Geek Room Tour

  • Tour of the Geek Room!

    Tour of the Geek Room! MP3

    WHAT IS UP GEEKS?! So finally I've filmed a little tour of my Fortress of Solitude, my Batcave, my humble abode...the Geek Room! Embrace, express, and enjoy ...

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  • Geek Room 2016

    Geek Room 2016 MP3

    Tags: geek room, collection, geek, tour, 2016, hot toys, desk, best, room

  • Room Tour: Glitzy Geek Girl Style

    Room Tour: Glitzy Geek Girl Style MP3

    Take a tour of my glitzy and geeky room! FOLLOW: instagram: @omglitzy.

    Tags: Geek, Geek girl, Room tour

  • My Gadget/Geek Desk Tour - Summer 2015 Edition

    My Gadget/Geek Desk Tour - Summer 2015 Edition MP3

    Gadgets Tech & Geek Desk Tour! Here I show you around my room and desk, it includes much of my technology and best top geeky stuff! Sit back relax and ...

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  • ULTIMATE GAMING SETUP 2016 - Family Geek EPIC Room Tour FR

    ULTIMATE GAMING SETUP 2016 - Family Geek EPIC Room Tour FR MP3

    Visite virtuelle de notre studio de tournage ULTIMATE BEST GAMING SETUP - EPIC ROOM TOUR 2016 Français pour nos vidéotest ou stream / streaming !

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  • My Fandom Room Tour 2015 | Tessa Netting

    My Fandom Room Tour 2015 | Tessa Netting MP3

    Room Tour ✷ ✷ ✷ SUBSCRIBE for more videos. READ MORE BELOW. ⬇ Help support my channel: MY GEEK WITH ME SHOP: ...

    Tags: Room Tour 2015, Room Tour, Harry Potter Room Tour, Harry Potter, Room Tour Tumblr, Tessa Netting, Geek With Me, Fangirl, Fandom, Geek (Literature Subject), my harry potter room tour, room tour for teenagers

  • Tour of a Geek

    Tour of a Geek's Room: Spring 2012 MP3

    It's tour time, baby! All links mentioned in this video are below: TekSocial "Store" - QuiBids - Social Me: Twitter ...

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  • Geek/Gamer Roomtour 2.5

    Geek/Gamer Roomtour 2.5 MP3

    Hey guys here is my new room setup tour. ENJOY!!! Stalk me: twitter: @geekysohrab instagram: sohraby facebook : Sohrab ...

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  • Emo, Scene, Geek room tour

    Emo, Scene, Geek room tour MP3

  • Room tour //July 2015

    Room tour //July 2015 MP3

    Hey everyone so here is the long awaited room tour i hope you enjoy it all links are below please give it a thumbs up see you on Monday with a vlog xxx bye MY ...
  • Geek Editing Room Tour Early 2016 #RoomTour

    Geek Editing Room Tour Early 2016 #RoomTour MP3

    Geek Editing Room Tour Early 2016 Buy some of the products featured here … Avantree Powerhouse Plus UK 10% OFF Code: ...

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  • Geek and Gamer Roomtour 2.0 (September 2014)

    Geek and Gamer Roomtour 2.0 (September 2014) MP3

    Hey if you want to check my old room and office look on my channel! Updates will follow in a month in a new video. Stalk me: twitter: @geekysohrab ...

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  • Tour of a Geek

    Tour of a Geek's Room: Spring 2011 MP3

    It's finally here! What can easily be called one of my most anticipated videos of the year, it's time for another room tour. This one is probably a record for me, ...

    Tags: room, tour, tech, geek, apple, mac, pro, iphone, ipad, ipod, touch, flip, mino, ultra, hd, microsoft, nintendo, sony, xbox, live, playstation, ps3, wii, cyber, acoustics, samsung, home, theater, imac, g3, powerbook, g4, google, cr-48, asus, cinema, display, logitech, z2300, dwight, bobblehead, panasonic, hdc-sd600k, kodak, zi8, tix, clock, kinect, snowball, mic, lamp, mario, finder, pillow, my, first, bacon, angry, birds, ikea, jerker, isight, led, light, cube, camcorder, dlb1752, adiblasi, sullydude, artistjgray, richievar, thecreativeone, david, difranco, gearpop

  • Tour of a Geek

    Tour of a Geek's Room! | Feb. 2015 MP3

    It's a new year again! That means it's time for a tour of Jared's Room! Check out our Short Films! Facebook: ...

