Flyleaf Cover

  • Cassie-Flyleaf (cover)

    Cassie-Flyleaf (cover) MP3

    Me singing Cassie by Flyleaf. Freedom - EP on iTunes twitter- ...

    Tags: Cassie, Flyleaf, Cover, Haley, Klinkhammer, Acoustic, Guitar

  • Maddi Jane - Again (Flyleaf)

    Maddi Jane - Again (Flyleaf) MP3 - Download my debut single "Barricade" on iTunes. Maddi Jane covers "Again" recorded by Flyleaf. Join the discussion at: ...

    Tags: Flyleaf, Again, Acoustic, Cover, Rock, Octoscope Music, Fly, Leaf

  • All Around Me-Flyleaf (cover)

    All Around Me-Flyleaf (cover) MP3

    My cover of All Around Me by Flyleaf. Check out my new album Finding Myself on iTunes! ...

    Tags: All, Around, Me, Flyleaf, Cover, Haley, Klinkhammer, Guitar, Song, Acoustic

  • I

    I'm So Sick (flyleaf) cover MP3

    Tags: Flyleaf, EP, 2012, old, new, elizabeth grace, snacksize549, indie, acoustic, live, unplugged, cover, lacey sturm, lacey mosley, guitar, piano, vocal

  • Smell Like Teen Spirits - Flyleaf - Nirvana Cover.

    Smell Like Teen Spirits - Flyleaf - Nirvana Cover. MP3

    iloveyou casey.

    Tags: mskalachuching

  • Red Sam - Flyleaf (Cover)

    Red Sam - Flyleaf (Cover) MP3

    A FLYLEAF COVER!! We wanted to do a flyleaf cover for so long.. we just didn't know which song to pick. Because every song is Amazing by this band.

    Tags: Red, sam, flyleaf, cover, live, acoustic, LiaNight, Lacey, bull, guitar, singing, guitar cover, acoustic cover, acoustic guitar

  • Again - Flyleaf - Cover

    Again - Flyleaf - Cover MP3

    So, I was asked to do a dedication video! This one is going out to Morgan for his birthday! Happy Birthday Morgan !! On another note... FLYLEAF ROCKS! ;D ...

    Tags: Flyleaf (Musical Group)

  • Flyleaf - I

    Flyleaf - I'm So Sick Manly Version (Vocal Cover) By Jasper R MP3

    Check out my personal page: I'm So Sick - Flyleaf ...

    Tags: Flyleaf (Musical Group), Music (TV Genre), Cover, Singing, Vocal, Guitar, Vocal Cover, Covers, Nu Metal (Musical Genre)

  • So I Thought (Flyleaf) cover

    So I Thought (Flyleaf) cover MP3

    Tags: So I thought, flyleaf, cover, piano, keyboard, guitar, new, 2014, valentines day, rock, indie, artist, female, vocal

  • Smeel Like Teen Spirits - Flyleaf - Nirvana Cover

    Smeel Like Teen Spirits - Flyleaf - Nirvana Cover MP3

    Flyleaf - Smeel Like Teen Spirits.

    Tags: Flyleaf, smeel, like, teen, spirits, nirvana, cover

  • Flyleaf - Fully Alive (Guitar Cover)

    Flyleaf - Fully Alive (Guitar Cover) MP3

    Tab: "Fully Alive" is a song by American band Flyleaf. On November 2006, It was released as the ...

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  • flyleaf- again cover

    flyleaf- again cover MP3

    re-doing this cover as i didnt like the guitar i played with last time, hope ive done it better :)

    Tags: Flyleaf (Musical Group), Again, Singing, Cover, tanahyagrace, lacey, kristen, Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), Guitar (Musical Instrument), Musical Ensemble (Musical Performance Role), Pop Music (Musical Genre), Concert (TV Genre), flyleaf, momentomori, memento, more, mori, rock, music, gothrock, Christianity (Religion), god, album, kerrang, rocksound, Rock Music (Musical Genre)

  • There For You-Flyleaf (cover)

    There For You-Flyleaf (cover) MP3

    Me singing There For You by Flyleaf. Freedom - EP on iTunes- Freedom - EP on iTunes- ...

    Tags: There, For, You, Flyleaf, Cover, Haley, Klinkhammer, Acoustic, Guitar, Song

  • Nastassja Giulia - Fully Alive by Flyleaf (Vocal Cover)

    Nastassja Giulia - Fully Alive by Flyleaf (Vocal Cover) MP3

    Flyleaf - Fully Alive - Vocal Cover by Nastassja Giulia If you like this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! Subscribe to my Channel ...

    Tags: Flyleaf, Fully Alive, Vocal Cover, Cover, Nastassja Giulia, Nastassja Giulia - Fully Alive by Flyleaf (Vocal Cover), Lacey Sturm, Singer, Singing, Music, Flyleaf Fully Alive, Flyleaf Cover, Fyleaf Vocal Cover, Flyleaf Fully Alive Cover, Nastassja Messere

  • Flyleaf - Bury Your Heart (Cover) - Justin Hicks

    Flyleaf - Bury Your Heart (Cover) - Justin Hicks MP3

    Check out my band here: To celebrate my selection as the vocalist for the YouTube Band Project, I decided to arrange and ...

    Tags: flyleaf, cover, flyleaf cover, ascendant stranger, cobus, youtube band project, ytbp, Bury Your Heart, bury, heart, ascendant, stranger

  • Sorrow - Flyleaf (cover)

    Sorrow - Flyleaf (cover) MP3

    THIS IS A REQUEST BY crazyloser17 :] nice comments please ! but i like criticism :]

    Tags: sorrow, flyleaf, cover, acoustic, singing, guitar, alternative, request, alex, schegetz

  • my sister and i singing Cassie Flyleaf

    my sister and i singing Cassie Flyleaf MP3

    I do not claim to own this song* Thanks for the views and comments everyone. This video is still available, but I've disabled comments due to getting annoyed by ...

    Tags: Flyleaf, Cassie

  • Steve Tilley - Flyleaf "Again" (Drum Cover)

    Steve Tilley - Flyleaf "Again" (Drum Cover) MP3

    New year, new cover. Hope you guys enjoy this one. A lot more covers on the way so subscribe!

    Tags: Flyleaf, Again, drum cover, tama, starclassic performer, shure, drum, mic, cubase studio 5, canon t2i, new song, album, live, leak, unreleased, steve tilley

  • Flyleaf - Im so sick - Ella Hall Drum Cover

    Flyleaf - Im so sick - Ella Hall Drum Cover MP3

    Follow my band on twitter the three of us are working on originals and will be posting soon our first recorded original 'Parasite' ...

    Tags: Flyleaf (Musical Group), Drum, Hall, She, Drums, Cover, Loves, Drummer, Drum Cover, Drumming, Music (TV Genre), Drums (Musical Instrument), Percussion, Qems, Tamworth, 14 year old girl, Drummer girl, Flyleaf, Im so sick, So sick cover, Ella Hall, Ella Mary Hall, Landau Forte Academy Qems, Wants, fd

  • "All Around Me" by Flyleaf, acoustic cover by Nicole Stewart

    "All Around Me" by Flyleaf, acoustic cover by Nicole Stewart MP3

    This is one of my favourite covers. It was one of the first songs I taught myself on guitar, and it's one of my favourite Flyleaf songs. If you look at the bottom right of ...

    Tags: All, Around, Acoustic, Clock, Guitar, Messing, Cover, nicole, guitar