Heineken Majorca

  • Best tv ad - Heineken "Majorca"

    Best tv ad - Heineken "Majorca" MP3

    An old Heineken ad, but still one of the best. We LOVE innovation and we LOVE innovative ads. Breakthrough Funding - cash for innovation.

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  • Heineken

    Heineken 'Majorca' commercial - 1985 MP3

    Classic Heineken beer advert.

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  • Heineken - Majorca

    Heineken - Majorca MP3

    School for Street Cred.

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  • Water in Majorca

    Water in Majorca MP3

    Brand: Heineken Country: UK Description: A very sloaney woman is unable to grasp the method of talking like a cockney, until her tutor becomes exasperated ...

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  • 10 zabawnych reklam - salmon bear, tango, hamlet, wardrobe monsters, heineken

    10 zabawnych reklam - salmon bear, tango, hamlet, wardrobe monsters, heineken MP3

    10 najzabawniejszych reklam: 1. Salmon Bear - John West 2. Tango 3. Hamlet Cigars 4. John Smith - Wardrobe Monsters 5. Carling 6. Fedex Fast Moved World ...

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  • 80

    80's TV adverts revisited - The water in Majorca MP3

    80's adverts revisited - The water in Majorca don't taste like what it ought to. Heineken advert 1980's.

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  • The Water in Majorca Doesn

    The Water in Majorca Doesn't Taste MP3


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