Gobspark Armageddon Firesteel Review

  • Gobspark Armageddon FireSteel

    Gobspark Armageddon FireSteel MP3

    Hello Friends, After purchasing the Firesteel.com Magnesium bar and striker I purchased the Gobspark Armageddon Firesteel "only". Roy, from Firesteel.com in ...

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  • What is the Best Fire Steel for Wilderness Survival? By Equip 2 Endure

    What is the Best Fire Steel for Wilderness Survival? By Equip 2 Endure MP3

    What is the Best Fire Steel for Wilderness Survival Adam demonstrates Fire Steel from www.firesteel.com. What is your preferredmethod of starting a fire (without ...

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  • The Gob Spark Armageddon Fire Steel

    The Gob Spark Armageddon Fire Steel MP3


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  • GobSpark Armageddon Firesteel in the field

    GobSpark Armageddon Firesteel in the field MP3

    I have been using the gobspark firesteel for awhile now and am loving it. You can see me using this to light a few fires in a couple of my previous videos as well.

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  • Desert Day Hike & New Gear

    Desert Day Hike & New Gear MP3

    While spending the morning hiking to a remote camp I share plant knowledge as well as demo a new piece of kit from FireSteel.com Support me by purchasing ...

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  • What is the Best Firesteel?

    What is the Best Firesteel? MP3

    Firesteel Armageddon: ...

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  • Gobspark Armageddon Firsteel

    Gobspark Armageddon Firsteel MP3

    a great firesteel from firesteel.com it has everything that a great firesteel should have. ergonomic handle, great striker, and it throws great sparks.

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  • Firesteel Gobspark Armageddon Fire Starter review

    Firesteel Gobspark Armageddon Fire Starter review MP3

    For $10.99, this is a great deal for a fire starter of Armageddon size that comes with a striker and lanyard. Keep in mind that shipping is $4 but they ship by order ...

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  • Product Review: GobSpark Armageddon

    Product Review: GobSpark Armageddon MP3

    My review of the GobSpark Armageddon from Firesteel.com. Very cool product, I highly suggest it to anyone who is making a fire kit. 9/10! Be sure to view my ...

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  • GobSpark Armageddon FireSteel (Made in USA!)

    GobSpark Armageddon FireSteel (Made in USA!) MP3

    The GobSpark Armageddon FireSteel is a great firesteel / ferrocerium option. With many firesteels being made overseas, the GobSpark Armageddon FireSteel is ...

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  • Gear Review: Firesteel.com Fire Steel

    Gear Review: Firesteel.com Fire Steel MP3

    Review if a fire starter from Firesteel.com Home Page: www.firesteel.com Blank rods: http://firesteel.com/FireSteel-Blank-Rods/ with Lanyard holes: ...

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  • Trying the Armageddon Firesteel

    Trying the Armageddon Firesteel MP3

    Trying out the new Armageddon Firesteel from www.firesteel.com. I used some antler found on my last outing for the handle and attached a paracord neck ...

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  • How to Start Fire with GobSpark FireSteel

    How to Start Fire with GobSpark FireSteel MP3

    Me showing how to start a fire with the FireSteels.com "GobSpark FireSteel Armageddon" in my backyard. To purchase one go to ...

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  • Firesteel Gobspark review

    Firesteel Gobspark review MP3

    A review of firesteel.com's Gobspark Armageddon and Gobspark Ranger. Please visit http://linesofblue.blogspot.com/ for more reviews!

    Tags: Firesteel, gobspark, fire, firemaking, survival, outdoors, camping, spark, Armageddon, ferro, rod, backpacking, emergency

  • Firesteel.com Gobspark Armageddon + CJs Butter+Cotton Pads for Tinder

    Firesteel.com Gobspark Armageddon + CJs Butter+Cotton Pads for Tinder MP3

    This is what I use instead of Petroleum Jelly soaked cotton balls. It is a lot less messy, and CJ's Butter has tons of other uses, like lip balm, lotion, foot salve, etc.
  • Fatwood, Fuzzsticks and Firesteel

    Fatwood, Fuzzsticks and Firesteel MP3

    Fatwood, Fuzzsticks and Firesteel: Starting a fire with tender, kindling and fire steel. The art of fire making should not be overlooked in your disaster ...

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  • Gobspark Armageddon

    Gobspark Armageddon MP3

    Karla Nacis showing GobSpark Armageddon Firesteel lighting up a Cotton soaked with Vaseline.

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  • Firesteel.com - GobSpark Armageddon first test

    Firesteel.com - GobSpark Armageddon first test MP3

    Purchase it here: http://firesteel.com/gobspark-armageddon-firesteel/
  • Gobspark Armageddon Demo

    Gobspark Armageddon Demo MP3

    demonstrating the gobspark armageddon from firesteel.com sorry for the dirty sink!

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