Hey Juliet

  • LMNT-Hey Juliet With Lyrics in HD

    LMNT-Hey Juliet With Lyrics in HD MP3


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  • Hey Juliet LMNT W/ lyrics

    Hey Juliet LMNT W/ lyrics MP3

    THANKS FOR WATCHING GUYS! 5/11 Took sooo long...... Thanks ppl O.o more than 65k views.

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  • Miraculous Ladybug AMV - Hey Juliet! - Collab with caprette

    Miraculous Ladybug AMV - Hey Juliet! - Collab with caprette MP3

    Hi everyone! So me and caprette made an amv together and this is the result. more info below! 0:00 - 1:49 Adrienette & Ladrien by me 1:49 - 3:38 Marichat ...
  • Hey Juliet - LMNT

    Hey Juliet - LMNT MP3

    Hey Juliet - LMNT.

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  • Hey Juliet LMNT

    Hey Juliet LMNT MP3

    Hey I've been watching you Every little thing you do Every time I see you pass In my homeroom class, makes my heart beat fast I've tried to page you twice But I ...

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  • Hey Juliet - LMNT (with lyrics)

    Hey Juliet - LMNT (with lyrics) MP3

    Hey Juliet - LMNT.

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  • Nightcore - Hey Juliet [Lyrics]

    Nightcore - Hey Juliet [Lyrics] MP3

    One of my personal favorites. ^_^ Picture Link : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/831/heyjuliet.jpg/ Song : Hey Juliet Artist : LMNT Nightcore'd by me. Enjoy ...

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  • {CFS} Hey Juliet! || NaLu ♡ Full MEP

    {CFS} Hey Juliet! || NaLu ♡ Full MEP MP3

    Happy NaLu day people! :'D (well it's NaLu day in Japan so...cx) Anyway, hello! It's Amber here ♡ This MEP is slightly delayed but it's up now which I'm relieved ...
  • Kaichou Wa Maid Sama! - Hey Juliet

    Kaichou Wa Maid Sama! - Hey Juliet MP3

    Hola a [email protected]! Este vídeo es sobre el último anime que he tenido el placer de ver: Kaichou Wa Maid Sama!. En especial, el amv es sobre la pareja protagonista ...

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  • NaruHina - Hey Juliet

    NaruHina - Hey Juliet MP3

    READ THIS BEFORE POSTING A STUPID QUESTION. 1. I DO NOT OWN THIS ANIME OR THE SONG. The content is used fairly due to recent changes in ...

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  • Hey Juliet - LMNT (Lyrics+Download)

    Hey Juliet - LMNT (Lyrics+Download) MP3


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  • Flashlight - Hey Juliet (leer descripción)

    Flashlight - Hey Juliet (leer descripción) MP3

    Hoooola! hace tanto que no hago vídeos...pero... por fin volví!!! :D. Gracias por los 500 subs ^u^, y espero que haya mas! :3 ADVERTENCIA! SI NO QUIEREN ...

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  • lucas & maya | hey juliet

    lucas & maya | hey juliet MP3

    yay my first lucaya video, this took me forever to edit so please comment cause comments would be appreciated and would mean a lot to me :D dedicated to: ...

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  • Hey Juliet | Arnold & Helga [5,000 subs video]

    Hey Juliet | Arnold & Helga [5,000 subs video] MP3

    Hey dudes and dudettes! Thank you guys SO much! I can't believe I have hit such a massive number as 5000 subscribers OwO It's totally incredible, thank you ...

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  • Hey Juliet - LMNT Lyrics

    Hey Juliet - LMNT Lyrics MP3

    Hey Juliet by LMNT. Over 100 views, nice :) Please like, comment, subscribe(if you want to)! I actually ended up loving this song after watching a sasunaru (or ...

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  • Hey Juliet - SHINee Cover (LMNT)

    Hey Juliet - SHINee Cover (LMNT) MP3

    I Just love SHINee's Version x) Too bad it's short !! if anyone has the link of them singing the whole song let me know ^^ Enjoy.

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  • Hey Juliet - Nisekoi AMV

    Hey Juliet - Nisekoi AMV MP3

    Hi guys! First time making an AMV so I hope you enjoy Leave a like and subscribe, if you want...not like I care or anything BAKA! (Took a while to make tho ...

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  • 「Nightcore - Hey, Juliet!」

    「Nightcore - Hey, Juliet!」 MP3

    Here's my second video and i hope you like it. Nightcored by me of course c: Original: Artist - LMNT Song - Juliet Lyrics: Hey, Juliet (x2) Hey, I've been watching ...

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  • 「M&A」HEY JULIET//Happy Valentine

    「M&A」HEY JULIET//Happy Valentine's Day!! ᴹᴱᴾ MP3

    HD! ***** Happy Valentine's Day!!! :D (it's tomorrow I know) I hope you will spend this day with important person and it will be one of the best days in this year!

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  • One Piece || LuHan/SaNami/ZoRobin - Hey Juliet!

    One Piece || LuHan/SaNami/ZoRobin - Hey Juliet! MP3

    New AVM, Hope you like it ;) Anime: One Piece Couples: Luffy x Hancock, Sanji x Nami, Zoro x Robin Music: Hey Juliet! - LMNT COPYRIGHT: I DO NOT OWN ...

    Tags: One Piece (Comic Book Series), boa hancock, sanji, nami, Roronoa Zoro (Fictional Character), nico robin, luffy x hancock, sanji x nami, zoro x robin, luhan, sana, zoro, luhancock, sanami, zorobin, LMNT (Musical Group)