Gainer Flip Into Pool

  • Gainers into pool

    Gainers into pool MP3

    Gainers and flips into a pool.

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  • how to do a gainer into a pool

    how to do a gainer into a pool MP3

    in this video i show u how o do a gainer into a pool song impulse subscribe and rate plz i am not responsible for any ingenues u may receive wile trying this trick.

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  • How to Gainer Flip Into Water

    How to Gainer Flip Into Water MP3

    How to gainer in 4 easy simple steps. how to gainer backflip into water easy simple fast tutorial water gopro running river la crosse wisconsin.

    Tags: how to, gainer, easy, simple, bridge jumping, backflip, river, water, gopro, gainer flip, into water, running backflip, tutorial, how to gainer, how to gainer backflip



    THROWBACK - Just reuploading this clip of myself doing a gainer flip into my buddys pool off his roof. Oohhhh the days of having long dreads.

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  • Zagha Flip - Gainer into pool chair

    Zagha Flip - Gainer into pool chair MP3

    Gainer into the pool chair. The Zagha Flip.

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  • Gainer flip into pool

    Gainer flip into pool MP3

    Mastered the gainer.

    Tags: gainer, pool, party, backflip

  • Gainer flip into pool

    Gainer flip into pool MP3

    This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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  • AWESOME GAINER FLIP!!! (Day: 758 - 8/14/13)

    AWESOME GAINER FLIP!!! (Day: 758 - 8/14/13) MP3

    Cool trick I taught myself to do into our pool!! YESTERDAY'S VLOG!: MAIN CHANNEL!: GAMING ...

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  • Gainer Back flip 180 Into Pool

    Gainer Back flip 180 Into Pool MP3

    Decided to try to learn to do a gainer into my pool. 3rd try was a charm. 180 was mainly to keep my face from slamming into the water. Still practicing. Check out ...

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  • Chance trying to do a Gainer Flip into the pool

    Chance trying to do a Gainer Flip into the pool MP3

    Tags: IMG, 4085

  • Amazing Diving Board Tricks 2

    Amazing Diving Board Tricks 2 MP3

    WATCH PART 1: 2 Triple front flip is at 1:45 Featuring triple front flips double gainers and more@! wooh ...

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  • Ill bill gainer jump into a pool. Running Back Flip

    Ill bill gainer jump into a pool. Running Back Flip MP3

    Ill bill strikes again with the gainer. Film by jsteele.

    Tags: Ill, Bill, Gainer, Jump, Pool, Dive, Billy, Hansen, Back, Flip, Running

  • Gainer into Pool Inner Tube

    Gainer into Pool Inner Tube MP3

    With an inner tube set up in the pool, this gymnast performed a standing gainer, which is a forward moving backflip, and went right through the center of the tube.

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  • Gainer to swimming pool

    Gainer to swimming pool MP3

    Gainer flip into swimming pool in Espania by P3t3r :)

    Tags: gainer, swimming, pool, flips

  • Diving Board Fails Compilation!

    Diving Board Fails Compilation! MP3

    Diving Board Fails | Diving Board Fails Compilation | Diving Board Games | Diving Board Tricks Please subscribe ...

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  • Gainer into pool

    Gainer into pool MP3

    nice day for a lil shooting star/gainer/running backflip(whatever you wanna call it)

    Tags: gainer, shooting, star, runningbackflip, backflip, swimming, pool, jump

  • Diving board tricks 2

    Diving board tricks 2 MP3

    Learn to Fly's newest video back and better than ever with a new member, double gainers, triple frontflips, double backflips, off axis backflip, 1440 spins and ...

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  • Cheat Gainer Flip Progression - 3 Days

    Cheat Gainer Flip Progression - 3 Days MP3

    Music: Artist's Channel: I learned this move ...

    Tags: Flip, progression, 3 days, motivation, Tricks, Running, Training, parkour, Jump, Extreme, new move, cheat gainer, kick the moon flip, Gainer, tutorial

  • 18 meters Gainer Flip from cliff

    18 meters Gainer Flip from cliff MP3!/chase_armitage Chase Armitage doing a gainer flip from 18 meters into a natural pool. in Byron Bay, Australia. for more crazy flips and tricks, ...

    Tags: high, flip, chase, armitage, dive, free, running, parkour, tricks, stunts

  • Epic Gainer in Greece!

    Epic Gainer in Greece! MP3

    Flipping into pools, splashing around, and dancing like goofs while filming our Gangnam Style parody :P Main Channel: ...

    Tags: splashing, dancing, high on life, high on life sfz, high on life vlogs, sundayfundayz, gangnam style, dance