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  • Chills-Fatty Koo

    Chills-Fatty Koo MP3

    so sad they didnt make it :( Still love this song tho. Dre u send me chills :)

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  • Chills by Fatty Koo

    Chills by Fatty Koo MP3

    My music video for the song Chills by Fatty Koo.

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  • Chills (Fatty Koo Acapella Cover) - JC Edwards (James Canty)

    Chills (Fatty Koo Acapella Cover) - JC Edwards (James Canty) MP3

    Me singing Fatty Koo's Chills.......I've always loved this song.......So, I sat down and recorded my own lil's not the full song nor my best work but its still ...

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  • Fatty Koo- Chills

    Fatty Koo- Chills MP3

  • Chills - Fatty Koo

    Chills - Fatty Koo MP3

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    couldn't find this on here so I uploaded. love this song!

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  • Fatty Koo - Bounce

    Fatty Koo - Bounce MP3

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  • Fatty Koo - Juke Joint

    Fatty Koo - Juke Joint MP3

    Fatty Koo - Juke Joint.

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  • Fatty Koo - Juke Joint Lyrics

    Fatty Koo - Juke Joint Lyrics MP3

    Lyrics to Juke Joint by R&B group Fattky Koo! This is such a cute, catchy song. I love it. I hope my translation of the spanish part were right, I'm not a native ...

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  • "Chills" -Fatty Coo by Felicia

    "Chills" -Fatty Coo by Felicia MP3

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