Eminem Vs Jay Z Rap Battle

  • Eminem Vs. Jay-z (Must Watch)

    Eminem Vs. Jay-z (Must Watch) MP3

    Jay-Z and Eminem are undoubtedly the two best rappers of the 21st Century. But wanna know who's the best when it comes to Storytelling, Lyricism, Freestyling, ...

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  • Eminem vs Juice rare rap battle freestyle

    Eminem vs Juice rare rap battle freestyle '97 MP3

    Awesome battle rap I had to buy off some shitty site so you cunts could have for free. So you owe me like 4 quid. I didn't think it was fair people had to pay some ...

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  • Macklemore VS Eminem - Speed Rap Battle

    Macklemore VS Eminem - Speed Rap Battle MP3

    I got bored so I decided to start a new series of 'VS' videos. If you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and so on. Facebook: ...

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  • Handicap Match - Eminem vs Justin Bieber - freestyle rap on Westwood TV - Genesis XYZ

    Handicap Match - Eminem vs Justin Bieber - freestyle rap on Westwood TV - Genesis XYZ MP3

    Tim Westwood TV http://www.youtube.com/timwestwoodtv Who can rap?

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  • Lil Wayne VS Eminem Freestyle Battle (I

    Lil Wayne VS Eminem Freestyle Battle (I'm Callin' You Out) MP3


    Tags: Lil, Wayne, VS, Eminem, Freestyle, You, Out, out, wayne, west, rap, drake, hiphop, kanye, kanye west, freestyle, jay, cent, eminem, feat, lupe, rapper, chris, brown, alex, rick, remix, work, battle, mixtape, bow, wow, stronger, underground, flow, lil, fail, oflwc, official, fuck, club, cash, money, sucks, Dwayne, Michael, Carter, Jr, Destinys, Chlid, Solider, Universal, Motown, Lollipop, Rebirth, Grammy, AwardTha, ll, Tha, lll, Go, Dj, Cash, Money, Record, Hot, Boys, 500, Degreez, The, 1997

  • Eminem vs. Lil Wayne freestyle

    Eminem vs. Lil Wayne freestyle MP3

    Who has a better freestyle?

    Tags: Eminem vs Lil Wayne, freestyle, best, rapper, alive, lil, wayne, 2010, battle

  • Eminem vs Jay-Z Battle

    Eminem vs Jay-Z Battle MP3

    Rap battle.

    Tags: Eminem, jay-z, lil, wayne, tupac, alive, illuminati, rap, battle, free, style, machine, gun, kelly, mgk, yelawolf, shady, kanye, west, ofwg, odd, future, fight, game, smosh, sxephil, whiteboy7thst



    John Cena rap battles a fan.

    Tags: wwe, john, cena, dx, hhh, tna, raw, smackdown, ecw

  • Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem - Forever

    Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem - Forever MP3

    Music video by Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem performing Forever. (C) 2009 Interscope Records.

    Tags: Drake, Kanye, West, Lil, Wayne, Eminem, Interscope, Hip, Hop

  • DMX vs Jay-Z

    DMX vs Jay-Z MP3

    Freestyling backstage on the Hard Knock Life Tour in 1999...

    Tags: Jay-Z, DMX, Hard, Knock, Life, Tour, 1999, 2000, versus, freestyle

  • Eminem -  Hailie

    Eminem - Hailie's Revenge (Ja Rule Diss) - LYRICS!!! MP3

    The Eminem Diss on Ja Rule and murder inc!! This song is also called "Do Rae Me" Great Song :D.

    Tags: Eminem, Obie, Trice, Swift, Bizzare, Slim, Shady, Marshall, Mathers, Proof, Kon, Artis, Ja, Rule, Murder, Inc, Diss, Benzino, Rap, Hip, Hop, Lowrider, Compton, Detroit, New, York, City, NYC, Los, Angeles

  • JayZ Talks Eminem

    JayZ Talks Eminem MP3

    http://charliehustlemusic.com Charlie Hustle - Sunset Park Brooklyn.

    Tags: JayZ, Talks, Eminem

  • Eminem vs Diabolic (Battle of the White Boys)

    Eminem vs Diabolic (Battle of the White Boys) MP3

    If you wanna contact me follow me on twitter: @Don_Crispy Battle of the White boys Best mainstream white rapper vs best underground white rapper (IMO) other ...

    Tags: Best, mainstream, white, rapper, vs, best, underground, eminem, diabolic, immortal, technique, hip, hop, hiphop, rap, rapping, lil, wayne, 50, cent, battle, alive, boys, 2pac, tupac, lilwayne, role, model, new, Ill, Bill, Apathy, Eyedea, Vanilla, Ice, Milkbone

  • John Cena Invites MGK To Wrestlemania 28

    John Cena Invites MGK To Wrestlemania 28' MP3

    This is a video of John Cena inviting a Cleveland Rapper named "Machine Gun Kelly" to Wrestlemania 28' to see John vs The Rock and many other matches.

    Tags: WWE, John Cena

  • Anne Hathaway

    Anne Hathaway's Lil' Wayne Style Paparazzi Rap - Conan on TBS MP3

    Watch CONAN @ http://teamcoco.com - Greatest Rap Battles in reverse order: Ja Rule vs. Eminem, Nas vs. Jay-Z, Biggie vs. Tupac, Anne Hathaway vs. the ...

    Tags: team coco, conan, anne hathaway, rap, lil wayne, tbs, batman, dark knight rises, Conan, (TV, Show)

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda on Hamilton

    Lin-Manuel Miranda on Hamilton's Rap Battles: What Jefferson and Jay Z Have in Common MP3

    Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about the art of the rap battle. http://genius.com/Lin-manuel-miranda-cabinet-battle-1-lyrics Follow Lin-Manuel Miranda on Genius: ...

    Tags: Hamilton, Jay-Z (Celebrity), Lin-Manuel Miranda (Theater Actor), Rapping (Literature Subject), genius, rap genius

  • John Cena vs Big Show Rap Battle (ORIGINAL)

    John Cena vs Big Show Rap Battle (ORIGINAL) MP3

    The only video (with john cena raps on Big Show) in great quality and great sound. ENJOY! ***All rights belong to the WWE and their respective owners!!!***

    Tags: battle, original, hip, hop, John Cena, Battle rap, Big, show, raps, old, mic, dr, of, thuganomics, on, smackdown, fat, albert

  • Rap Battle: Doms vs Pop Culture @ UNLV: AHAT.tv

    Rap Battle: Doms vs Pop Culture @ UNLV: AHAT.tv MP3

    AHAT.tv Rap Battle: Doms vs Pop Culture at UNLV. grind time grindtime kotd king of the dot smackdvd smacktube bet mtv vh1 lionz den dont flop lil wayne jay z ...

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    Eminem BONUS REACTIONS: http://goo.gl/rcbyi1 NEW Videos Every Week! Subscribe: http://goo.gl/nxzGJv Watch all main React episodes ...

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  • Eminem-Mania bei TV total - TV total

    Eminem-Mania bei TV total - TV total MP3

    Es lebe das deutsche Fernsehen, denn hier kann man fluchen wie man will. Das macht Eminem auch und haut alle Schimpwörter raus, die er je gehört hat.

    Tags: TV total, Show, Stefan Raab, ProSieben, Eminem, Rapper, Musiker, fluchen, Freestyle, Zucker im Kaffee, Schweinegrippe