Dial Up Mp3

  • The Dial-up Internet Sound (With MP3!)

    The Dial-up Internet Sound (With MP3!) MP3

    Don't you ever wish you could return to dial up? NOO! Miss the nostalgic unforgettable sound you herd every day "back in the day?" DUH! YEH! Feel free to ...

    Tags: old, internet, 56k, thephoneupdate, powerpctricks, nostalgia, mac, windows, classic, AOL, compuserve, you, know, like

  • childish gambino - dial up

    childish gambino - dial up MP3

    because the internet.

    Tags: childish gambino, dial up, because the internet

  • Chrispy - Dial Up

    Chrispy - Dial Up MP3

    Chrispy - Dial Up.

    Tags: Chrispy, Dial, Up, Dubstep

  • Feed Me - Dialup Days (Official Audio)

    Feed Me - Dialup Days (Official Audio) MP3

    The official audio for Feed Me's "Dialup Days". Subscribe to Feed Me's videos http://smarturl.it/FeedMeYouTube Stay up to date with Feed Me Like ...

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  • Marco P - Dial up (Pig&Dan Remix)

    Marco P - Dial up (Pig&Dan Remix) MP3

    Decide Music Concept presents: DCD012 / Marco P - Dial up (Pig&Dan Remix) https://www.facebook.com/DecideMusic http://decidemusic.com.

    Tags: DECIDE Music concept, Marco P, Techno

  • Dial-Up Song

    Dial-Up Song MP3

    A tune made entirely from the noise made by a 56k modem on dial-up. (Imagine this was the actual sound it made.) ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: A few free hours, ...

    Tags: dial, up, dial up, dial-up, noise, noises, song, music, my, own, tune, cool, awesome, windows, xp, error, chocolate, rain, wilford, brimley, chess, fail, failing, these, tags, are, random, lol, oh, and, hello, Dial-up Internet Access, 56k, 56, 56k modem, modem, dubstep, remix, Epic

  • Sound of the dialup modem explained

    Sound of the dialup modem explained MP3

    original image taken from http://windytan.blogspot.fi/2012/11/the-sound-of-dialup-pictured.html.

    Tags: modem dialup sound handshake

  • Dial Up Modem Handshake Sound - Spectrogram

    Dial Up Modem Handshake Sound - Spectrogram MP3

    Want to know what all of the noises are? See this: http://i.imgur.com/5Dq6K2U.png ozone 5 - 8192 FFT size, 93.75% overlap.

    Tags: winamp, 2013, 02, 09, 20, 04, 37, 15, izotope ozone

  • 56K Dial-up modem sound

    56K Dial-up modem sound MP3

    56K Dialup modem sound to musical fountain speakers.

    Tags: 56k, 56K Modem, Modem, Dial Up, Dial-Up, Dialup, Baud, Sound, 56 Modem, 56 K, Analog, Internet, V 90, V90

  • AOL Dial Up Modem Sound

    AOL Dial Up Modem Sound MP3

    This is the sound of a dial up modem. I'm positive this is already on youtube in a hundred places, however I have a sample myself and I figured I'd upload it too.

    Tags: AOL (Business Operation), Sound (Radio Subject), Radio (Software Genre), Business (Literary Genre), view, more views, comment, phone, please, cell, mobile, rate, youtube, subscribers, subscribe, nokia, thanks, Views, Enjoy, Laurie, Software (Industry), Industry (Literature Subject)

  • Dial Up

    Dial Up MP3

    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Dial Up · Chrispy 2MBR ℗ Chrispy Released on: 2010-01-01 Author: Chris Snape Composer: Chris Snape Music ...

    Tags: Chrispy, 2MBR, Dial, Up

  • Barely Alive - Dial Up (Original Mix)(BASS BOOSTED)

    Barely Alive - Dial Up (Original Mix)(BASS BOOSTED) MP3

    Wait for the drop, hope you enjoy! :) Subscribe 4 more: http://bit.ly/UPsfxn • More mixes can be found on my channel: http://www.youtube.com/BassIsAWeapon ...

    Tags: barely alive, barely, alive, dial up, dubstep, drumstep, bass is a weapon

  • internet dialup - monkey dust

    internet dialup - monkey dust MP3

    the truths behind the infamous sounds of dialing up to the net.

    Tags: dialup, internet, funny, monkey, dust, old, people, sounds

  • 56k Dial-Up

    56k Dial-Up MP3

    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS 56k Dial-Up · Stagecoach Say Hi to the Band (Mole Valley Bonus Track Itunes Exclusive Edition) ℗ Alcopop! Released on: ...

    Tags: Stagecoach, Say, Hi, to, the, Band, (Mole, Valley, Bonus, Track, Itunes, Exclusive, Edition), 56k, Dial-Up

  • 56-k Dial Up

    56-k Dial Up MP3

    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS 56-k Dial Up · Stagecoach 56k Dial-Up ℗ Alcopop!, 2012 Released on: 2012-04-23 Composer: Luke Barham Music ...

    Tags: Stagecoach, 56k, Dial-Up, 56-k, Dial, Up

  • The Sound of dial-up Internet

    The Sound of dial-up Internet MP3

    I was bored so I wanted to see if I could get free dial up internet so I found that NetZero still has free service so I put in the number and heard the glorious sound ...

    Tags: Dial, up, retro, internet, www, computers, tech, series, tubes, world, wide, web, phone, 1990, netzero, sound, modem

  • 56k dialup modem sound

    56k dialup modem sound MP3

    Please read before commenting! Behold the awsome sound of the good old 56K6 dial-up modem! Before broadband you had to use one of these to go online.

    Tags: dial up sound, dial up modem, ptsn, dial up, modem, modem sound, 56k, conexant, voice modem, zonnet, matrix, Dial-up Internet Access, hd, sony, pj260, retro, retro pc, vintage, analog, Phone, rs56sp pci, noise, sound, screech, phone line, old internet acces, baud rate, baud

  • Feed Me - Dial Up Days (Extended Version) (HD)

    Feed Me - Dial Up Days (Extended Version) (HD) MP3

    Did another extension to one of 3 tracks that will be on Feed Me's new EP, which I hear will be released in January? Not 100% sure but enjoy this Extended ...

    Tags: Feed Me, Dial Up Days, Extended Version, youfeedme, 2012, death by robot, death by robot ep, EP



    Provided to YouTube by Routenote DIALUP · BUBBLES FOR SALE ℗ Jesse Waugh / Paul Sbrizzi Released on: 2014-04-25 Auto-generated by YouTube.


  • Dialup

    Dialup MP3

    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Dialup · Automatic Tasty Va-Wr037 ℗ 2013 Wil-Ru Records Released on: 2013-04-15 Music Publisher: 2013 ...

    Tags: Automatic, Tasty, Va-Wr037, Dialup