Hoverround Commercial

  • Hoveround TV Commercial

    Hoveround TV Commercial MP3

    Now I'm free to see the world!

    Tags: old, elderly, people, wheelchairs, tv, commercial

  • "Hoveround Round Round I Get Around" Commercial

    "Hoveround Round Round I Get Around" Commercial MP3

    haha - watch the old people in their hoveround chairs!

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  • michael aka Haz hover round commercial

    michael aka Haz hover round commercial MP3

    Tags: haz, hover, round

  • Hoverround Wheelchair Joke Commercial

    Hoverround Wheelchair Joke Commercial MP3

    well, me and my bud made this video for class at school. Put it up here. It started as a parody of the Hoverround Commercial but then we just made it into its own ...

    Tags: commercial, hoverround, hover, round, joke, joke commercial, josh is stupid, boggle tournament, laugh

  • Hoverround BEach Boys Commercial

    Hoverround BEach Boys Commercial MP3

    ROund round geta round I GETA ROUND.

    Tags: hover, round, hoverround, commercial, beach, boys, old, people, powerchair

  • Peyton

    Peyton's Hoverround Commercial MP3

  • Hoverround commercial

    Hoverround commercial MP3

  • Hover Round Takes Me Where I Want To Go

    Hover Round Takes Me Where I Want To Go MP3

    Hover Round commercial of guy singing a song.

    Tags: Hover, Round, Takes, Me, Where, To, Go, Funny, Hoverround, Tyler, Studios, Want

  • Hoverround BEach Boys Commercial

    Hoverround BEach Boys Commercial MP3

  • Hoverround Parody Commercial (Beginning)

    Hoverround Parody Commercial (Beginning) MP3

    Tags: Hover, Round, Commercial, beginning

  • HOVEROUND TAKES ME WHERE I WANT TO GO (ft. black guy aka Michael LeLand aka BARACK OBAMA)

    HOVEROUND TAKES ME WHERE I WANT TO GO (ft. black guy aka Michael LeLand aka BARACK OBAMA) MP3

    Witness the greatness of hoveround 2012 commercial, featuring FAT BLACK GUY WHO LIKES TO SING! hoveround takes him where he wants to go.

    Tags: hoveround, 2012, fat, black, man, singing, takes, me, where, want, to, go, Funny, You, little, no, cost, get, around, AMERICA, FREEDOM, REPUBLICAN, HEALTHCARE, COMMIE, BASTARDS, OBAMA, KONY, Michael, LeLand, YOLO, price is right, price is wrong, price, right, commercial, hoverround, super bowl, Scooter, Black People (Ethnicity), Barack Obama (US President), United States (Country)

  • Hoverround   Group Commercial

    Hoverround Group Commercial MP3

    Tags: Hoverround, Group, Commercial

  • Hoveround Takes Me Where I Want To Go - Remix

    Hoveround Takes Me Where I Want To Go - Remix MP3

    Where will it send us! The very mysterious hoveround song. Neither time nor space can limit its multidimensional sphere. Michael LeLand (hoveround singer) for ...

    Tags: funny, hoveround, leland, song, remix, Dance, Tribute, Mix, Techno, diabeetus, dubstep, parody

  • Hoverround Scooter Chair

    Hoverround Scooter Chair MP3

    I saw this commercial at about 3:23 am last night and thought you all had to see it. The reality of it is refreshing.

    Tags: parody, comedy, infomercials, scooter chair, hoverround, smrcn7

  • Mazda 3 Hoveround Commercial

    Mazda 3 Hoveround Commercial MP3

    Unused Mazda 3 footage from 2009.

    Tags: Mazda 3, mazda, funny, footage, viral, commercial, banned, advertising, funniest, hoveround, hovverround, hover, round, car, wheelchair, wheel, chair

  • YTP: HoverRound Insanity!

    YTP: HoverRound Insanity! MP3

    YouTube Poop: A little remix of the hover round commercial. =O.

    Tags: Slap, Insanity, funny, billy, mays, Anthony, Sullivan, Vince, you, tube, poop, ytp, spaghetti, dinner, spongebob, dubs, pawn, stars, rick, jupiter, jack, shamwow, mighty, putty, Crazy, Vince Offer, Youtube, Youtube Poop

  • HoverRound

    HoverRound MP3

    Tags: Hover Round, Power Chair, Nigga

  • Hoveround Parody

    Hoveround Parody MP3

    More and more people are riding dirty with this must have product! For updates and exclusive vids check out ...

    Tags: Hoveround, chair, wheels, parody, spoof, comedy, ride, senior, citizen, dub, dubs, dubbed, johnnyboystrikesback, Funny

  • Hoveround Commercial Parody

    Hoveround Commercial Parody MP3

    Comment! ahha Please. or like. just messin around. making fun of that hoveround commercial.

    Tags: funniest video on youtube, keegan hill, dylan lagestee, weird video on youtube, old people falling, pencil sharpener, serrano videos, dara hashemi, hahaha, nigahiga how to be funny, nigga higa, higanigga, barbie cars

  • This is HoverRound!

    This is HoverRound! MP3

    Tags: this, is, sparta, remix, sarah, mclachlan, arms, of, the, angels, pet, abuse, hoverround, commercial, hover, round, elderly, thehutch86, north15productions, joncoburn