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  • (@Dondria) Singing "Unfaithful" by Rihanna

    (@Dondria) Singing "Unfaithful" by Rihanna MP3

    Singing "Unfaithful" by Rihanna.

    Tags: Rihanna, Unfaithful, singing, dondria, phatfffat

  • Dondria- You

    Dondria- You're the one lyrics MP3

    Tags: the, one, lyris, Lyrics (Website Category), Music (TV Genre), Dondria (Musical Artist), Dondria (Musical

  • (@Dondria) Singing Promise by Ciara

    (@Dondria) Singing Promise by Ciara MP3

    Singing Promise by Ciara It was a request of one of you guys and i did it for you so enjoy!! ;-)

    Tags: Promise, ciara, request, dondria, phatfffat, jd1472, SOSODEF, singing

  • YOU

    YOU'RE THE ONE FOR ME! @SpokenReasons @Dondria MP3

    Tags: spokenreasons, spoken, reasons, dondria, the, one, for, me, phatfffat, so, def, records, jermaine, dupri|, comedy, worldstarhiphop, poetry, jam, bradenton, fl

  • Keri Hilson & Chris Brown - Superhuman cover by @Dondria & @DatBoyBroadway

    Keri Hilson & Chris Brown - Superhuman cover by @Dondria & @DatBoyBroadway MP3 Giving Fans what they ...

    Tags: phatfffat, hottlikefire03, dondria, broadway, corey, jd1472, soso, def, chris, brown, keri, hilson, superhuman, jermaine, dupri

  • dondria where did we go wrong with lyrics on screen

    dondria where did we go wrong with lyrics on screen MP3

    I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC!!!!! hope you enjoy dondria's song this is my first lyrics video hope it not to bad! comment rate and subsribe!

    Tags: dondria, vs, phatfffat, where, did, we, go, wrong, song, lyrics, music, nyja, nyjaluv09, singing

  • Dondria - "You

    Dondria - "You're the One" Official Music Video MP3

    Dondria's official music video for "You're the One," the lead single from her debut album "Dondria vs. Phatfffat."

    Tags: dondria, Phatfffat, jermaine dupri, jd, rnb, music, so so def, your the one, nicole fields, dondria duets, hd, high, quality, hq, hi, def

  • Dondria "You

    Dondria "You're The One" BEST COVER ON YOUTUBE -Jessica Caldwell MP3


    Tags: Dondria, Your the One, Jessica Caldwell, Broadway, Lil Boone, LaLa Land

  • Jazmine Sullivan Need You Bad Cover By @Dondria

    Jazmine Sullivan Need You Bad Cover By @Dondria MP3

    I think maybe it got flagged or something, so I'm reposting Need YOu Bad for everyone who was missing it :-)

    Tags: bad, dondria, dupri, elliot, jazmine, jermaine, missy, need, nicole, phatfffat, sosodef, sullivan, video, you, youtube

  • @Dondria - You

    @Dondria - You're The One Official Video MP3

    DONDRIA VS PHATFFFAT AUGUST 17TH The official video to my first single "You're The One". Download "You're The One" for 99 cents on ...

    Tags: DONDRIA, PHATFFFAT, SO SO DEF, BRANDON HINES, jd1472, ltl, official, singing, music video, charts, soul, new single, album, exclusive, videoclip, widescreen, brand, quality, definition, brand new, song, 720p, new album, release, england, lyrics, sasha, debut, were, track, full

  • Keri Hilson - Slow Dance Cover by @Dondria

    Keri Hilson - Slow Dance Cover by @Dondria MP3

    Me Singing "Slow Dance" by Keri Hilson.

    Tags: Dondria, Nicole, Phatfffat, jd1472, Jermaine, Dupri, Keri, Hilson, Slow, Dance, In, Perfect, World, Singing, Song

  • Dondria performs

    Dondria performs 'You're the One' on Mo'Nique MP3

    Dondria appeared on Mo'Nique's show to perform her debut single 'You're the One'

    Tags: dondria, the, one, live, music

  • @Dondria & @DatBoyBroadway my love is the shhh duet

    @Dondria & @DatBoyBroadway my love is the shhh duet MP3

    me and my friend corey playin with a song real quick...we tired...his page is go check him out, lol.

    Tags: phatfffat, hottlikefire03, hottlikebroadway, love, duet, girl, guy

  • Phatfffat (@Dondria) singing Listen by Beyonce

    Phatfffat (@Dondria) singing Listen by Beyonce' MP3

    i'm singing listen from dreamgirls!! i don't know why it took me soo long to do but it's here!! It's a little loud cause i didn't change the microphone settings but it still ...

    Tags: phatfffat, singing, listen, beyonce, dreamgirls

  • You

    You're The One Instrumental Karaoke Dondria MP3

    Here it is, the first Dondria You're The one video instrumental with lyrics! Enjoy!! :)

    Tags: the, one, dondria, karaoke

  • (@Dondria) singing good luck charm

    (@Dondria) singing good luck charm MP3

    singing good luck charm by jagged edge!!!!

    Tags: good, luck, charm, jagged, edge, phatfffat, singing, dondria, jd1472

  • Karina Pasian - Slow Motion Cover by @Dondria

    Karina Pasian - Slow Motion Cover by @Dondria MP3

    Singing Slow Motion by Karina Pasian aim:phatfffat facebook: Dondria Fatfat Fields ...

    Tags: dondria, nicole, phatfffat, sosodef, jermaine, dupri, jd1472, youtube, singer, singing, slow, motion, karina, pasian

  • Spoken Reasons Bloopers #3 @Dondria

    Spoken Reasons Bloopers #3 @Dondria MP3

    Blooper #3 with "So So Def" Artist Dondria from the skit: "You're The One For Me" Original Video:

    Tags: spokenreasons, spoken, reasons, dondria, Phattfatt, youre, the, one, for, me, comedy, disrespectful, girlfriend, best, song, ever, spread, those, legs

  • Dondria  - You

    Dondria - You're The One (with lyrics) High Quality! MP3

    Dondria You're The One Thanks for watching... No Copyright Infringment Intended (Verse 1) I don't believe, we were put together, not to be together and I don't ...

    Tags: Dondria, the, one, lyrics, hq, sound, jermaine, dupri, first, single, so, def, you, are, phatfffat