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  • Eminem - Till I Collapse (Stradeus Trap Remix)

    Eminem - Till I Collapse (Stradeus Trap Remix) MP3

    Free Download ♫ ➥http://bit.ly/1O0OmQw ▻ Click "Show more" to see important details! ♫ Support Jaski Music Mixes ...

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  • Eminem - Criminal  [Lyrics]

    Eminem - Criminal [Lyrics] MP3

    [Eminem] A lot of people ask me.. stupid fuckin questions A lot of people think that.. what I say on record or what I talk about on a record, that I actually do in real ...

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  • Eminem - Guilty Conscience ft. Dr. Dre

    Eminem - Guilty Conscience ft. Dr. Dre MP3

    Music video by Eminem performing Guilty Conscience. (C) 2000 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records.

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    Guilty Conscience


    Narrator Meet Eddie, 23 years old. Fed up with life and the way things are going, he decides to rob a liquor store. (I can't take this no more. I can't take it no more, homes.) But on his way in, he has a sudden change of heart. And suddenly, his conscience comes into play. Dr. Dre Alright, stop! (Huh?) Now before you walk in the door Of this liquor store and try to get money out the drawer You'd better think of the consequence (But who are you?) I'm your motherfuckin' conscience. Eminem That's nonsense. Go in and gaffle the money and run to[...]
  • Eminem - Phenomenal

    Eminem - Phenomenal MP3

    Music video by Eminem performing Phenomenal. (C) 2015 Shady Records/Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/7UTN9a.

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    I am phenomenal With every ounce of my blood With every breath in my lungs Won't stop until I'm phe-no-menal I am phenomenal However long that it takes I'll go to whatever lengths It's gonna make me a monster though I am phenomenal But I would never say, ‘Oh, it's impossible' 'Cause I'm born to be phenomenal Unstoppable, unpoppable thought bubbles Untoppable thoughts, fuckin' juggernaut that'll Stomp you in the verse, obstacles I'm drawn to 'em When the going got rough Some of what I done fought through was the worst, little sissy Who the fuck taught you how to persevere? There ain't no situation that you ever had to respond to that's adverse The messi[...]
  • Eminem - Cleanin

    Eminem - Cleanin' Out My Closet MP3

    Music video by Eminem performing Cleanin' Out My Closet. (C) 2002 Aftermath Records.

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    Cleanin' Out My Closet


    Where's my snare? I have no snare in my headphones There you go Yeah Yo, yo Have you ever been hated or discriminated against? I have, I've been protested and demonstrated against Picket signs for my wicked rhymes, look at the times Sick as the mind of the motherfucking kid that's behind All this commotion, emotions run deep as oceans explodin' Tempers flarin' from parents just blow 'em off and keep goin' Not takin' nothin' from no one, give 'em hell long as I'm breathin' Keep kickin' ass in the mornin' and takin' names i[...]
  • Eminem - Criminal + Parking Lot(Skit)

    Eminem - Criminal + Parking Lot(Skit) MP3

    Both Versions Of Criminal & Parking Lot(Skit) To Finish The Puzzle :)
  • Lyrics | Eminem   Criminal Lyrics

    Lyrics | Eminem Criminal Lyrics MP3

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  • "Earthlings" Eminem Type Beat (Prod. by Chris Wheeler) - Free Beat.

    "Earthlings" Eminem Type Beat (Prod. by Chris Wheeler) - Free Beat. MP3

    Hey, sorry for not uploading for a while, my pc crashed but its fixed now so uploads should go back to normal. To show my appreciation for your patience heres a ...

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  • Eminem - 3 a.m.

    Eminem - 3 a.m. MP3

    Music video by Eminem performing 3 a.m.. (C) 2009 Aftermath Records.

    Tags: Eminem, Aftermath, Hip, Hop


    3 A.M.


    Ohh ohhh Oh (yea) oh (yea) oh (yea) Oh ohhh Ohhh Oh (yea) oh (yea) oh (yea) Oh ohh Oohh Oh (yea) oh (yea) oh (yea) oh (yea) oh (yea) Oh, Ohh There is no escaping (yo)(yooo) There's no place to hide (yooo) (yooo) You scream, "Someone save me." (yo) (yooo) But they don't pay it no mind (yooo) (yooo) (Good night) Good bye You're walking down a horror corridor It's almost 4 in the morning and you're in a Nightmare, it's horrible Right there's the coroner Waiting for you to turn the corner so he can corner ya You're a goner, he's onto ya Out the corner of his cornea He just saw you run All you want is to rest [...]


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  • Eminem - Criminal

    Eminem - Criminal MP3

    Criminal The Marshall Mathers LP Eminem.

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