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  • Digication ePortfolio Student Tutortial

    Digication ePortfolio Student Tutortial MP3

    http://my.brainshark.com/Digication-ePortfolio-Student-Tutortial-289730674 - The following training tutorial is intended to train students of Kingsborough ...
  • Professional Portfolio: Self-Introduction

    Professional Portfolio: Self-Introduction MP3

    https://bu.digication.com/wccf/ I'm in the processing of developing a professional portfolio that captures the range of skills and experience I bring to the TESOL ...
  • workout

    workout MP3

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  • English

    English MP3

    Scholarly sources - https://bu.digication.com/gregoryjameswilson/Black_Ideologies_as_seen_in_Invisible_Man The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison Booker T.

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  • Tips for BU’s Newest International Students: Chrissie Chinebuah

    Tips for BU’s Newest International Students: Chrissie Chinebuah MP3

    Some of Boston University's international student upperclassmen offer suggestions for new students arriving from abroad on how best to transition to life at BU.

    Tags: student, college, tips, boston university, intl14, experience, bu today, advice, international, students, accra, ghana

  • ePortfolio Story

    ePortfolio Story MP3

    How ePortfolios are used by students at Boston University.

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  • Sigma Phi Epsilon presents Rhett

    Sigma Phi Epsilon presents Rhett's Challenge MP3

    The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon welcome you to spectate a campus-wide Rhett's Challenge. Two dozen competitors from other student groups will face off in ...
  • Creating an e-portfolio

    Creating an e-portfolio MP3

    Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/FKVh/

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  • Motherboard Component Repair

    Motherboard Component Repair MP3

    I've had it with the stupid comments. If that's your game, just go away. Save me the trouble of deleting your garbage. For those of you want to see an example of ...

    Tags: computer, motherboard, repair, HP, Pavilion, a736n, Asus, K8S-LA, Salmon, board, electronics, soldering

  • Boise Youth Spectacular (BYS) 2016 - MORE BYS!!

    Boise Youth Spectacular (BYS) 2016 - MORE BYS!! MP3

    Boise Youth Spectacular (BYS) is a 3 day youth Conference held at BSU and the Boise LDS Institute for teenagers age 14-17. July 18-20 & 21-23, two sessions ...

    Tags: LDS Mormon, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Boise youth Spectacular, BYS, Insititute of religion, youth conference, young adults, Book of Mormon, LDS Temple, EFY, Especially for Youth

  • Portfolyo Serisi 1: Şakir Gökçebağ Sergisi Teaser

    Portfolyo Serisi 1: Şakir Gökçebağ Sergisi Teaser MP3

    Sanatçı: Şakir Gökçebağ Küratör: Marcus Graf Kamera- Kurgu: Arda Öztürk Açılış: 03.04.2013 Sergi Süresi: 03.04.2013 - 12.05.2013 Her gün 10.00-20.00 arası ...

    Tags: platosanat, plato, sergi, portfolyoserisi1, teaser

  • Submit your ePortfolio

    Submit your ePortfolio MP3

    by sharing it with user “Personnel Portfolios” with permission to copy.

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  • ePortfolio 4 make a copy for your instructor

    ePortfolio 4 make a copy for your instructor MP3

    August 2013. Part of a video series on how to make an ePortfolio using Google Sites made for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Department of Rhetoric ...

    Tags: Electronic Portfolio, Google Sites, UALR, Rhetoric and Writing, Composition, Joshua Johnson, Writing, Digital Portfolio