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  • iFani EWE (official music video)

    iFani EWE (official music video) MP3

    'iFani' and 'ewe' trended on Twitter twice in 2 weeks when this video aired on SABC 1 Live. Its uniqueness brought about a breath of fresh air in South African ...

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  • iFani EWE (Live Performance in Soweto)

    iFani EWE (Live Performance in Soweto) MP3

    iFani and his dancers randomly dancing in the streets of Diepkloof, Soweto (Gauteng)... Njeee widit. EWE was selected by SABC 1 Live as one of the best track ...

    Tags: Live, iFani, EWE, disguiz, free, music, south africa, hiphop, rap, freestyle, mzansi, original

  • iFani - Ewe

    iFani - Ewe MP3

    Music video for Ewe(Produced By St Bosseratti) by iFani.

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  • iFani - Ayadelela

    iFani - Ayadelela MP3

    Download iFani's 2nd Quadrant on iTunes -

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  • iFani - Shake (Official Video)

    iFani - Shake (Official Video) MP3

    Video shot in Port Elizabeth. Directed by Jean du Toit on Innerview Productions and shot by Chris Allen of Allen Visuals. Extras were comprised of rappers, ...

    Tags: iFani, Shake

  • iFani Live (Back To The City 2013 Performance)

    iFani Live (Back To The City 2013 Performance) MP3

    iFani performing Ewe, Drumstick and Roger That... *You can download iFani's album, "i believes in me (1st Quadrant)", on iTunes: ...

    Tags: hip hop, back to the city, South Africa (Country), live performance, iFani, Freedom Day, Rap, Music

  • iFani - iingoma Ezimnandi (Official Music Video)

    iFani - iingoma Ezimnandi (Official Music Video) MP3

    iFani's 6th single off his debut album "i believes in me [1st Quadrant]" - available on iTunes & all music stores in SA. Dedicated to #Mamthembu and ALL mothers ...

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  • iFani - Ibhadi

    iFani - Ibhadi MP3

    [Intro] Disguiz Ndicela ifire extinguisher Ndifuna uku extinguisha ezi flames Hayimani Ingcosi yam encinci ayisahluphi Kwacheri endiba nayo akayifuni Andifun' ...
  • Milli - iFani

    Milli - iFani MP3

    Click here to buy Milli: To Book iFani, email [email protected] or visit ...

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  • iFani See Live (Official Music Video)

    iFani See Live (Official Music Video) MP3

    Here's one for ALL hiphop heads and lovers of art. Beat was produced by California's own, THX. The song was inspired by the first man to ever play my music on ...

    Tags: music, iFani, see live, C-live, DJ, South Africa, Hiphop, Rap

  • Shizniz - iFani interview

    Shizniz - iFani interview MP3

    We chat to the legendary iFani in studio!

    Tags: ifani, shizniz, hip hop, interview, craze, etv

  • iFani on that AKA feud

    iFani on that AKA feud MP3

    iFani opens up to The Juice about that AKA feud.

    Tags: iFani, AKA

  • Blaklez ft iFani FlyAway (Official video)

    Blaklez ft iFani FlyAway (Official video) MP3

  • zizo beda ifani

    zizo beda ifani MP3

    Tags: zizo, beda, ifani

  • iFani - Settle Down (Audio)

    iFani - Settle Down (Audio) MP3

    Settle Down is the first single from iFani's sophomore album. Pre-order I BELIEVES IN ME[2nd Quadrant] -

    Tags: iFani, Settle Down, Ewe, Milli, Shake, I BELIEVES IN ME, Hip Hop, South African

  • Psyfo Umtu Wam ft iFani

    Psyfo Umtu Wam ft iFani MP3

    I do not own this video.
  • Sakhekile feat iFani - Can

    Sakhekile feat iFani - Can't Believe (Official Music Video - Part I) MP3

    disGuiz introduces Sakhekile | our ONLY rule at disGuiz is... have fun! | directed by Ryan Kruger. Shot in Sea Point, Cape Town. #Tjooweeh [NOT for TV. NOT for ...

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  • George Avakian Ft Ifani   Turn It Up

    George Avakian Ft Ifani Turn It Up MP3

    George Avakian Ft Ifani Turn It Up.

    Tags: George Avakian (Record Producer), Turn Up The Music (Composition), TURN IT UP, Hip Hop Music (Musical Genre), Music (TV Genre)

  • Psyfo and Ifani on the hit single Umtu Wam

    Psyfo and Ifani on the hit single Umtu Wam MP3

    Famously known for their hit single, umntu wami', Psyfo and Ifani are known for being unique and two individuals who enjoy trying out new and exciting things in ...

    Tags: SABC, News, Psyfo, iFani, Umtu Wam