahá'u'lláh - Messenger of God كلمات مكنونه »Es rühme sich nicht, wer sein Vaterland liebt, sondern wer die ganze Welt liebt. Die Erde ist ...

    Tags: Ney, Meditation, Nature, Waterfal, Sensuality, Rela, Creation, Butterfly, Relax, New, Flowers, Sun, Sunset, Gol

  • Dizzy Gillespie interview about Bahá´í

    Dizzy Gillespie interview about Bahá´í MP3

    Dizzy tells about his religion, Bahá´í.

    Tags: jazz

  • The Photograph

    The Photograph MP3

    A song dedicated to the centenary of the Beloved Master's travels to the West Music and words: Alan McKay/Sonbol Taefi Arrangements: Stephen Small Voices: ...

    Tags: Bahai songs, Grant Hindin Miller, Sonbol Taefi, Elika Mahony, Luke Slott

  • Baha

    Baha'i Prayer "Glory Be Unto Thee" - By Nabil M. MP3

    "I am aware, O Lord, that my trespasses have covered my face with shame in Thy presence, and have burdened my back before Thee, have intervened between ...

    Tags: Prayer, Nabilinho, Nabil, and, Karim, Bahai, The, Bab, song, Moghaddam, Faith, Abdulbaha, Devotional, Chant, Forgiveness, Repent, Sin, Christian, Muslim, Praise, Glorify, Worship Music, Christianity (Religion), Meditation

  • STRIVE- Baha

    STRIVE- Baha'i Music Video MP3

    "Strive that your action day by day may be beautiful prayers." Song based on `Abdu'l-Bahá's talk given in 1911. Music by Joe Crone ...

    Tags: teaching, education, strive, abdulbaha, prayer, service, music, faith, action