Gettysburg Ratatat

  • Ratatat - Gettysburg

    Ratatat - Gettysburg MP3

    Song is "gettysburg" by: ratatat.

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  • Ratatat - Gettysburg

    Ratatat - Gettysburg MP3

  • Ratatat - Gettysburg (Live from Bonnaroo 2011)

    Ratatat - Gettysburg (Live from Bonnaroo 2011) MP3

    Music video by Ratatat performing Gettysburg (Live from Bonnaroo 2011).

    Tags: Ratatat, Gettysburg, Live, Bonnaroo, 2011, Alternative, Classics, LP3, LP4

  • Ratatat - Gettysburg  (HQ AUDIO)

    Ratatat - Gettysburg (HQ AUDIO) MP3

    Ratatat - Gettysburg (HQ AUDIO) All music belongs to its rightful owners.

    Tags: Ratatat, ratatat, gettysburg, namanp, ratat

  • Ratatat - Gettysburg [[Live @ Nouveau Casino Pro-Shot]]

    Ratatat - Gettysburg [[Live @ Nouveau Casino Pro-Shot]] MP3

    Gettysburg live.

    Tags: ratatat, gettysburg, live, pro, shot, mike, stroud, evan, mast

  • Ratatat - Gettysburg (Loop)

    Ratatat - Gettysburg (Loop) MP3

    for the epicness .... ### Music by: Ratatat (all rights reserved) Album: Classics I do not own anything of this (Music/Picture) ###

    Tags: Ratatat, classics, gettysburg, loop

  • Ratatat - Gettysburg (remix)

    Ratatat - Gettysburg (remix) MP3

    Ratatat Gettysburg, un peu modifiée à la suite du commentaire de TheWorldBecameGrey.

    Tags: Ratatat, mix, gettysburg

  • Ratatat-Gettysburg (guitar cover)

    Ratatat-Gettysburg (guitar cover) MP3

    After seeing Ratatat live I was inspired to cover this as it was probably my favorite part of the concert. I covered the live version for this video. I think it's better than ...

    Tags: Ratatat, Gettysburg, guitar, cover, live, version, classics, album, Mike Stroud, Evan Mast, 2006, 2011

  • Ratatat - Gettysburg Live @ Electric Ballroom

    Ratatat - Gettysburg Live @ Electric Ballroom MP3

    Live at Electric Ballroom, London 27/10/2015 - WATCH THE VIDEO IN HD! Check out our GIG REVIEWS & VIDEOS on Follow us on ...

    Tags: music, concert, live, Ratatat (Musical Group), Gettysburg (Musical Recording), Electric Ballroom (Venue), Live Performance

  • Ratatat Gettysburg Guitar Cover

    Ratatat Gettysburg Guitar Cover MP3

    In my first upload i play along to the first song i heard by ratatat: gettysburg. I play some stuff in the vid that is from both the live version of the song as well as ...

    Tags: Gettysburg, Guitar, Cover, Ratatat, Music, Live, 2011, Zach, Dasher4165

  • Ratatat- Gettysburg (live)

    Ratatat- Gettysburg (live) MP3

    Ratatat doing Gettysburg (thanks fractal86) supporting Vampire Weekend at the Corn Exchange Edinburgh, 28th November 2010. Ratatat's MySpace ...

    Tags: Ratatat, Vampire, Weekend, Corn, Exchange, Edinburgh, November, 2010

  • Ratatat-Gettysburg (Animation by Collen DuBose)

    Ratatat-Gettysburg (Animation by Collen DuBose) MP3 A faded rabbit puppet shows off various animated clips to the Ratatat song Gettysburg. Animation by Collen DuBose.

    Tags: Ratatat, Rabbit, Animated, Gettysburg, Music, Video, Weird, animation, history, remix, documentary, cartoon, painting, animation art

  • Ratatat - Gettysburg (2x, perfect 7sec delay) HQ

    Ratatat - Gettysburg (2x, perfect 7sec delay) HQ MP3

    Thanks to for the music and for the epic delay-hint!

    Tags: Ratatat, delay, Getysburg, times, double, 7sec, Gettysburg, Remix, Mix

  • Drum Cover - Ratatat: Gettysburg

    Drum Cover - Ratatat: Gettysburg MP3

    I love this song. Thought it might sound cool with some live drums. Recorded with no click; made this more difficult. Thanks to Lem McEwen and DDrummer ent.

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  • Ratatat mix piano

    Ratatat mix piano MP3

    Ratatat medley (piano cover by Chocolate Bear) no sheet: by ear tracks: 1) Drugs 2) Loud Pipes 3) Sunblocks 4) Gettysburg 5) El Pico 6) Wildcat 7) Seventeen ...

    Tags: ratatat, mix, piano, cover, chocolate, cruzo67, bear, seventeen, years, wildcat, el, pico, gettysburg, sunblocks, loud, pipes, drugs, keyboard, klavier

  • Ratatat - Gettysburg remix

    Ratatat - Gettysburg remix MP3

    Ratatat - Gettysburg remix [Goodvibes Musicislife] [Subscribe]♥ [Comment]✓ [Like]♥ [Share] ✓ ----------------------------------- ♢ Twitter: ...

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  • Ratatat - Gettysburg Drum Remix

    Ratatat - Gettysburg Drum Remix MP3

    Title says it. I got off a couple times, I know, go easy on me!

    Tags: Ratatat, Gettysburg, Drum, Remix, Cover

  • RATATAT Live @ Nouveau Casino / Paris France

    RATATAT Live @ Nouveau Casino / Paris France MP3

    24 November 2008 [Tracklist] Brulee Crips Mumtaz Khan Kennedy Flynn Wildcat Mi Viejo Mirando Sunblocks Loud Pipes Falcon Jab Lex Shempi Gettysburg ...

    Tags: Nouveau Casino, Ratatat (Musical Group), Concert, Live

  • Gettysburg - Ratatat

    Gettysburg - Ratatat MP3

    Gettysburg by Ratatat. Enjoy!

    Tags: ratatatize, gettysburg, ratatat, music, electric, beat, fast

  • Ratatat - Gettysburg

    Ratatat - Gettysburg MP3

    incredible this tune. check others on my channel...

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