Iraq Lobster Ukulele

  • Rock Lobster ukulele tutorial

    Rock Lobster ukulele tutorial MP3

    The first part is just: Gm - 0231 D# - 3331 D# - 3336 D - 2225 And the second part is G5 - 0235 ? - 0234 D# - 3331 D - 2220 D - 2225 Have fun!

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  • Iraq Lobster Cover (guitar, ukulele, bass, amazing vocals)

    Iraq Lobster Cover (guitar, ukulele, bass, amazing vocals) MP3

    Зацените какие клевые ребята :3

    Tags: Guitar (Musical Instrument), Bass Guitar (Musical Instrument), Music (TV Genre), Ukulele (Musical Instrument), Bass (Musical Instrument), Cover, Singing, Band, Vocal, Amazing, Acoustic, Cool, Vocal Cover, Covers, Family Guy (TV Program), Acoustic Music (Musical Genre)

  • rock lobster - ukulele cover

    rock lobster - ukulele cover MP3

    A little rock lobster cover xD.

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  • Rock Lobster ukulele cover

    Rock Lobster ukulele cover MP3

    Spoiler: It wasn't a Rock; it was a Rock Lobster. Hope i didn't ruin it for anyone. Here's a link to the tutorial: ...

    Tags: Rock, lobster, ukulele, cover, B-52s, family, guy, peter, griffin, acoustic

  • Rock Lobster intro riff on ukulele

    Rock Lobster intro riff on ukulele MP3

    Here's one way to play the Rock Lobster intro riff on ukulele. I'm playing it with a pick because I'm a heathen.
  • Rock Lobster Ukulele Cover

    Rock Lobster Ukulele Cover MP3

    I know I made mistakes but thats life I guess, Im gonna start uploading music and other shananigans of mine,

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  • Rock Lobster (Family Guy version) - Miniature Tangi Ukulele

    Rock Lobster (Family Guy version) - Miniature Tangi Ukulele MP3

    To cheer someone up who's a bit cheesed off.

    Tags: Rock, Lobster, Peter, Griffen, Family, Guy, Miniature, ukulele, ukelele, uke, Tiny, Tangi, minature, for, americans

  • Family Guy - Iraq Lobster Guitar Lesson

    Family Guy - Iraq Lobster Guitar Lesson MP3

    How to play Iraq Lobster on guitar. The chords are Cm and Eb. Tabs below: ----- X - 3 -------------------------------------------- ----- X - 4 ------- X - 8 ---------------------- 3 -...

    Tags: Family, Guy, Peter, Griffin, Iraq, Lobster, Guitar, Lesson

  • Iraq Lobster (Polandball Animation Test)

    Iraq Lobster (Polandball Animation Test) MP3

    Scene from Family Guy, and this is just a test animation.

    Tags: Polandball, Lobster (Animal)

  • Family Guy - Iraq Lobster and Rock Lobster

    Family Guy - Iraq Lobster and Rock Lobster MP3

    Rock Lobster and Iraq Lobster From Family Guy. The original song is "Rock Lobster" by the B-52s.

    Tags: Griffin, Family, Family Guy

  • Rock Lobster on Ukulele

    Rock Lobster on Ukulele MP3

    I apologise for the extra part. It is my negative energy leaving my body through the tips of my fingers. The negative energy results from the exams I am currently ...

    Tags: Ukulele (Musical Instrument), Music Education (Field Of Study), Rock Lobster (Composition), Rock Lobster (Canonical Version), Music (TV Genre)

  • Family guy Iraq Lobster Cover!!

    Family guy Iraq Lobster Cover!! MP3

    Iraq lobster cover from Family Guy...for fun!!! Death to america, and butter sauce Dont boil me, i'm still alive Iraq lobster Iraq lobster IRAQ LOBSTAAAA!

    Tags: Family Guy (TV Program), Family, Cover, Griffin, Guitar, Guitar Cover, Funny, Brian, Chris, Lois, Peter Griffin, Iraq Lobster, Family guy cover, Iraqi Lobster, Iraq (Country)

  • Iraq Lobster- 10 minutes

    Iraq Lobster- 10 minutes MP3

    I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

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  • Iraq lobster Dalriada-style

    Iraq lobster Dalriada-style MP3

    Sneek Peak from Dalriada's new album Áldás.

    Tags: Iraq lobster, Dalriada (Musical Group), Folk Metal (Musical Genre), Hungary, Family Guy (TV Program), Metal, Sopron, New, rehearsal

  • Iraq Lobster guitar tab

    Iraq Lobster guitar tab MP3

    This is my transcription of IRAQ LOBSTER from Family Guy. The song is a cover of the B-52's Rock Lobster. I did it in Guitar Pro 6 and used Capo to help get the ...

    Tags: Iraq Lobster, family guy, rock lobster, b-52s, guitar, guitar tab, guitarpro, guitar pro