    Tags: 1upfilmkrew, OneUp, Gaming, Studios, Films, Games, Tech, PC, Video, Editing, Room, Tour, Geek

  • Geek Multi Room Tour | Studio | Editing Room | Audio Video Setup | Storage

    Geek Multi Room Tour | Studio | Editing Room | Audio Video Setup | Storage MP3

    Geek Multi Room Tour | Studio | Editing Room | Audio Video Setup | Storage ... the video you have all been asking for, check out this complete tour for 2013 of ...

    Tags: geek, room tour, studio tour, editing room, audio, video, setup, tour, mario, luigi, mojo, iPhone, chocolate, domo, Canon, lens, Sony, recorder, PCM-M10, lego, NEX-F3, Olympus, PEN, E-PL3, EOS 650D, 650D, Canon 650D, Rode, videomic pro, microphone, Samsung, Chromebook, Galaxy Note 2, GPS, Apple, Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt display, Mac Mini, Apple remote, iPhone 5, MacBook Air, Monitor Audio, radius, Wii U, Kinect, Arcam, Oppo, BluRay, XBox 360, Dyson Hot, iPad 4, iPad Mini, GoPro, iPod Shuffle

  • GEEK ROOM TOUR 2014 | Alexey

    GEEK ROOM TOUR 2014 | Alexey's Tech MP3

    Die Room Tour ist sehr lang. Ich erzähle sehr viel. Anschauen auf eigene Gefahr. :D Ein paar Links zu Sachen aus dem Setup: Wallpaper (MacBook): ...

    Tags: best, gaming, room, tour, geek, setup, ps4, apple, mac, pro, retina, home, cinema, 2014, 2k14, tech, unboxing, review, design, lounge, minimalist, enthusiast, playstation 4, xbox one, shisha, hookah, thx, entertainment, deutschland, deutsch, german, alexeystech, alexeys tech, iphone 5s, ipad mini, custom one pro, beyerdynamic, ikea, logitech, desk, schreibtisch, youtube, epic, nextgen

  • Update: Geek room tour #4

    Update: Geek room tour #4 MP3

    OK, here is another update of my way too small room. Hope you enjoy it ;) Michael.

    Tags: geek, nerd, room, tour, technocrat, Linux, computers, electronics

  • Geek Room Tour { 2016 Spring }

    Geek Room Tour { 2016 Spring } MP3 SnapChat: ayo.tito uPeek: Same as twitter Periscope: @Ayo_Tito Google Plus ...

    Tags: Android, Google, Blog, Blogging, Video, Nerds, Geeks, Aloha Android, Geek Room, Tour, Office room tour, Geeks Life, Nerd, YouTuber

  • Best Geek Room Tour - TechBoomTV

    Best Geek Room Tour - TechBoomTV MP3

    Here is a room tour of a technology addicts stuff, here you will find my gaming setup, desk setup, and other gadgets. Enjoy, and don't forger to thumbs up and ...

    Tags: techboomtv, techboom, tech, boom, tv, best, top, technology, addict, geek, room, tour, desk, setup, gaming, xbox, 360, apple, imac, macbook, ipad, iphone, 4S, PC, Gamer, 720, review, unboxing, Ipod, Touch, Ps3

  • Whisper # 6 - Tour of a Geek

    Whisper # 6 - Tour of a Geek's Room MP3

    Hey everyone. As requested, I have finally did the room tour. I know a lot of you were looking for one of these, so I figured I would give you guys an early ...

    Tags: asmr, whispering, whisper, whispers, quiet, relaxing, sounds, sleeping, sleep, room tour, battlestation, geek tour