Desperado Ukulele

  • Desperado - Eagles Cover (Ukulele)

    Desperado - Eagles Cover (Ukulele) MP3

    One of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands! I think this song sounds better/more emotional with piano, but I wanted to try it with ukulele.

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  • Desperado (Eagles) Ukulele Cover Lesson with Chords/Lyrics

    Desperado (Eagles) Ukulele Cover Lesson with Chords/Lyrics MP3

    Cover Lesson with chords and lyrics ;) ...Please LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE if this was a help to you! Woohootiehoo and Best of luck! JAMTRACKS ...

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  • Canción Del Mariachi - Los Lobos - Ukulele Latin Music Song Tutorial - Desperado OST

    Canción Del Mariachi - Los Lobos - Ukulele Latin Music Song Tutorial - Desperado OST MP3

    Chords 1:26 Intro Riff 2:07 Phrase 1 2:27 Phrase 2 5:04 Verse 8:07 Chorus 12:09 Play-a-long 13:58 Check out all the previous lessons at ...

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  • Desperado on Ukulele

    Desperado on Ukulele MP3

    An ukulele cover of the Eagles' hit 'Desperado', based on the tab found on Dominator's tab page. ( Thanks to Dominator for the ...

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  • Desperado - Eagles (Ukulele cover)

    Desperado - Eagles (Ukulele cover) MP3

    Desperado by Eagles. In the arrangement by Dominator. The TAB ist taken from here Thanks Jontom for the ...

    Tags: Eagles (band), Desperado (song), Ukulele (Musical Instrument), Cover (topology), Aquila strings, Mahimahi 7G, Mahi mahi, 7G, Jontom, Dominator, Ukulele tabs, Guitar

  • Desperado/Solo Ukulele /鈴木智貴(Tomoki Suzuki)

    Desperado/Solo Ukulele /鈴木智貴(Tomoki Suzuki) MP3

    Eagles(イーグルス)さんのDesperado(デスペラード)をソロウクレレでカバーしました。(名渡山遼さん:arr 参考) 邦題では『ならず者』という名前がつい...

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  • [Ukulele] Desperado

    [Ukulele] Desperado MP3

    Eagles cover in crappy quality!

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  • Desperado - Ukulele Cover

    Desperado - Ukulele Cover MP3

    My tabbing partner Jon Prown put a tab together for this great Eagles tune a few years back and I never really did spend much time on learning to play it myself.

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  • Desperado : Ukulele Cover BY Sydney

    Desperado : Ukulele Cover BY Sydney MP3

    Desperado : Ukulele Cover By Sydney Aloha. My name is Sydney from Thailand. I became the FIRST KoAloha's supported artist in Thailand when I was 10 ...
  • Desperado soundtrack ukulele

    Desperado soundtrack ukulele MP3

    Tags: ukulele, Desperado soundtrack ukulele

  • Desperado (Ukulele cover).

    Desperado (Ukulele cover). MP3

    First fire of the season -enjoy!

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  • Desperado on Ukulele

    Desperado on Ukulele MP3

    Just got the concert uke this week. My apartment has a lot of background noise so none of my instruments resonate properly in here. Also, please don't be too ...

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  • Desperado-Ukulele Cover

    Desperado-Ukulele Cover MP3

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  • Desperado Ukulele

    Desperado Ukulele MP3

    Another multitrack... Hope you enjoy. Greetz from Holland. Sinus Menses.

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  • Desperado Ukulele Instrumental Cover

    Desperado Ukulele Instrumental Cover MP3

    Desperado Instrumental By The Eagles On Ashbury Au-80 Tenor Ukulele.

    Tags: ukuleles, Desperado (song), ashbury, Au, 80, instrumental, cover, Ukulele (Musical Instrument), Cover (topology)

  • The Eagles〈Desperado〉(亡命之徒)~Ukulele Solo~雞湯的烏克麗麗鍋~

    The Eagles〈Desperado〉(亡命之徒)~Ukulele Solo~雞湯的烏克麗麗鍋~ MP3

    今天分享的彈奏曲子是Eagles的經典作品之一:〈Desperado〉中譯〈亡命之徒〉。 Desperado, why don't you come to your senses? 這樣一句開唱,往往能讓人跟著哼...

    Tags: Eagles (Musical Group), Desperado (Musical Album), Ukulele (Musical Instrument)

  • Johnny Cash Desperado (Ukulele Cover)

    Johnny Cash Desperado (Ukulele Cover) MP3

    This is my niece's new Makala Dolphin Ukulele that I'm setting up for her. New strings are still stretching, so it loses tune pretty quickly.

    Tags: Ukulele (Musical Instrument), Desperado (Composition), Johnny Cash (Author), Cover, Singing, Acoustic

  • Desperado - Ukulele

    Desperado - Ukulele MP3

    กลับจากคอนเสิร์ท the Eagles ก็มาลองเล่นเพลงนี้เลย ในเวอร์ชั่น ukulele. Back from the Eagles...

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  • Here

    Here's my ukulele arrangement of an Eagles song called Desperado. MP3

    This is my arrangement of a song by the Eagles called Desperado. Played on my ukulele.

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  • Desperado - the Eagles ukulele Cover

    Desperado - the Eagles ukulele Cover MP3

    Just jamming out of fourth of July :D.

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