Datun Julud Sape

  • Jerry Kamit - Datun Julud Sape (audio only)

    Jerry Kamit - Datun Julud Sape (audio only) MP3

    One of the best Sape player in Borneo. Jerry Kamit Datun Julud version, so here it is.............! Enjoyyy....!!!!

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  • Sape "Datun Julud" by Samuel Jeruel

    Sape "Datun Julud" by Samuel Jeruel MP3

    We'd like to introduce The Sape, a traditional lute of Ulu people from Kalimantan/Borneo, Indonesia. Sapes are usually carved from a tree trunk and played in a ...

    Tags: sape, instruments, traditional, traditional Indonesian, Indonesian, Borneo, Kalimantan, creative, ICCA, Indonesian Creative Community of Australia, music, traditional music, traditional instruments, lute, Indonesia, datun julud, folk music

  • Sape Dayak : Jerry Kamit - Datun Julud Sape

    Sape Dayak : Jerry Kamit - Datun Julud Sape MP3

    Music : Jerry Kamit - Datun Julud Sape Video : Sanggau - Sintang - Bukit Kelam - Kalimantan Barat.

    Tags: Dayak People (Ethnicity), Folk Music (Musical Genre), West Kalimantan (Indonesian Province), Sintang, Bukit Kelam, Kalimantan Barat, Bidayuh (Ethnicity), Indonesia (Country), Borneo (Geographical Feature), Nature (Journal)

  • Kayan Sape - Datun Julud

    Kayan Sape - Datun Julud MP3

    Traditional dance from Orang Ulu (Kayan)
  • Sape

    Sape' Datun Julut Lutang MP3

  • Datun Julud Sape

    Datun Julud Sape' - Tuyang Tan Ngan MP3

    Music by Tuyang Tangan.
  • Sape

    Sape' Datun Julud MP3

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  • Alfonsus Ide Krisma - Datun Julud (Contemporary Sape

    Alfonsus Ide Krisma - Datun Julud (Contemporary Sape') MP3

    Dalam video ini saya mempersembahkan sebuah lagu yang terinspirasi dari sebuah lagu Sape' tradisional dan lagu tersebut berjudul "Datun Julud".

    Tags: sape, sampek, sampeq, sapeq, sapek, alfonsus, ide, krisma, datun, julud, music, musik, dayak, borneo, lute, gitar, kalimantan, kontemporer, live, contemporary, native, musical, instrument, ketapang, barat, master, of, solo, hutan, kota, folk, song, tribal, Classical, Malaysia, indonesia, indonesian, samper, sampet, guitar, Musik (song), Solo (music), iid, greenwood, maker

  • Sape Datun Julud Original

    Sape Datun Julud Original MP3

    Sape Datun Julud Original Version~*** Datun Julud single lid, the only original sape datun julud a.k.a sape lutang performed by me Danny N.C +headphone for ...

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  • Hezekiah Asim - Datun Julud

    Hezekiah Asim - Datun Julud MP3

    Hezekiah Asim on the Sape' again, performing the tune for "Datun Julud" (Long Dance). Word derived from the Kenyah language (one of the Orang Ulu tribe of ...

    Tags: Hezekiah Asim, Anderson Kalang, Datun Julud, Kelabit, Kenyah, Orang Ulu, Sarawak, Sape, Ethnic, Rainforest, Music, Malaysia, Acoustic, Highland, Borneo, Sound, Unplugged, Traditional, Culture, Kanid, Cousin, Family, Instrumental



    Instrumen Berjudul Datun Julud , Dayak kenyah By : Thambunesia www.instagram.com/thambunesia https://www.facebook.com/thambunesia ...

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  • Sape

    Sape' Datun Julud Jerry Kamit RWMF MP3

    juz giving it a go,here's Jerry Kamit Datun Julud..hope u guys & girls give a comment..thank you.

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  • Jerry Kamit  - Datun Julud Sape

    Jerry Kamit - Datun Julud Sape MP3

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  • Jerry Kamit   Datun Julud Sape audio

    Jerry Kamit Datun Julud Sape audio MP3

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  • Datun Julud Sape 婆罗洲民族舞曲

    Datun Julud Sape 婆罗洲民族舞曲 MP3

    Orang Ulu Dance.

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  • Alfonsus Ide Krisma - Sape

    Alfonsus Ide Krisma - Sape' Lan E dan Datun Julud Mix (Jerry Kamit Song) MP3

    I tried to play the Sape Musical Instrument that I made ​​it myself ... please enjoy ... if you are interested with this musical instrument and would like to have it, ...

    Tags: Lan E Datun Julud sape Sapek, Sapeh, borneo, kalimantan, music, dayak, Indonesia, world, etnik, daerah, gitar, Mix, Cover Song, Classical Music, New, iid, greenwood, Live Music, Guitar, sampek, sampeq, Performance, live, dalong, ketapang, west, master

  • Datun Julud by Jerry Kamit (Cover by Brandon Daby) Club Disco Version

    Datun Julud by Jerry Kamit (Cover by Brandon Daby) Club Disco Version MP3

    Datun Julud is a Long Dance for Orang Ulu community at Sarawak. This dance is accompany by Sape music. The sound of Sape is very beautiful dan peaceful.

    Tags: Brandon Daby, Brandon, Daby, Cover Version (Literature Subject), Jerry, Jerry Kamit, Kamit, Sape, Sape Sarawak, Datun Julud, Orang Ulu, Ulu, Orang, Sarawak, Malaysia Brandon, Borneo, Cover Sape Brandon Daby, Cover, Datun, Julud, Acoustic, Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), Mix, Guitar, Dance, Remix, Guitar Cover

  • Datun Julud Dance and Sape

    Datun Julud Dance and Sape' Music MP3

    Dance performed by Korean Students (Outbound program University of Malaya)
  • Datun Julud+Sape Lasan (Sape by Anderson Kalang & Rosemary Colony Joel)

    Datun Julud+Sape Lasan (Sape by Anderson Kalang & Rosemary Colony Joel) MP3

    Held at Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Rose & I had the privilege of performing the Sape' as guests artist for the 4th Festival Bayu Kenyalang. Credit Photo : Mr ...

    Tags: Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Festival, Bayu, Kenyalang, Festival Bayu Kenyalang, Sape, Ethnic, Orang Ulu, Lute, Traditional Instrument, Borneo, Highlands, Kelabit, Iban, Kenyah, Kayan, Miri, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia, Sape Malaysia, Datun Julud, Sape Lasan

  • 'Datun Julud' by Kumpulan Kesenian JKKN Ibu Pejabat MP3

    Datun Julud or Hornbill Dance is a traditional dance from Sarawak. The dance is from the Kenyah tribe from Kabupaten, Balungan, Kutai Berau and Pasir.

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