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  • Deftones - Risk (Mr. Bill & Itsu Remix)

    Deftones - Risk (Mr. Bill & Itsu Remix) MP3

    Available for free download! - The Collaborative Endeavors - Part 5 features a remix I did with Itsu ...

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  • Swerve City - Deftones - (Acoustic Cover)

    Swerve City - Deftones - (Acoustic Cover) MP3

    Download this track for free at Whipped up an acoustic-eee type version of Swerve City by the Deftones with my ...

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  • Minerva - Deftones - (Acoustic Cover)

    Minerva - Deftones - (Acoustic Cover) MP3

    Download this track for free at Website: Facebook: ...

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  • DEFTONES Interview- New Album "Koi No Yokan" (Part 1 of 2)

    DEFTONES Interview- New Album "Koi No Yokan" (Part 1 of 2) MP3

    We sat down with frontman Chino Moreno and bassist Sergio Vega for a discussion on the Deftones' new album Koi No Yokan, as well as some pressing ...

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  • Deftones - What Happened to You? (Cover)

    Deftones - What Happened to You? (Cover) MP3

    Song: What Happened to You? Band: Deftones Album: Koi No Yokan (2012) All rights reserved to Warner/Chappell Music and Deftones. Featuring musicians ...

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  • Bad Rabbits - Sextape (Deftones Cover)

    Bad Rabbits - Sextape (Deftones Cover) MP3

    Full Length album: "American Love" out now! Order here: or ITunes: WEBSITE: ...

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  • Red Hands: "My Own Summer (Shove It)" Deftones cover

    Red Hands: "My Own Summer (Shove It)" Deftones cover MP3

    Red Hands: "My Own Summer (Shove It)" Deftones cover Twitter & Instagram @WeAreRedHands Facebook Download ...

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  • Deftones - Entombed (lyrics)

    Deftones - Entombed (lyrics) MP3

    2012 WMG "Entombed" from Deftones album Koi No Yokan. This is my first lyric video. Deftones is my all time favorite band. Feel free to critique it. I'll make more ...
  • Deftones -- Prince (Bassnectar Remix)

    Deftones -- Prince (Bassnectar Remix) MP3


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  • Deftones - Prayers/Triangles (Official Audio)

    Deftones - Prayers/Triangles (Official Audio) MP3

    Get the new album 'GORE' at Follow Deftones: http://www.
  • Deftones - Entombed

    Deftones - Entombed MP3

    From their new album "KOI NO YOKAN". Deftones is the most amazing band ever. I have been waiting for this album and it was all worth it. Such an amazing ...

    Tags: Deftones, Koi No Yokan

  • Deftones - Tempest (Instrumental)

    Deftones - Tempest (Instrumental) MP3

    From the Koi No Yokan album. OneLove.

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  • Deftones - Romantic Dreams [Official Audio]

    Deftones - Romantic Dreams [Official Audio] MP3

    Download Deftones' latest album "Koi No Yokan" and past albums at For tour dates, news and merch visit

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  • Deftones - Drive (Cars Cover)

    Deftones - Drive (Cars Cover) MP3

    To download the song, use this link to the torrent: if you don't know how to use Torrents, then ...

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  • Deftones -

    Deftones - 'Be Quiet And Drive' Live Piano Cover by Matt Emery MP3

    A Live Piano Cover of 'Be Quiet And Drive' by Deftones To download this cover as an mp3 (for free) please click the link below: ...

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