Forgiver Citipointe Lyrics

  • Citipointe - Forgiver w/ lyrics.wmv

    Citipointe - Forgiver w/ lyrics.wmv MP3

    I do not own anything (except for the photo)! I really love this song, hope you do too. please rate, comment and subscribe... Enjoy!
  • foriver(by citipointe) with lyrics

    foriver(by citipointe) with lyrics MP3

    this is the song of citipointe... this is one of my favorite christian song ever....

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  • Citipointe Live DEVOTED - 11. Forgiver

    Citipointe Live DEVOTED - 11. Forgiver MP3

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  • Forgiver by citipointe  with slideshow   .mp4

    Forgiver by citipointe with slideshow .mp4 MP3

    Forgiver a great touching song by citipointe has very touchy lyrics....wonderfully sung..........Glory to God ...By his grace we are saved...He shall come soon!

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  • Forgiver Instrumental - Citipointe

    Forgiver Instrumental - Citipointe MP3

    2nd song that i recorded.

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  • Forgiver - Citipointe

    Forgiver - Citipointe MP3

    forgiver by citipointe live..

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  • Forgiver (Citipointe Live) by KrizMaRen

    Forgiver (Citipointe Live) by KrizMaRen MP3