Greg Covington Pedals

  • G.C.E BMAC30SS Pedal Demo

    G.C.E BMAC30SS Pedal Demo MP3

    Demo of the AC30BM simulating pedal from Greg Covington. Songs captured at a rehearsal studio using a handheld recorder: RS into pedal into Marshall stack ...

    Tags: AC30 Pedal, Brian May, Red Special

  • BM-AC30SS Pedal...Dragon Attack

    BM-AC30SS Pedal...Dragon Attack MP3

    The new pedal played into an Epi Valve Jr. Neck and middle pickups out of phase.

    Tags: Brian, May, queen

  • Prototype Phaser/Booster

    Prototype Phaser/Booster MP3

    This is the new Covington Guitar Effects Prototype combo pedal that is designed to simulate a Brian May style setup in the late 70's to early 80's. It incorporates ...

    Tags: treble booster, red special

  • BM-AC30SS Pedal   Sweet Lady

    BM-AC30SS Pedal Sweet Lady MP3

    Bridge and middle inphase. Gain cut back a bit on the pedal....amp is the Epiphone Valve Jr. at 50% vol.

    Tags: Covington, Boosters

  • Video Demo for C.G.E. Pedal - "THE INCINERATOR" Treble Booster w/ Brian May Red Special Guitar

    Video Demo for C.G.E. Pedal - "THE INCINERATOR" Treble Booster w/ Brian May Red Special Guitar MP3

    Another booster from Greg Covington known as THE INCINERATOR - this is a one-of-a-kind custom pedal which is now known as THE FIREPLACE II - the one ...

    Tags: Pedals, Greg, Covington, Hellatone, Speakers, Avatar, Brian, May, Guitars

  • Incinerator Pedal 1

    Incinerator Pedal 1 MP3

    Tags: Queen, Brian, May

  • ToneWarp

    ToneWarp MP3

    Two new pedals from Covington Guitar Effects. The ToneWarp and Fuzz-Warp. Respective clones of the vintage germanium Tonebender and Arbiter FuzzFace.

    Tags: Fuzz Face, ToneBender, Vox

  • The Fireplace Classic

    The Fireplace Classic MP3

    The new Fireplace Classic pedal. Hunter gives it a Queen-like run-thru!

    Tags: Queen

  • BM-AC30SS  Keep Yourself Alive

    BM-AC30SS Keep Yourself Alive MP3

    New pedal into a clean Epi Valve Jr.
  • Fireplace II

    Fireplace II MP3

    This is Hunter Covington playing the new Fireplace II pedal on the homemade Red Special and Vox AC30BM clone amp.

    Tags: Brian, May, Red, Special, Treble, Booster

  • BM-AC30SS

    BM-AC30SS MP3

    Quick test of the new BM-AC30SS overdrive pedal. The amp is a clean Epiphone Valve Jr, the guitar is a homemade Red Special with Adeson pickups. Sorry for ...

    Tags: Red Special, Brian May, AC30 treble booster

  • The Bright-N-Rock Booster/Phaser

    The Bright-N-Rock Booster/Phaser MP3

    Some random noodling with the new Covington Guitar Effects "Bright-N-Rock" dual treble booster phaser. Much of Brian May's live tone was done with twin ...

    Tags: treble, booster, phaser, Brian, May

  • Incinerator 4 BoRhap Solo

    Incinerator 4 BoRhap Solo MP3

    Tags: Queen

  • Incinerator 6 Led Zepp Rock n Roll

    Incinerator 6 Led Zepp Rock n Roll MP3

    Tags: Queen, Led

  • Incinerator 3 Panama

    Incinerator 3 Panama MP3

    Hunter playing the RS, AC30BM, and the new pedal.

    Tags: Van, Halen, Brian, May

  • GTRJOE and his RS Custom Guitar

    GTRJOE and his RS Custom Guitar MP3

    Joe and his "Blackie"...the RS Custom Guitar played thru an AC30 and Fireplace II pedal.

    Tags: Brian, May

  • Incinerator 5 Voodoo

    Incinerator 5 Voodoo MP3

    Tags: Hendrix, Brian, May

  • WWRY!

    WWRY! MP3

    Homemade RS with a Vox AD15VT.....Foxx Phaser and Fireplace Ultra pedal.

    Tags: Brian, May, Queen, We, Will, Rock, You, Red, Special

  • BMG Mini May Guitar (modified)

    BMG Mini May Guitar (modified) MP3

    Brian May Guitars "Mini May" modfied with Adeson pickups...etc...tuned to A...Incinerator pedal and the Vox AC1.

    Tags: Queen, Brian, May, Red, Special