Fingerboard Spot

  • Finga fingerboards Outdoor Spot 2014

    Finga fingerboards Outdoor Spot 2014 MP3 Long-awaited Finga fingerboards Outdoor Spot 2014 video is here dudes! We made big steps this year, decided to extend the ...

    Tags: Finga fingerboards, Concrete madness, Fingerboard, Outdoor, Park, Concrete, fun, beer

  • Street Bench Fingerboard Spot (Outdoor)

    Street Bench Fingerboard Spot (Outdoor) MP3

    a D.I.Y fingerboard spot made by me and my Syam from Kuala Lumpur is here (Kulim, Kedah) , so i decided to make a video welcoming him...we dint ...

    Tags: Fingerboard, Tech, skateboard

  • Finga fingerboards outdoor spot 2010

    Finga fingerboards outdoor spot 2010 MP3

    Finally, it's here! The full length video includes skills from Petr Ptáček, Robert Kučera and Miroslav Krejčí. Enjoy and build more and more spots all over the ...

    Tags: Finga, fingerboards, outdoor, secret, spot, diy, Petr, Miroslav, Robert, fingerboard, fingerboarding, czech, republic, Big, Construction, concrete, cement, obstacle, concrete madness

  • Fingerboard Spot in Quebec

    Fingerboard Spot in Quebec MP3

    Fun stop on the way home :) fnigerboarding by me, jay and shayne!

    Tags: mike schneider, flatface fingerboards, flat face, finger board, blackriver, berlinwood, quebec fingerboard, fingerboard outdoor, outside fingerboarding, fingerboard metal, metal fingerboard ramp, fingerboard spot, fingerboard ramp, canadian fingerboard

  • Fingerboard DIY Spot Mini

    Fingerboard DIY Spot Mini MP3

    Short little jam at the local DIY park NZFB rep!

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    For me, personally it was one of the sickest spots I've ever been to. Such a great view. If you ever have the chance to visit Nice go to the Parc du Château and to ...

    Tags: Fingerboard, fingerboarding, gopro, blackriver ramps, techdeck, france, fingerskateboard, extremesports

  • Build a Spot Vol.10 - "Special"

    Build a Spot Vol.10 - "Special" MP3

    Please Read- build a spot vol.10 special dedicated to all my supporters,subcribers and viewers!!! it was a hard work on the little park but it was fun ....(more ...

    Tags: themarcfb, king, size, build, spot, special, outdoor, selfmade, diy, concrete, flaked, flatface, bw, berlin, wood, brr, blackriver, ramps, monkey, riddler, pop, yellowood, ytrucks, oaks, substance, winkler, wheels, sun, day, sunny, fun, canon, eos, 600d, wallimex, 8mm, tamron, 18-200mm, ef, 50mm, support, fbtv, unitefingerboarding, TCC, tcc, secret

  • Finga fingerboards Outdoor Spot 2013

    Finga fingerboards Outdoor Spot 2013 MP3

    Here it comes! Finga fingerboards Outdoor Spot 2013 video is finally done... sit down and enjoy fingerboarding! Note: no alcohol has been used in this video!

    Tags: Finga fingerboards, Outdoor Spot, fingerboarding, concrete, DIY, Concrete Madness

  • Finga fingerboards outdoor spot 2012

    Finga fingerboards outdoor spot 2012 MP3

    Yeah! Like every year, we redesigned and remade the Finga fingerboards Outdoor Spot in our hometown Nové Město na Moravě (Czech republic). This years ...

    Tags: Finga, fingerboards, outdoor, spot, 2012, DIY, Do It Yourself, fingerboard, fingerboarding, concrete, park, concrete madness

  • fingerboard outdoor spot bogota

    fingerboard outdoor spot bogota MP3

    fingerboard colombiano.

    Tags: Fingerboard

  • Granite Fingerboard Spot

    Granite Fingerboard Spot MP3

    Just a mini on a fun little spot that I made.

    Tags: fingerboarding

  • Best Fingerboard Spot Is A Lamp?!

    Best Fingerboard Spot Is A Lamp?! MP3

    I stayed in a hotel that had a lamp perfect for fingerboarding... so I filmed some tricks on it! Enjoy! Don't forget to check out my company and sponsors: Teak ...

    Tags: fingerboard, obstacle, fingerboarding, girl, tech, deck, lamp, best

  • Fingerboard Outdoor Spot at Puncak West Java

    Fingerboard Outdoor Spot at Puncak West Java MP3

    Music: Please Don't Go - Joel Adams.

    Tags: fingerboard, outdoor, spot, puncak, west java, indonesia, fingerskate, skateboardmini

  • awesome homade fingerboard spot

    awesome homade fingerboard spot MP3

    j hwuhu.
  • Stone fingerboard spot! on my table...;P

    Stone fingerboard spot! on my table...;P MP3

    Yee sorry it's a little sketch! Something good is gonna come soon;P The bench is "Stone Sliders" ramps! Available soon!

    Tags: fingerboarding, fingerboard, marble, granit, stone, ramp, park, blackriver, brr, spot, street, outside

  • FingerBoard Spot Trickipedia: Impossible

    FingerBoard Spot Trickipedia: Impossible MP3

    TaylorT shows you the Impossible. Brought to you by Come join our forum today, and chat about everything fingerboards!

    Tags: Kickflip, Fingerboard, mike, schnieder, schneider, pwn0rt, ninja, treflip, brr, blackriver, ramps, elias, assmuth, flatface, tech, deck, teck, dech, ramp, mini, skateboard, handboard, awesome, video, slow, motion, slomo, canon, hf, m41, opteka, 43mm, fisheye, lens, sony, vegas, impossible, rodney, mullen, fb, fingerboard, spot, darkbb, facebook, clup, pengui, hack

  • A Fingerboard Outdoor Spot 2011

    A Fingerboard Outdoor Spot 2011 MP3

    Hi fellaz ! In fall we made a backyard park, so we filmed something there! Hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas dudezz! :)

    Tags: fingerboard, outdoor, video, 2011, vojta, freitag, fingerboarding, fbr, concrete, finga, board, mini, lukas, stas, Tech, Deck, Finger, Tricks, Wheels, Skate, Sponsor, Wood, Schneider, Skateboard, Review, Flat, Ramp

  • Fingerboard Korea TV Spot

    Fingerboard Korea TV Spot MP3

    Fingerboarding by Elias Assmuth +blackriver+.

    Tags: blackriver, TV, Spot, Fingerboarding, Skateboarding, Fun, 1682, Elias, Assmuth, fingerboard, ramps, trucks, winkler, wheels, berlinwood, techdeck, kickflip, ollie, bollie, ASI, Berlin, fingerboarder, magazine

  • Streets of London - Fingerboard Movie

    Streets of London - Fingerboard Movie MP3

    SUBSCRIBE: Fingerboarding. That's all.

    Tags: streets of london, fingerboard movie, blackriver ramps, likefb94, skatepunk2425, louskate96, danilio2020, daniel lindqvist, mike schneider, harrier, fbs, yellowood, lowpro, go pro cam, yellowoodstore, grand illusion, spazpants, tech deck, ryan sheckler, blackriver ramps stairset, kikz fingerboards, engraved deck, dermordinhimself, thedirtyharry, harrics, london, frenchmefrenchyou, styleathon