Female Cockatiel Mating Call

  • My female cockatiel is in a mating mood AGAIN!

    My female cockatiel is in a mating mood AGAIN! MP3

    Its time for my female cockatiel, Chicken, to ask for a male to mate her ******************************************************************* I own 3 cockatiels, ...

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  • Cockatiel mating call

    Cockatiel mating call MP3

    http://aboutcockatiels.com/blog/ https://www.facebook.com/aboutcockatiels Male cockatiel calling to the females, a sound that all our males make when attracting ...

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  • Singing cockatiel (mating call)

    Singing cockatiel (mating call) MP3

    My new whiteface cock singing to his whiteface hen, this is his mating call, he will strutt and sing like this and if she permits, she will flatten her back with tail out ...

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  • Cockatiel mating call

    Cockatiel mating call MP3

    Ricky the whiteface cockatiel doesn't exactly mince his words in what he wants. Incidentally, Mr Chicken is unimpressed and wants nothing to do with such a ...

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  • Female cockatiel showing sexual mating signs

    Female cockatiel showing sexual mating signs MP3

  • Male Cockatiel Mating Call

    Male Cockatiel Mating Call MP3

    Male Cockatiel makes strange noises and shows off trying to attract a mate. I will pair him up with a female possibly a Lutino Pear. Keep checking back for more ...

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  • Female Cockatiel Mating Dance

    Female Cockatiel Mating Dance MP3

    Inviting a male to mount her or a human to rub her "area". The cockatiel next to her is also female. Please feel free to see the other videos where she does this ...

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  • Lutino Cockatiel Mating Call

    Lutino Cockatiel Mating Call MP3

    Cockatiel Mating Call I hope the male is attractive enough to attract the female and show me some baby cockatiel.
  • Cockatiel mating call

    Cockatiel mating call MP3

    My male cockatiel, Clyde, singing his mating song to his mate, Bonnie...She is only interested in seeds!
  • Cockatiel Mating Call

    Cockatiel Mating Call MP3

    Here's a video of my male and female cockatiels. The male is doing his mating call. It never gets old hearing such a pretty sound. *IF YOU LIKE ROCK MUSIC, ...

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  • Lola female cockatiel singing

    Lola female cockatiel singing MP3

    Lola just having a good time singing what she learned form my 2 male cockatiels ;)

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  • Cockatiel

    Cockatiel's Mating Song MP3

    My male Cockatiel Cacarick tries to attract attention of female Klusha by singing. She rejects his mating song.

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  • Female Cockatiel Whistling

    Female Cockatiel Whistling MP3

    before commenting* Nym is female. She has laid eggs and she has been DNA proven!!!!! This is my female pearl cockatiel Nym, she has recently learnt how to ...

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  • Female Cockatiel Nesting Behaivour

    Female Cockatiel Nesting Behaivour MP3

    This is what my pearl female cockatiel Nym does every time she finds herself a cosy little spot... the whiteface pearl pied is my male Sere.

    Tags: cockatiel, female, nesting, behaivour

  • male cockatiel calling  (part 2) - cockatiel mating

    male cockatiel calling (part 2) - cockatiel mating MP3

    this video show a female cockatiel is being attracted to male cockatiel by his tweets , until she feels Curiosity and enter the box.
  • Cockatiels family mating call

    Cockatiels family mating call MP3

    Male cockatiels mating call http://aboutcockatiels.com/blog/ https://www.facebook.com/aboutcockatiels about cockatiels baby cockatiels how to care for ...

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  • Female Cockatiel nesting.

    Female Cockatiel nesting. MP3

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  • Cockatiel Mating call & dance.

    Cockatiel Mating call & dance. MP3

    Cherry & Mr Buttons Launa Park, Mr Buttons see,s something he likes inn the Freaky Mirror, Cherry loving every minute of it,

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  • how do male cockatiel attract females (part1) - cockatiel mating

    how do male cockatiel attract females (part1) - cockatiel mating MP3

    كيف يقوم ذكر الكوكتيل بإغراء الانثى (الجزء1) طبعاً هذي اول عملية يقوم فيها الذكر لإغراء الانثى عشان تدخل...

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