Jambi Bass

  • TOOL- Jambi Bass Cover (Hi Def w/Line in Bass)

    TOOL- Jambi Bass Cover (Hi Def w/Line in Bass) MP3

    I am starting to love this line in stuff...

    Tags: Tool, Bass, Jambi, 10000, Days, Justin, Chancellor, Wal

  • Tool - "Jambi" (Bass Cover)

    Tool - "Jambi" (Bass Cover) MP3

    The're a lot to Tool's music and Justin Chancellor's use of textures, sounds and percussively cutting tone just blow my mind. This is a great example of the ...

    Tags: Tool (Musical Group), Bass Guitar (Musical Instrument), Justin Chancellor (Musical Artist)

  • Tool - Jambi Bass Cover (Hi Def)

    Tool - Jambi Bass Cover (Hi Def) MP3

    Tool Jambi Bass Cover. This was my original jambi video but I re-uploaded it in HD since the quality was so terrible. Hope you guys enjoy it and don't forget to ...

    Tags: Tool (Musical Group), Jambi, tool jambi, tool bass cover, jambi bass cover, 10000 days, justin chancellor, bass, Bass Guitar (Musical Instrument), wal bass, wal MKI, colorsound, tonebender, sansamp, MXR, boss, flanger, chorus, delay

  • Jambi bass cover (HD & line in)

    Jambi bass cover (HD & line in) MP3

    like vicarious i use the same patch sound with zoom b9.1ut and sansamp vt bass in send return...I think this is the best (enjoyable) tool's song...hope you like it.

    Tags: jambi, bass, warwick, cover, zoom, hd, tool

  • Tool - Jambi ( BASS COVER)

    Tool - Jambi ( BASS COVER) MP3

    hey frnds .. dis s a bass cover of the song JAMBI of the band TOOL from their album "10000 days ".. .. a vry tricky and complicated bass line i must say .. i hope i ...

    Tags: Tool, jambi, bass cover

  • Rocksmith 2014 Bass Custom- Jambi by Tool

    Rocksmith 2014 Bass Custom- Jambi by Tool MP3

    I acknowledge third party content and I do not own copyright to this music. None of my play-through videos are monetized. Sorry it took so long for this, I was ...

    Tags: Jambi (Musical Recording), Bass Guitar (Musical Instrument), Rocksmith 2014 (Video Game), Tool (Musical Group), rocksmith 2014 bass custom, tool, lateralus, schism

  • Tool - Jambi - Bass Cover

    Tool - Jambi - Bass Cover MP3

    READ DESCRIPTION/WATCH HIGH QUALITY. Thanks Rockjokster1121. There are alot of most mistakes and I am not use to changing through so many effects.

    Tags: Tool, 10, 000 Days, Maynard James Keenan, Justin Chancellor, Adam Jones, Jambi, Basscover

  • Tool - Jambi (bass cover)

    Tool - Jambi (bass cover) MP3

    Copyright Infringment not intended! Song is owned and the property of Tool. Tried to get as close as I could get! Gear used: Ibanez ATK300 MII Barber ...

    Tags: Jamiroquai, Bass, cover, Runaway, Spector, Legend, Hologlash, NS, Warwick, Paul, Turner

  • Tool - Jambi bass cover - Nick Latham

    Tool - Jambi bass cover - Nick Latham MP3

    My debut solo EP 'Can't Sleep In Silence' is available NOW on: Routenote Direct - http://goo.gl/lgqLl iTunes - http://bit.ly/MyYNtv Amazon - http://amzn.to/LSs8fU ...

    Tags: bedroombassist, tool, jambi, bass, cover, nick, latham, 10000, days, justin, chancellor, bassline, progressive, heavy, metal, delay, effect, light, distortion, meaty, tones, in, your, face

  • Tool - Jambi (bass cover)

    Tool - Jambi (bass cover) MP3

    Hi! This is the bass cover of Jambi by Tool. I hope you'll like it. Check out my guitar cover of Jambi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GpQTJSySt4 All rights ...

    Tags: Tool, Jambi, Bass, Cover, Artisan A5, Cort, pakevitch, amplitube, sesso, tette

  • Tool - Jambi BASS Cover

    Tool - Jambi BASS Cover MP3

    Cover of a fucking masterpiece from Tool. Made for request. Gear used: Bass- Ibanez ATK300 Effect- ZOOM B2 Amp- Behringer Ultrabass BXL1800 Strings- I ...

    Tags: Tool, 10, 000, days, Maynard, James, Keenan, Justin, Chancellor, progressive, rock, metal, math

  • Tool- Jambi bass cover

    Tool- Jambi bass cover MP3

    i was up till 6 am this morning getting this song down XD so here it is i hope you enjoy for effects i use a Digitech BP200 for flanger and delay and an electro ...

    Tags: P1010899

  • tool jambi bass cover

    tool jambi bass cover MP3

    mr ethan.

    Tags: tool jambi bass cover, tool, jambi, bass, cover, live, Tool (band), Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Bass (instrument)

  • Jambi Bass Riff

    Jambi Bass Riff MP3

    Jambi bass riff on my effects board.

    Tags: Jambi, Bass, Riff, Progressive

  • Tool - Jambi (bass cover)

    Tool - Jambi (bass cover) MP3

    Tags: Tool Jambi bass cover 10, 000 days chancelor justin

  • Tool - Jambi - Bass Cover

    Tool - Jambi - Bass Cover MP3

    FX used: chorus, delay, flanger, distortion and whammy. Hope you enjoy ;) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Efectos ...

    Tags: Jambi (Musical Recording), tool, progressive, rock, metal, alternative, 10000, days, bass, cover, jorge, Tool (Musical Group), Jambi (Composition), Bass (Musical Instrument), Heavy, canchola, Luziard, Progressive Metal (Musical Genre)

  • Jambi Bass Cover

    Jambi Bass Cover MP3

    My cover of Jambi by Tool.

    Tags: Tool Bass Cover Jambi

  • Tool

    Tool's Jambi on Guitar and Bass (w/ Chris V) w/ Talkbox Solo MP3

    Talkbox solo...yeah!!

    Tags: Tool, Jambi, Guitar, Bass, 10000, days, Adam, Jones, Justin, Chancellor, wal

  • TOOL - Jambi bass cover

    TOOL - Jambi bass cover MP3

    Drop D musicman stingray.

    Tags: bass, tool, 10, 000 days, jambi, schism, third eye

  • Tool - Jambi: Bass Drop Edition

    Tool - Jambi: Bass Drop Edition MP3

    Extreme low end.

    Tags: tool jambi, jambi, tool, louder bass