Eternal By Evanescence

  • Evanescence - Eternal (HQ)

    Evanescence - Eternal (HQ) MP3

    One of my favorite songs, I decided to upload this because a lot of videos I found with this song didn't sound very good. I do not claim this song as my own, ...

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  • Eternal - Evanescence - Origin

    Eternal - Evanescence - Origin MP3

    Track 11 (the last track) of their great CD "Origin" It's limited and you hardly get it, so you can download it legal! (but I have it ^-^) NEW DOWNLOAD LINK!

    Tags: Evanescence, Amy, Lee, Hartzler, Eternal

  • Evanescence Eternal

    Evanescence Eternal MP3

    Alright the point of this is really just for the picture, but I added the song "Eternal" by Evanescence to it since it's such a good song.

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  • Evanescence-Eternal (Origin)

    Evanescence-Eternal (Origin) MP3

    A cool video to the instrumental song Eternal by the american rock band, Evanescence. From the album, Origin. ***I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING***

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  • Evanescence - Eternal (Piano) and Listen to the Rain

    Evanescence - Eternal (Piano) and Listen to the Rain MP3

    This is pure a fan-made video. I don't own anything. Thanks for watching, comment please!

    Tags: Evanescence, Eternal, (Piano), and, Listen, to, the, Rain

  • "Eternal" (Full Version) - Evanescence

    "Eternal" (Full Version) - Evanescence MP3

    "Eternal" by Evanescence Origin - Track 11 Origin is a pre-Fallen CD. Origin was released by Bigwig Enterprises in 2000. Only 2500 copies of Origin were made.

    Tags: rock, metal, Evanescence, Amy, Lee, Origin, Eternal, demo, pre-Fallen

  • Amy Lee (Evanescence) Hello & Eternal (Live)

    Amy Lee (Evanescence) Hello & Eternal (Live) MP3

    Hello & Eternal (Live) (Home VIdeo)

    Tags: Amy, Lee, (Evanescence), Home, VIdeo, Hello, Eternal, (Live)

  • Evanescence - Eternal - Full Piano Cover

    Evanescence - Eternal - Full Piano Cover MP3

    This includes most aspects of the song including the beggining and end. Please rate and comment!

    Tags: evanescence, eternal, piano, origin, amy, lee, ben, moody, music, sheet

  • Eternal - Evanescence - Origin - Piano

    Eternal - Evanescence - Origin - Piano MP3

    One of my early improved piano videos.. this was after i redecorated my bedroom. Before it was all purple and I was wearing this long sleeved pink top... hated it ...

    Tags: eternal, evanecence, origin, piano cover, amy lee, the musical midget

  • Eternal (Instrumental) - Evanescence (Origin)

    Eternal (Instrumental) - Evanescence (Origin) MP3

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  • Evanescence - My Immortal

    Evanescence - My Immortal MP3

    Music video by Evanescence performing My Immortal. (C) 2004 Wind-Up Records, LLC.

    Tags: Evanescence, Wind-Up, Pop


    My Immortal


    I'm so tired of being here Suppressed by all my childish fears And if you have to leave I wish that you would just leave 'Cause your presence still lingers here And it won't l[...]
  • Evanescence - Eternal

    Evanescence - Eternal MP3

    this is the song in the middle of Eternal the piano song n i reversed it and stuck it n stuck it in again over the song just listen to it n u'll see wut i mean!!...plzz ...

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  • Evanescence - Eternal (trecho adaptado) (cover/piano)

    Evanescence - Eternal (trecho adaptado) (cover/piano) MP3

    Facebook: Twitter: Blog (in portuguese): ...

    Tags: Evanescence, Eternal, Origin, Lee, Moody, Hodges, piano, cover, seramoura, Casio, Privia, PX, 310, Amy Lee, Ben Moody, David Hodges, version, teclado, keyboard, descansar, rock, chuva, trecho adaptado, trecho, Fallen, pop, My Immortal, 2000, Bruna Moura, Brasil

  • Evanescence - Eternal - Piano Cover Instrumental

    Evanescence - Eternal - Piano Cover Instrumental MP3


    Tags: Evanescence, piano, cover, eternal, Instrumental (Musical Genre), Eternal, Keyboard

  • Evanescence - Eternal tutorial on the piano

    Evanescence - Eternal tutorial on the piano MP3

    Tutorial of Eternal by Evanescence on the piano.

    Tags: Gameplay, Kamcord, Tutorial, Eternal, Evanescence, Piano

  • Eternal - Evanescence (only rain)

    Eternal - Evanescence (only rain) MP3

    Con todo mi amor para mi HERMANA CASI AMIGA k amo con todo mi corazon. K pases muy feliz cumpleaños. Gracias x estar conmigo siempre y ...


  • Evanescence- "Eternal" Piano Tutorial Part 1

    Evanescence- "Eternal" Piano Tutorial Part 1 MP3

    For regular updates on my piano tutorials, please like and follow my Facebook page!

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  • Dark Anime - Evanescence - Eternal

    Dark Anime - Evanescence - Eternal MP3

    Dark Anime Eternal by Evanescence.

    Tags: anime, dark, emo, goth

  • Evanescence - Eternal Mix

    Evanescence - Eternal Mix MP3

    A slight remix of the second half of Evanescence's Eternal. No copyright infringement intended.

    Tags: evanescence, eternal, piano, rain, relaxing, sad

  • Eternal Lyric

    Eternal Lyric's - Evanescence MP3

    It's not supposed to be amazing, its the first time I wrote my own song and I just wanted to give it ago =/ I can't play instruments so I used the track Eternal by ...

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